Jess Anthony
Esu Speaks for Christ Michael Aton
By Jess Anthony
Jun 14, 2012 - 10:16:11 PM


I ask for comments to me, as well. This has been a busy day, it appears. I seek guidance and support.

Jess, I can speak. This is Esu speaking for Christ Michael Aton. I speak for him at this moment as you speak for me. His words pass through me as my words pass through you in this message.

The time is now. The delays are finished. The end maneuvers have begun. There is no stopping them at this point. The result will be the defeat of those who have warred again the return of the light.

The rebellion by those who fancied themselves led by Satan and Lucifer is over. Lucifer is no more and the remnants of his followers on Earth have no leader. They worship nothing and follow rituals that have no power to make any lasting change.

I came to Earth two thousands ago with Christ Michael Aton to begin the shift that would manifest in what has happened. Earth forces fought against this change from the beginning. Man in his forgetfulness lost awareness of the force that created his existence. He searched for what was there all the time without recognizing its availability. He turned to alternatives that prevented him discovering his creator's spiritual plan. The time of misguided search is over. The truth will be told to man, and Christ Michael will reveal his presence.

Man will still not want to believe this message, so a context has been planned to reinforce this teaching. Light will come from an imposed darkness. Order will come from chaos and uncertainty. Man will be cut off from much of what he has come to value. This will cause fear and panic.

We are ready to impose this black out. The conditions are present; the only hold up is Christ Michael giving the order.

Many will leave Earth; only a relative handful has requested continuing here. Many others are uncertain, but leaning towards acceptance.  Others have different  ideals and wish to explore them away from Earth's evolving state. All will be accommodated as they have decided.

The time frame has ended up being close to the popular dates bandied about in the New Age culture. This is only a coincidence. The magic associated with certain times is nothing more than man's conjecture. Nothing imagined has anywhere near the power and disruption that will come. Man will be witness to immense beauty and devastation. There is no escape. Christ Michael Aton's followers will be rewarded; those fighting against him will be judged and sentenced.

This happens now. Look to the skies.




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