Jess Anthony
Esu Has an Agenda
By Jess Anthony
Mar 11, 2013 - 1:09:39 PM


Esu, we should speak again. This seems to be a time of closure and transition. I ask for your comments and emphases.

Jess, I have things to say. This is a time of change and renewal. The efforts some took against an almost impossibly strong resistance have shown man to be willing and committed. This commitment has generated a light warrior that is guarded in its openness but willing to battle whatever is a barrier to truth.

I will need these warriors as I tackle the erroneous perceptions that man will retain even after the teaching period and the longer stasis. Man will learn, however, and he will acquire a new sense of perspective on how the universe functions within purposes laid out by Christ Michael Aton.

My task is to guide man to an awareness of the new realities of the ascended world he will find himself inhabiting. This will be slow work that will require a host of helpers and teachers. Many of you are in position to take on those roles, even if you don't know this consciously at this point. I know the resources in you untapped, as of yet, and I will approach you with work that will be appropriate for your experiences and conceptions.

I have an agenda I will pursue. We must change man's thinking in the future, and I will address issues dealing with spirituality. Others will focus on living within this new world, and they will address the means to do this.  My emphasis will, of course, affect the focus of the others. The phrase "as above so below" is emblematic of the relationship that must exist between man's concepts and his actions. Spiritual understanding shapes decisions.  Actions that result from man's ideas are guided by his thinking.

Man's thinking is influenced by his experience of spiritual truth.  Past involvements and the memories that define those encounters color his perceptions.  My role is to bring light to man's perceptions and guide the way he experiences new information.  His physical circumstances will be different, but he will retain a measure of past beliefs and conclusions.  His judgments remain partial until he has the enlightenment I will bring.

The outgrowths of man's spiritual understanding are expressed at present in his religious and philosophical constructs. The tangled systems of belief and cognitive understanding you see reflect these misperceptions of spiritual truth. Religious dogmas have a residue of spiritual truth at their cores, but their elaborate systems of behavioral regulation and penance are nothing but political coverings. The simplicity of spiritual truth has lost its importance and become an insignificant component of mental and physical control.

Man must realize the error of this way. He must recognize that God is within and that all inhabitants are equal. Each is joined in a spiritual network where all become one.  The universe was created in harmony. Each aspect functions as part of the whole. Man approximates this harmony by creations of beauty and balance. The notion of aesthetics formalizes this sense of joy and completeness. Man is joyful when he experiences harmony. Spirituality is beautiful, and man must learn to experience it that way. Spirituality is not hardship or suffering, as he often has been told.

Religion is not spiritual, as man defines it. Spirituality is being centered on God's truth and using that foundation to influence all decisions. Actions are beautiful when they are guided by this focus.  My work here is to direct man to a perception of his place in this universe Christ Michael Aton has created.  I am here to help man find beauty and truth.

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