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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Christ Michael Aton on Optimum Finality
By Jess Anthony
Mar 7, 2011 - 2:14:48 PM

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Esu, I'm asking for an update on the probable scenario of what now will happen. Things must be at the optimum point of finality, I realize, but linear thinking makes non-time difficult to grasp. Thank you for what you can say and suggest.

Jess, I'm speaking for Esu tonight. This is Christ Michael Aton, as I am referred to. It is important that I be the one to explain what is happening at the present time. Esu understands what is in process, but my decision has set this latest scenario in motion.

As you mentioned above, I am always waiting for the optimum moment of finality to occur before I allow the release to begin. This means that a maximum amount of spiritual discovery and insight has been reached. We can measure this quantity, not you on Earth. Our goals are different, although at times they mesh with your cause and effect sequences so that the end results are synonymous. We look for the fullest measure of involvement and the maximum amount of experience possible. This extremity allows us to gauge the parameters of any given situation as completely as possible.

This objective view of ongoing situations which affect you on Earth may seem clinical and detached from direct experience. The contrary is true. We understand these situations to the fullest extent possible because we leave no alternatives as possibilities. Everything is tried and experienced.

This approach has been the determining factor in setting and evaluating all our projected deadlines and end dates. We can see the completion of any potential occurrence with all possibilities before we initiate a new activity. We have an awareness of all the possible parameters before we start the process.

What has developed since our last update is the switch of financial authority throughout the globe. Key players have switched their allegiances and are now following the wishes of a new master.  For the first time in history a switch is both positive and negative. I can say that because, in this case, the bad is balanced by the good achieved.

This stalemate, in a sense, is a prelude to what is to come. There will be a time soon of non-time. That means that your linear sense will stop, and you will have a fuller awareness of who you are and what your purpose is on Earth and in this universe I have created. This moment of non-time is what many are calling the Wave.

Let me explain this further. In all of creation there is a moment when the Creator bonds fully with his materialized idea. This moment doesn't happen initially, although his spark is present to trigger the beginning of the idea's development as an extension. This process is like a growth, or maturation. A child is not capable of understanding his or her father until he or she has experienced life and has developed a sense of perspective and discernment. At that point the child becomes an adult and can understand what the father has done to make himself a fully matured extension.

This is the same concept that invests all of creation. Everything that is created grows and matures and arrives at an awareness that links the creation fully with the Creator. When that point is reached, the Creator completes the connection and becomes fully bonded with his creation. This is when all stops. Time and measurement are only tools devised to grasp the process of maturation to this moment of bonding. Once that happens, there is no need to measure time as before. The creation knows its place within the Creator's mind and understands that past and future are only constructs to grasp at this understanding before it actually happens.

This explanation is a suggestion of what the Wave will bring. This connection comes from the Creator Source when the time is right in the universes his Creator Sons have built for him. This Wave from Creator Source has been moving through Nebadon, and it finally is reaching this planet and its solar system. We have spoken before of the larger process occurring beyond the scope of Earth's ascension. All is timed to occur as this Wave washes over Earth. The solar system is moved into a higher frequency to prepare for this pure energy from source. Earth is going through its throes of resistance because it must resolve as much imbalance as it can before the Wave reaches here. The depths of negativity and darkness must have finality. They have reached their limit. There is nothing more the most resistant foes can do that hasn't been done already. Everything now is a repetition of past ideas.

The structure devised by the long-standing resistance has been taken over by another group. The power wielded by the former controllers is falling apart as, one by one, their means of control are lost. Those taking over are deluded in their vision of dominance, however. The tools they have seized will be useless without the power structure set up by those they have overtaken. This is why I say this is a Pyrrhic victory. They have won, but they have lost. By the time they realize they have lost, the Wave will be here to rock the Earth and cause all of creation to realize the true power unleashed by the Creator Source. This will truly set a change in motion.

Events on Earth will continue unraveling and man will continue to realize the extent of his blindness. This finality has been set in motion and will continue until it stops. Only then can the next phase begin. Lest you worry about further delay, this end is now, and the Wave from the Creator Source will be here at the moment when all has collapsed. The universe is a continuum of energy and all is linked. There is only a moment when a new connection occurs that all stops. This is the ultimate point and everything is different after that.

Aton, Creator of Nebadon

Candace:  The new power spoken of in here is CHINA/Dragons, who have won the war against the Khazars which is good news in a way, but they themselves want dominion of the planet too.

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