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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Christ Michael Aton Asks for Balance and Support
By Jess Anthony
Jan 10, 2011 - 5:42:47 PM

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Christ Michael Aton, you indicated you had things to tell me, that it was time for me to begin writing more. I ask this evening for comments on where we are at this moment and at least an outline of what we can expect to happen. I understand that your timetable is flexible within some limitations, but many again feel as if a projected event that seemed most probable has been delayed.  Speak to this and to how best we can assist.

Jess, I am here. I am always here. You ask and I speak. People don't realize they can speak to me, but I am in them as a part of their make up if only they ask.

Many items still cannot be spoken of. This is to protect you the readers more than to protect the strength of the plans. What you don't know can't be guessed or inferred. We have delayed the previously outlined scenario to change it to one that will have greater results. I do determine what results I am seeking, and I do determine when I am ready to achieve them. Your role in this is to adjust to the flexibility of what we choose to do.  It is not possible to second guess us and, although we value your suggestions, we will not allow you to make our decisions.

We ask that you keep yourself balanced and supportive. Your opinions and attitudes about events that unfold color them for the rest. The phrase "a glass half empty or half full" is still a valid assessment of your divided support. We ask you to work on looking at events as they occur as positive steps leading to the known outcome. We don't ask you to ascertain the logic of the sequence; we don't ask you to determine whether an outcome is progress or a step back.  We do ask you not to doubt our decisions or our game plan, to use that phrase. We know what we are doing, and we understand better how to go about achieving what we want than do you. I am not being critical, only saying that you waste much of your enlightened support when you find fault or judge what you see only partially with the parameters you have been programmed to use as ideas of value or success.

I ask that you continue learning and searching. I also remind you that I am in everything you judge, and that some of my truth remains in almost everything you come in contact with. Even what may seem the most heinous and unforgivable situations are distortions of my ideas. These dark agents we are working to remove are not capable of creating what I create. They only take my truth and distort it. The effects of this distortion have been unimaginable, but nonetheless, the universe is my creation and they are working with elements of me.

You are not in a position to pass judgment on this. You can analyze the extent of the cancer on society, you can evaluate these factors in relation to your own purpose and your own ability to achieve it, and you can say that this must be changed in regard to your perception of yourself. Everything you do must be based on an awareness of my truth and my laws of creation, but this awareness is always filtered through your own perceptions and experiences. Even so, everything you examine must be viewed from the standpoint of what is true to me and what is not. It does not serve me to make blanket statements dismissing something based on your preconceptions alone.  I will tell you what is my truth and what is not, and I remind you to ask me first before you speak or write your commentaries.

I am not at a position to tell you much that will occur. We are removing obstacles that have cropped up at the last minute and forced us to delay our plans. This is not a setback, however. We see that removing such obstacles and the causes of these blocks will allow a smoother and more aware experience of what we had determined to do. This is a better approach. How can you fault that? Impatience is counterproductive and prevents a more in depth involvement with the unfolding taking place.

The first step in the sequence will be an address by the President regarding the end of fighting and the return of solders. This initial event is proving more difficult to coordinate than we projected. Many desperate attempts at blocking this action are being thrown up. Rather than resolve just the one incident, it is our decision to root out the network and the causes of this action to stop similar events from occurring in the future. Surely this is better in the long run.

I can say the events will occur soon-and they actually will-but you expect too much for me to be able to pinpoint precisely when. I am making my decisions on events as they unfold and always in favor of the most good being accomplished. Everything is connected and all actions and consequences are linked. Once one is begun, the end has to be considered. We don't stop ongoing events, but we do prevent them from happening in the first place.

I'm leaving you this evening with some words of encouragement and explanation. I ask you to support my work and realize that you are very much a part of what is happening.

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon


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