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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Aton Says Be Ready
By Aton thru Jess
Jan 2, 2013 - 11:58:44 PM

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CM, is this it? Is this finally the year of Aton?

Jess, let’s speak again. This is again a new year, and again I say it is the one for change. We approach this immense evolution as a fluid activity, however. We move to the next phase when everything is ready to transition. Elements of individual aspects change and transform at their own individual schedules. This is life. This is growth. The visible shift that we have spoken of for several years will occur when it is time.

I refuse to give you a schedule.  I say that elements are in place and necessary aspects are positioned and ready. This should give you an idea that the shift is imminent. That is imminent by your own concept of time. We have worked very hard to position these elements. The locations and intentions aligned with our purposes have been the result of the participants’ grasp of the nature of what is happening. They had to have enough understanding to support what is planned. We guided them to those convictions through example and suggestion. They each had to make their own decisions to become aligned. We cannot force a decision on beings with the ability to make decisions freely. This takes time and persuasion, as you can imagine.

Physical situations are only manifestations of intentions and formalized ideas. People act on their assumptions and preconceptions. Their physical shapes take on the energy of their decisions. Their decisions set in motion actions that involve others. Most people react to this involvement through their own preconceptions and emotional interpretations. They don’t analyze the situation for themselves, nor do they ask me for additional insight. This blind interaction has created the situation you find yourself in today. We have been working to break up this clot, to use that word, and allow man to exist more in keeping with my design and guidance.

I have told you this before, of course. There are no new reason for man’s predicament; only new manifestations of ingrained perceptions. Your existence is ever a challenge to assimilate and determine the best course of behavior in the face of others’ decisions and personal choices for actions. It is a constant evaluation of parameters. Your purpose is to select the choices that are most in alignment with my ideas and my intentions. I have created you all in my universe as extensions of me and the primary means for me to experience what I have created. You are my senses spread over the entire universe. You can experience the interaction of specific aspects as they play out. My experiential knowledge is obtained through you.

I created the universe you inhabit, and what I created is good. I didn’t create a good universe and a bad one. Those elements you call dark or deem a mistake are given those labels by your own preconceptions and interpretations of past experiences. You judge them to be bad without the power to do so. You can determine that some situation or some intention is at odds with your own, based on an understanding of your own purpose and as a result of asking if the situation is against my ideas. But others will make the final judgments. You can judge your own decisions and assess the results that may come from a chosen action, but you can only judge others as they have an impact on your own intentions and actions.  Everything I created is good—even though there are aspects that have become so misguided they are completely non-reflective of my light. They no longer are good representatives of my plan for them, nor are they allowing my plans for my universe and bestowal planet to proceed without seriously damaging resistance.

Man’s tendency is to make quick assessments and act as a result of ill-conceived decisions. His decisions are affected by his past experiences and his assumptions. He prefers actions that bring similar rewards. He avoids directions that lead into uncertain results. He prefers not to take chances. He seeks solutions that are familiar actions and continue a level of perceived comfort. This lack of analysis and confirmation from me has led my extensions into misinformed states of being. The world you see is a distortion of my plan, and its inhabitants ignore my guidance.

So, it is time to erase the misdirected preconceptions and re-establish my original intentions. This is the decision of Creator Source, and I am his agent for the universe I have created.  Just as my creations are extension of me, so I am an extension of the Creator Source. He experiences Nebadon through me as creator son, and you the inhabitants of my creation provide the information I use as creator at this level. Your free will to make decisions for yourself is limited to the parameters I have determined to be the design of the universe you inhabit. Similarly, my plans for my universe were approved to meet the vision of the Creator Source of all.

It is time for my creations to understand my vision. It is time for Nebadon to fit within the vision of my Creator father.  It is time for this portion of his creation to go another route.

I have told you how to prepare and how to react. Be ready.

Aton, the Christed Michael of Nebadon

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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