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AH Member Writings : James Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink
By James
Apr 4, 2013 - 12:12:35 PM

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If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink

If any man lack wisdom, let him ask

If any man will open, I will come in

We live in a world of conceptual poverty where confusion abounds.  Forever we seek to find truth about the realities of body-form, mind, soul and spirit, about the real meaning of (re)incarnation that has long been held in confusion.  The truth of (re)incarnation is discoverable. Yet to bring forward such truth immediately incites numerous declarations reflecting confusion and accusations that seek to remove truth.  It’s been so entrenched for thousands upon thousands of years that must now be properly explained not by messages of the WHY but in messages of HOW.  It’s held us in a grip of darkness for too long now caused by adulterated false teachings tweaked into ignorance, edited-out for control purposes, veneered by selfish men, re-processed and re-translated.  It remains one of the biggest blockages to moving forward. And it's all about POWER: yours or theirs. 

The reason why so many organized religions were ripped off of the vitally salient fact of (re)incarnation and why the largest percentage of Urantia Book readers continue to misinterpret the fact of (re)incarnation has to do with the power in the understanding of it. The last bastion of the dark to guard, to insure that WE don't realize it, is their failing effort to keep us mired in such conceptual poverty for when you truly line up the facts you can intuit into the truth of it plain and simple.  You can reason out the meanings and see the value of it as incredibly powerful.

It's Personal Power to know truth. Imagine what it would do to the controllers of the world if everyone knew they really were immortal beings with the power of creativity. It would completely re-transform to a level that is beyond what the mandates of limitation the revelators had to conform to.  But it is sad to record…it still remains only a potential concept in the minds of confused mortals. Growth only happens when you actualize in your mind, true spirit values that must come from the level of Personality.

The effect has only been the stay of confusion and misdirecting sophistries that can no longer be ignored.  Simply ask ones to describe the secret to the evolving nature of man in mind, soul, and spirit and you will begin to see the truth of it. Is it Will? Body? Mind? Heart? Soul? Spirit? Or are you STUCK? It’s now time to see this with a clear intellect and regain your personal power or else there is no end to the chasing of one's tail. Get a grip on Real Truth for a change. There are personal realities and there are universal realities. Start there. Get unstuck. It’s your choice which well you drink from.  Give Will a chance but feed it some Real Wisdom first.  May I suggest a glass of Water of Life to refresh you?

That place of satisfaction you seek in your search for truth is the secret to the happiness that goes with it. That place is your PERSONALITY. Truth is happiness, not understanding truth brings unhappiness, a most simple way to live indeed.

HE never said (re)incarnation does not exist; he only stated he “found it difficult to make men understand that their Souls had not had previous existences.” When you understand this fact of truth (true as in striking step with the cosmos) you will understand what (re)incarnation is, for the revelators were very careful in treating this subject; they instead call it repersonalization.

The Soul is your Akashic vehicle; it translates. You brought part of it here with you.  When you (re)incarnate by birth you build a fresh new Soul that never existed prior. Personality does not translate, it never changes. Each time you come you improve by perfecting the quality of the elements of character, the attributes, and the traits of your Personality Pattern. This directly corresponds to down step into your Soul Desires, those wonderful heart virtues that keep you pointing upward. Personality is the one unchanging constant of the essence that is you. It’s the mortal-mind self as ego, it’s the Soul-self as soul consciousness of the Morontia Mind.  It’s the ultimate pattern of the Eternal Son that defines your spirit and a subset pattern that defines your temporal mind. Only in earned, eventual fusion does your pre-personal Adjuster realize in the cycle of becoming – restoring you back to true spirit beingness, because your Personality has perfected to the point where the socket of it is ready....the plug-in now fits. And the Water of Life stays with you the whole way.

Reincarnation is a fact. It is the repersonalization of Personality, the resurrection of the true identity. It remains at the highest layer of your consciousness, concealed until you awaken to it.  Understand it, feel the truth of it for truth is never static, truth flows as in a spirit energy – the Spirit of Truth – and it will make you most happy to know HIM. The reason why so many people get unhappy is they don't obey truth; they skirt the mother, skip steps by impatience, distracted into ignorance and end up encircuited in the Holy Spirit....incomplete. Their circuit of "Wisdom" is only partially unified, partially filled and thus only partially illuminated. It becomes unreal. Those seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits are more valuable to you than you know. They are your Soul Buddies.

What do you think the Water of Life is anyway? It’s the Mother! Take as many drinks as you need and come back for more to get your fill of truth-illumination. That way you see, when you reach for the Spirit of Truth, whose hand comforts you and helps you in your seeking and deals with you in the most personal way of the heart (aka personality-to-personality level), you will have been fully satiated by the loving water of the Mother. The Unreal part of you transmutes into Real Being. Your impatience becomes patience. You've completed a cycle of becoming. You now have a relationship with truth.

There is much insight to this, as to why those who avoid the Mother become unhinged; you become unreal when you start to lose your keeping in the striking of your step with the cosmos. No need to fear; look up instead of towards your navel.  SHE will uphold you.  A most interesting bit of cosmic consciousness teaching that can bring insight for all to become sure about the wisdom of truth and the immortal power you have, because YOU are REAL.

Just HOW REAL are you? Let’s start with the fact that you can only know someone by their personality. You know you’ve known others before that you cannot explain why but you can only PERCEIVE that with your Personality.  It's a Knowing.  Now, take that to the eternal.  You say you know God? How do you Know? Oh, I see, it’s because you can PERCEIVE HIS Personality.  But wait a minute…that could ONLY BE TRUE, if you logically work it out, that your own immortal Personality can only do this because you already KNOW HIM in eternity.  You have come again, over and over and over again….each time reminded of this TRUTH. When you awaken to this, like you awaken each morning, the Spiritual Value begins to sink in…the pattern begins to be recognized. Your POWER in knowing this begins to increase…finally you have a relationship to truth that starts to blossom.

To be continued…


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