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Human/Animal Rights
Oct 16, 2018 - Biological Male Wins Female World Cycling Championship

Political Information
Oct 16, 2018 - The United States Did It Again: Its Warplanes Use White Phosphorous Munitions in Syria

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 16, 2018 - ‘Gosnell’ Film About Mass-murdering Abortionist Scores Top Indie Release Despite Media Blackout

"By refusing to review the film the media are ignoring a historic film about a historic case but also telling thirty thousand people their record crowdfunding is not important and doesn't matter," McAleer stated. He added: "It's not surprising that no one [trusts] the media anymore."    Anticipating a second media blackout, the producers depended on social media, grassroots marketing, alternative and conservative media, and word-of-mouth to promote their film.  Dorothy C. McLean

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 14, 2018 - Gosnell Movie Exposes Reality of Abortion

A viewer who supports abortion rights could watch Gosnell and still support abortion rights at the end. The film won't on its own make people pro-life. But no one could watch this movie and come away with any illusions about what abortion is. No euphemism can erase the reality of what Gosnell depicts. Alexandra Desanctis

Health and Nutrition
Oct 13, 2018 - Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Authority & Co-inventor, Finally Levels About Vaccinations Being Violent Acts

Political Information
Oct 13, 2018 - Council House For Terrorists ?

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 13, 2018 - Transgender Inmate Slapped With Prison Sentence For Rape and Assault

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 13, 2018 - BBC to Fight ‘Heteronormative Culture’ with Gender-Neutral Pronouns, ‘Straight Ally’ Badges

Teams working in television, news and radio broadcasting have been told to increase representation of sexual minorities, specifically that they insert more "incidental" portrayals of LGBT relationships and individuals not directly related to a storyline or news item. In addition, the BBC said it will raise the profile of employees who are not heterosexual and urge them to "bring their whole self to work".

Virginia Hale

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 13, 2018 - Children’s Hospital Says It Will Euthanize Kids Without Parental Consent

Political Information
Oct 12, 2018 - Clarence Thomas Gives Epic Answer to Question on Racism

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 12, 2018 - As The Catholic Church Ignores It's Pedophilia Scandals, Bishop Warns You That Reiki Energy Healing Is Satanic

Here's a thought for the Catholic church: Pedophilia is literally the most Satanic thing on the planet. So, until the church is able to exorcise the evil from within, I think I'll keep practicing yoga and healing myself with Reiki, while keeping my children miles and miles away from the Catholic church and all of the creepy pedophile sexual predators it employs and protects.  Vic Bishop

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 12, 2018 - Equality Institute: Don’t Say ‘Pregnant Women’ as ‘People of All Genders Can Fall Pregnant’


Human/Animal Rights
Oct 12, 2018 - The Year Of Disclosures - Do You Consent ?

When looking deeply into the child abuse scandals for which new Children's Rights laws are supposed to prevent, all is illusion. The very lawmakers who write international treaty laws appear to be part of a network that abuses children.  What if child protection laws are there to make children available to those at the top, including lawmakers and politicos? What if Child Protective Services (CPS) is really Child Possession Services? The possibility is there if we are willing to connect the dots.  The pedophilia agenda is there to make people believe that children are sexual from birth. This must be stopped, not through petitions, but through bringing light to the darkness and being vocal while withdrawing participation. Roseanne Lindsay

Political Information
Oct 10, 2018 - The Real Cost of Food and Medicine in Africa – Everything Africans Own

I could go on for five hundred pages, and you still would not have the "scoop" on what these lowlifes are doing. They're leveraging positions everywhere there is lithium to go in one of their Duracell batteries (100%), or tantalum carbide and tungsten carbide for their toolmaking (International Metalworking Companies 100%). The list, the unbelievable mountain of wealth I am talking about, it's staggering. Hell, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a former CIA spook named Shana Tarbell as its director of Global Security. There's not room here to go into Gates' fingers in the pie of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), an initiative tied to GMO giants like Monsanto-Bayer, DuPont, Dow, and Syngenta. I have to stop here. Really, the magnitude of it all is out of this world.  Phil Butler

Political Information
Oct 10, 2018 - What Killed Thousands of Indonesians – The Quake or the Misery ?

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 10, 2018 - The Catholic Church’s Grim History of Ignoring Priestly pedophilia – and silencing would-be whistleblowers

In spite of internal pledges to reform their culture of covering up abuses, the Pennsylvania grand jury report demonstrates that the Church's de facto policy remains unchanged since the 1950s: Instead of reporting rape and sexual abuse to secular authorities, bishops instead continue to transfer predatory priests from one unsuspecting parish to the next. Brian Clites

Political Information
Oct 10, 2018 - Conservative Journalist’s Young Children Threatened with Rape and Death – Swedish Media Ignore it

Health and Nutrition
Oct 8, 2018 - Doctor Ran Illegal Transgender Clinic, Treated Children as Young as 12

Political Information
Oct 6, 2018 - Mercenaries Leading Assault on Yemen Port City Were Trained by IDF in Israel

While Israeli involvement in the war in Yemen has thus far been covert, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated last month that he would consider sending Israeli troops to Yemen to fight on behalf of the Saudi-led coalition if the Yemeni resistance gained control over the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait, which serves as a chokepoint on Saudi oil exports and other important Red Sea commerce. Given Israel's support for countries involved in genocidal wars in the past and its own treatment of Palestinians, it is unlikely that Israel's government would feel constrained by any moral dilemmas if it chose to formally join the coalition's war in Yemen despite the humanitarian crisis that war has provoked.  Whitney Webb

Political Information
Oct 6, 2018 - UN Panel: Saudi Arabia and UAE “Interfering” in Documentation of Yemen War Crimes

Political Information
Oct 6, 2018 - "Make Them Scared"-Website Posts Uncorroborated Sexual Assault Claims Against Male Students

Thus far, every person named on the list is male, and their names include the school they attend. Many listed on the site appear to be University of Washington students, but as apparent word of this site has spread, students from many other colleges are now listed, too. The site does not employ any mechanisms to verify the truth of any accusations it publishes, and the website's moderators attempt to protect themselves from liability or criticism by stating atop the list of the accused: "Please remember, just because a name is on this list does not mean the individual is guilty. All it means is that we have received an accusation against them." Daniel Payne

Political Information
Oct 6, 2018 - Abortions: The Legal “Supermarket” For Fresh Fetal Tissue Used In CDC & FDA Research

It is my opinion using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines-technically called diploid cells- every few months until a child is ready to go to school, is asking for short and long range chronic health problems.  We know what happens when a person receives the wrong blood type during a blood transfusion.  We know what happens when someone ingests E. coli, especially when transferred into food from unwashed bathroom-use hands. Furthermore, the Congressional Research Service issued an 8-page report titled "Fetal Tissue Research: Frequently Asked Questions" for anyone interested in reading about the goings-on regarding abortion fetal tissue for research.  Catherine Frompovich

Political Information
Oct 5, 2018 - A Living Example of Political Anarchy – No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime

Isaac Davis: As a political philosophy, anarchy is something much different from the bad rap it has in the minds of the sheeple. It is a philosophy centered around the ideas of voluntarism and individual liberty...anarchy represents too much freedom, something that if it were granted [Ron: by whom?] to any notable group of people would cause them all to devolve into the lowest common denominator of base emotions and animal behavior. In other words, the prevailing [Ron: Talmudist inculcated] wisdom of the day is that the [Ron: centralised, collectivist, globalist] state is an absolute necessity for keeping people civilized.

Ron: The issue of individual and communal self governance is complex. Ultimately the destiny of each HUman being (Higher Universal Man) is to fulfil his or her individual potential as a sovereign fragment of the Creator. The process of learning the truth about one's self; and of life, the universe and everything, in order to become ONE with the Creator, is a veryyy looong one. But eternity allows all the time required for everyone to learn the truth and live it. Knowledge of the Creator, the Cosmos and the nature of sovereign human beings is not generally known let alone understood on this planet so that, at best, much time and effort is spent on guessing about questions of individual responsibility and societal governance with little comprehension of the spiritual issues involved.

Although his teachings were corrupted and distorted, Jesus the Christ told us the state of being required for the self governance needed in order to achieve true individual sovereignty and freedom. He said we must love our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self (ie we need to accept and love our self) FOR the love of God (the Creator, ie ALL that IS).

As we progress towards these goals we will grow in unconditional love of everyone and everything and gradually gravitate towards caring for and sharing with those around us, our global environment and the planet. As individuals and their communities grow in awareness, consciousness increases, and the ability to dispense with external authorities and governance mechanisms will decline. This process will be parallelled by individuals increasingly communing with their indwelling sovereign Creator fragment and following the loving dictates of their God consciousness. As God is love, and we and the Cosmos are created by the Creator's love energy, the more we understand and embrace unconditional love, the less we will need external governance and direction.

The level of God consciousness required is not generally available on this lowly 4d consciousness planet and so humans here need and will continue to need, Celestial guidance and direction for a lengthy period until the population evolves to a higher level of consciouness that will enable most individuals to be God centred and self directed. When that occurs there will be much less need for Celestial governance and direction, and communities will become peaceful self governing entities. However, the need for organisation, coordination and provision of assistance to all members to ensure that all can thrive, experience abundance and evolve spiritually, will still require communities to develop socio-political and physical structures  agreed and maintained by community members.

The community incompletely described in this article appears to be an excellent example of what motivated, well intentioned people can already achieve in our generally dystopic world. It points the way to what is possible.  After the draining of the US and global swamps and the coming 3DD which will remove our planet's negative energetic burdens, we will be free to seek to develop local self governing community organisations that meet the needs of all their members. Arguably those communities will neither be, nor seek to be, anarchic.

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 4, 2018 - Gandhi’s Despair and the Struggle for Truth and Love

‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.' M.K. Gandhi

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 4, 2018 - UN ‘human rights’ Experts Demand More Legal Abortion Worldwide

The claim that pro-life laws don't significantly reduce abortion rates but only make abortions more "dangerous" is a popular pro-abortion refrain, but not supported by the evidence. In the United States, former Planned Parenthood insiders have admitted to dramatically exaggerating the number of pre-legalization maternal deaths for political gain, while non-partisan fact checkers have acknowledged that medical advances such as new drugs were the real variable reducing maternal abortion deaths. Calvin Freiburger

Health and Nutrition
Oct 3, 2018 - One Man Could End World Hunger, But He Won’t

Political Information
Oct 3, 2018 - Why Kavanaugh’s Biggest Opponents are Abortion Activists

There are those who worry that this time of polarization may result in bloodshed. They are forgetting that blood has already been shed, and that the collective guilt of the mob is now giving birth to the fury that we see directed at Brett Kavanaugh and anyone else who believes abortion to be a tragic evil. The abortion activists have been bought and paid for with the blood of tiny innocents, and they are terrified that Brett Kavanaugh might be the man to cast the vote that will jeopardize their hold on the cruel power they now wield over the defenseless.  Jonathan Van Maren

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 3, 2018 - Vatican Decries Child Abuse at U.N. While Hushing Internal Scandals

"Neither the pope, nor any of the cardinals in Rome have denied the facts I asserted in my testimony," Archbishop Viganò wrote in reply, referencing the legal principle that silence denotes consent. If they deny my testimony, he added, "they have only to say so, and provide documentation to support that denial. How can one avoid concluding that the reason they do not provide the documentation is that they know it confirms my testimony?"  Thomas D Williams

True US History
Oct 3, 2018 - Political Bolsheviks Planning Mass Executions of Conservatives — Report

The upshot is that the more political power Leftists lose, the more they turn to desperate tactics like doxxing and calling for executions and mass murder. This is not conjecture. They openly admit this in their own words. You can see the videos, read the tweets and confirm it all for yourself. Should they fail to take the House in the upcoming mid-term elections, I fear they will unleash open insurrection in the streets of America, launching a nationwide campaign of "kill teams" and terror cells to attempt a sweeping political coup and mass murder takeover.  Mike Adams

True US History
Oct 3, 2018 - Creating a Suspect Society: The Scary Side of the Technological Police State

While the Fourth Amendment was created to prevent government officials from searching an individual's person or property without a warrant and probable cause-evidence that some kind of criminal activity was afoot-the founders could scarcely have imagined a world in which we needed protection against widespread government breaches of our privacy on a cellular level. Yet that's exactly what we are lacking. Once again, technology has outdistanced both our understanding of it and our ability to adequately manage the consequences of unleashing it on an unsuspecting populace.   John W Whitehead

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 3, 2018 - US “Investigates” Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in Yemen

Rarely is US hypocrisy so cynical and overt as a recent US State Department investigation into ongoing violence in Myanmar, all while the US continues its full spectrum support of Saudi Arabia's genocidal war on Yemen.
In addition to Washington's role in Yemen, the US also occupies Afghanistan and Syria while carrying out drone strikes and covert military interventions in territory stretching from North Africa to Central Asia.

In Myanmar specifically, the US has openly and for decades funded and supported groups and individuals involved directly on both sides of ongoing ethnic violence. Now, it is leveraging that violence to single out obstacles to US influence in Southeast Asia and in Myanmar specifically. - Joseph Thomas

Political Information
Oct 2, 2018 - Do We Really Live In An Elaborate Mental Asylum

"A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a huge mental asylum." - Dr Sebi

And he's right, isn't he? Why would a sane person withhold a cure from another human being?

But our culture does this with all things beneficial and good. Especially in the medical field. For example, we know a plant-based diet can reverse diabetes in as little as thirty days, but anti-diabetic medicines have become a $72 billion a year and rising niche market.

It's insanity, but everyone else is going along with it, and so we have to acknowledge that we're stuck here on this beautiful blue rock in space with a bunch of crazy people...


So often, as human beings do, we need to be startled before we spring into acton to save ourselves. It's in our nature. And this information is part of that wake up call. The message is simple. You have extraordinary control over your health and wellness, if only you will take control and stop deferring to a system that is prioritized around sales and stock gains. Otherwise you're just another crazy person in an insane world. - Sigmund Fraud

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 2, 2018 - The Sex Abuse of Deaf Orphans in Pope Francis’ Backyard

Giuseppe is one of 67 young boys who have been named in court documents and were allegedly abused by more than two dozen priests and brothers at the Provolo Institute, according to Verona prosecutors who have been investigating the allegations for nearly a decade and who plan to bring it to trial later this year.  Barbie Latza Nadeau


Political Information
Oct 1, 2018 - Germany Rises as ‘Eurostan’ Looms Closer

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 30, 2018 - Animal Rights Groups Oppose Animal Population Control, But Abortion as Birth Control is OK

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 30, 2018 - Transgender Man Used Massachusetts Gender Law to Force Women to Wax His Genitals

Political Information
Sep 29, 2018 - Priorities of the Time: Peace

Graham Peebles: Whilst it is true that a symbiotic relationship exists between society and the individual, fundamentally the external world in which we live is a reflection of the internal life of humanity. Violent, disharmonious societies are the external manifestation of the inner turmoil, discontent and fear that many people feel.

Ron: While this is true, it fails to identify the fact that 'the inner turmoil, discontent and fear' has been created and fomented for millenia by covert Talmudic forces concealed behind a facade of LIES promulgated and enforced by  religions, governments, banks and other mega corporations that completely dominate and control almost everyone and every society on this planet; while almost noone, including this author, is prepared to NAME the problem.

Graham Peebles: Like all businesses, weapons manufacturers operate to generate profits: wars are big business for arms companies, and therefore highly profitable, desirable even. International arms sales (dominated by America, with 34% of the total) according to the BBC "is now worth about $100bn." By contrast, to end world hunger, which currently crushes the lives of around a billion people globally, would cost a mere $30 billion per year. And we wonder why there is no peace - how can there be peace when such gross injustice and inhumanity persist?

Ron: This sort of analysis and rhetoric is part of the problem, NOT the solution! Apart from ignoring the dominant part played by financial manipulations by banks and similar institutions AND the enormous profits generated by human trafficking; fraudulent human healthcare industries; and both legal and illegal drug distribution, It assumes that the primary reason for poverty, societal strife and warfare is the pursuit of corporate profits by corporations. It isn't. Wars and societal strife of every kind are created by the covert bankster controllers of governments who have crafted a global monopoly based on the false and unnecessary money meme AND their control of that meme through the creation and usurious distribution of fiat debt notes (currency) falsely called "money".  The result is that the oligarchic banksters OWN almost everything including the sovereign human global population (see eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See: ) who have been socially engineered and mind controlled into believing debt slavery is legitimate and that they need "money" to live. They don't. Currency doesn't create anything, humans do. Prosperity and abundance depend on the intellectual and physical abilities and efforts of humans applied to the God given, free physical resources of this planet. The Talmudic monopolist trillionaires and billionaires who control global banks and governments and the other mega corporations who run our world  have ensured that there is, and can never be, enough "money" (currency) in circulation to enable most of the human population to avoid poverty. The resulting desperation and struggle ensures that many millions die of starvation and disease every year AND that endemic unemployment provides a huge, never ending stream of recruits for wars and civil strife of every kind. THAT is what creates the impression that people "lose sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a single human family." It also prevents most people from exercising "Freedom of thought and independent creative thinking."

Unless and until the covert Talmudic bankster and oligarchic corporate controllers are identified and eliminated from ANY power and control over human life on this planet, the warfare complained of will not cease. Moreover, the issue is NOT the need for corporate profits since the banksters control the creation out of thin air of so-called "money" and its usurious distribution, hence they have as much "money" and the property it commands, as they want. To understand HOW the Talmudists have engineered the unlawful global dominance of mega corporations through covert interlocking shareholdings see eg: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World. See: And: Collusion for Illusion: Australia’s “Big 4″ Banks are All Owned by the Same Financial Interest. See: For the reasons for the need to eliminate corporate personhood see eg: Citizens United v. FEC: Corporate Personhood Must be Eliminated if Humanity is to Survive. See:

Graham Peebles: As the Dalai Lama puts it, "there is no doubt about the increase in our material progress and technology, but somehow this is not sufficient as we have not yet succeeded in bringing about peace and happiness or in overcoming suffering...the basic human problems remain."

Ron: Be aware that the Dalai Lama is part of the problem. Rhetoric is cheap. See eg: The Dalai Lama: A CIA Agent -

Mainstream Media Confirm Dalai Lama is A CIA Asset -

The True Face Of The Dalai Lama -

The Issues around the "Free Tibet" movement. See:

Webster Tarpley says that CIA funded dali Lama and is an asset and on the payroll. See:

Dalai Lama tells his Facebook friends that religion “is no longer adequate. See:

Questioning The Dalai Lama: Who Would The Buddha Vaccinate? See:

The Issues around the "Free Tibet" movement. See:

Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots. See:

“An Ocean Apart”—Why A U.S. College Let Chinese Students Veto the Dalai Lama. See:

The Dalai Lama¡'what Richard Gere won't tell you'. See:


Graham Peebles: The overcoming of these ‘basic problems' and the realization of peace both flow from the same root: the recognition of mankind's essential unity, and the cultivation of a sense of "universal responsibility".

Ron: Humanity's problems on this planet cannot be resolved by application of the level of thinking that has created them. A critical mass of humans here needs to develop sufficient awareness to enable them to rise to a higher level of consciousness so that they can SEE how and why the current dystopia has evolved; and formulate solutions to overcome its causes. The problem is essentially spiritual and requires an understanding of the causes of our failure to create abundance by sharing and caring for each other. It is not enough to say we should care and share; we need to understand why we don't. To achieve this we will need to rediscover the truth about life the universe and everything that has been concealed from us by atheistic and Talmudic global controllers for millenia.

True US History
Sep 29, 2018 - The Return of the Inquisition: Do you confess ?

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 28, 2018 - An Alternative View of Human Nature

Steve Taylor: It is important to remember that in the prehistoric era, the world was very sparsely populated. As a result, it is likely that there was an an abundance of resources for hunter-gatherer groups. According to some estimates, around 15,000 years ago, the population of Europe was only 29,000, and the population of the whole world was no more than half a million. With such small population densities, it seems unlikely that prehistoric hunter-gatherer groups had to compete against each other for access to resources, or had any need to develop ruthlessness and competitiveness or to go to war. (In fact, this is illustrated by the evidence for a long period of "prehistoric peace," as I have discussed in a previous blog.)

There are other ways in which prehistoric life was relatively easy, too. Hunter-gatherers had a good diet - one that was arguably better than many modern people's, with no dairy products and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, roots, and nuts, all eaten raw, as well as meat... One of the striking things about such groups is their egalitarianism. As the anthropologist Knauft has remarked, hunter-gatherers are characterized by "extreme political and sexual egalitarianism" (1). Individuals in such groups don't accumulate their own property and possessions; they have a moral obligation to share everything. They also have methods of preserving egalitarianism by ensuring that status differences don't arise. This is done by sharing credit and putting down or ridiculing anybody who becomes too boastful. The !Kung of Africa swap arrows before going hunting, and when an animal is killed, the credit does not go to the person who fired the arrow, but to the person to whom the arrow belongs. If a person becomes too domineering or too arrogant, the other members of their group gang up against them or ostracize them. Typically in such groups, men have no authority over women. Women usually choose their own marriage partners, decide what work they want to do, and work whenever they choose to, and if a marriage breaks down, they have custody rights over their children. Other recent research on contemporary hunter-gatherer groups has shown that men and women tend to have equal status and influence, leading to the suggestion that sexual inequality only began to emerge with the development of agriculture (2).

So there is no reason to think that selfishness and cruelty are natural to human beings. There is no reason why traits such as racism, warfare, and male domination should have been selected by evolution, since they would have had no benefit to us. In fact, as we have seen, individuals who behaved selfishly and ruthlessly would be less likely to survive, since they would have been ostracized from their groups. On the contrary, it makes more sense to see traits such as cooperation, egalitarianism, altruism, and peacefulness as natural to human beings. These were the traits that were prevalent in human life for tens of thousands of years, during the so-called era of evolutionary adaptedness, and so presumably these are the strongest traits in us now.


Ron: Arguably these current human attitudes and traits are the result of gross Talmudic social engineering and mind control manipulation of human societies on this planet in recent millenia. For instance today most cultures have been fractured and family and extended family relationships destroyed by money meme manipulators (banksters and corporatists) who have forced most people off the land and out of historic self supporting local communities into cities where they have become free range serfs who must sell themselves and their labour to corporations in order to survive. The resultant physical and psychic isolation has been combined with fascist Capitalist and Socialist ideologies to produce socially competitive, "dog it dog" circumstances and mentalities in which even families and siblings fight each other for survival. Obviously this did not happen in hunter gather societies that focussed on sharing and caring and hence they were egalitarian and far less subject to the depredations of control freaks.

Steve Taylor: ...the "fall" into warfare and hierarchy (and other negative traits) was related to a psychological change that occurred in some groups of people, beginning around 6,000 years ago: the development of a heightened sense of individuality and separateness.

Ron: Arguably the so-called 'psychological changes' were primarily due to the loss of knowledge of the truth about life, the universe and everything that resulted in groups of religious and social manipulators and controllers that arose with the development of farming because it required crop surplus collection, retention, accounting and redistribution services. Farming also increased wealth production that stimulated increasing populations. As agriculture and populations grew the planners and controllers became a priestly governing class that developed and elaborated master/slave ideologies which culminated in Talmudism. Subsequently Talmudism spawned many misleading sub-ideologies like Jacobinism, Capitalism, Democracy, Fabianism, Marxism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Feminism, Political Correctness and so on all of which are  designed to confuse and manipulate the mass of humanity while concealing the identities of the controllers.

Arguably the widespread psychological development of a heightened sense of individuality and separatenss was a much later development brought on by the destruction of community life at the end of the Medevial period and the onset of the Industrial Revolution which resulted in the European banksters discarding serfdom and chattel slavery in favour of free range serfdom.

The rationale for free range wage-slave workers was spelt out in the Hazard circular sent by London banksters to US banksters in July 1862, in the middle of the American Civil War. It said:

`Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattels slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital [the banksters] shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt (national) that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the war bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress.'

The US Congress passed the National Bank Act of 1863 giving the banksters power to create money as debt, but not exclusively. In 1872 Horace Greeley said of the Act:

`We have stricken the shackles from four million beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.'

Clearly those controlling the Anglo-US “state” knew exactly what free range slavery was about just as they understood what free range empire was about. Colonel Edward Mandell House is said to have given a very detailed outline of the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people. He stated, in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President 1913 - 1921):

‘ Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that's you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.' - Colonel Edward Mandell House

President Woodrow Wilson ceased being president of Corporate US in January 1921. The obvious implication is that Colonel Edward Mandel House KNEW what was to happen (and did happen) at least 10 years before it occurred. The Great Depression was the proximate cause of the bankruptcy of the US and virtually all other nations around the world in the 1930s; thereby enabling the banksters to initiate the acceptance of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) legal system globally and the commencement of the Strawman mechanism in the US and elsewhere. As Colonel Maxwell House was an agent for the Crown banksters in the City of London from whence the policies causing the “tightening” of credit causing the Great Depression originated, there is also a clear implication that the Great Depression was meant to have the effects that it did. By “tightening” credit that is, reducing the supply of fiat money available in the US and in national economies all around the world, the banksters bankrupted the whole world and laid the foundations for implementation of the Strawman illusion and the current global matrix. See eg:
The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See:

Health and Nutrition
Sep 27, 2018 - Medical Malpractice Kills 500 times More Americans Than Accidental Gun Deaths…

Isabelle Z: 'medical malpractice kills 500 times more Americans than accidental gun deaths do! Doesn't that mean there should be 500 times more calls for doctor control than gun control?

The shocking data on malpractice deaths is quite solid. It was taken from an eight-year study from the reputable Johns Hopkins University, who found that there are at least 250,000 deaths due to malpractice in America each year. That's bad enough on its own, but CNBC reported that number is actually on the low end as other studies have found such deaths surpass 400,000 per year. Because physicians, coroners, and funeral directors rarely note human errors on death certificates and these are what the CDC relies on to post death statistics, such cases are dramatically underreported. Either way, it's safe to say that a minimum of 250,000 people die from medical malpractice each year.'

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