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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: May 24, 2019 - 1:15:25 AM

Women & Unborn Kids Victimized as Dem's and Reps Weaponize Abortion
By Robert Bridge with comments by Ron
May 26, 2019 - 5:24:24 PM

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: 21 May, 2019 13:55                Get short URL Women & unborn kids victimized as Dems and Reps weaponize abortionPro-choice rally. Women dressed like women in the show The Handmaid's Tale. © Global Look Press / / Rick Majewski

It's a recipe for social disaster. Democrats push for late-term abortions as Republicans move to ban abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. The victims of this political circus are women and unborn babies.

Rekindled interest in abortion legislation is a clear reminder that the 2020 presidential elections are bearing down on the United States like a veritable tornado, with all of the expected fallout and damage.

On one side of the ramparts we have liberals, fervent believers in the idea that nobody - least of all members of the hirsute patriarchal tribe - should have the right to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. That argument is defensible, but only up to a point.

READ MORE: ‘Strongly pro-life' but supports exceptions: Trump weighs in on raging abortion law battle

After all, a defenseless baby in the mother's womb is also, arguably, blessed with certain unalienable rights. But who will speak for it? The fact that it is unable to vote in elections and recite the constitution are poor excuses for denying the fetus representation, not to mention life. In other words, a legal line must be drawn between the rights of the woman and the rights of the unborn human being she is carrying.

It should come as no surprise that many liberals passionately disagree with that argument. That much was made obvious by pro-abortion legislation recently passed by the state of New York that allows abortions within 24 weeks from the start of pregnancy, or at any time when it is deemed necessary to protect the expectant mother's life or health.

At this point, it would be idle not to ask whether these women took advantage of the many inexpensive contraceptives now readily available over the counter, and why they decided to wait until the third trimester of their pregnancy to terminate the life inside of them. But I digress.





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Obianuju Ekeocha✔@obianuju

Today New York State Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act which redefines person as"a human being who has been born and is alive" and which permits abortion in some cases to birth!
This was their reaction after passing the bill

2,7109:03 AM - Jan 23, 2019

2,957 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

For many US conservatives, the idea of administering abortions in the third trimester would be tantamount to committing first-degree premeditated murder. That's because the heartbeat of the fetus becomes audible around the sixth week of pregnancy, a time when not only conservatives but doctors say that life has truly begun.

"A heartbeat is a universal, scientific, non-controversial sign of life," noted Susan Michelle-Hanson, a pro-life activist and journalist.

All things considered, it seems like an inopportune time for Democrats to be agitating Republicans, who are in a strong political position to roll back the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, which granted women the right to abortions in the first place. Now, the sleeping giant of conservative America is wide awake, the Republican backlash against abortions has all the ability to do untold harm to many women - and in much the same way that the Democrats' initiatives can harm the unborn.

[Ron: I disagree. Abortion terminates the life of a growing human person and that harms both the mother and the unborn baby. Reversing the legal right of women to kill their unborn children does not do "untold harm" to many women. In most cases women's behaviours constitute a choice to allow pregnancy and that attitude is the cause of their problems as regards unwanted pregnancies.

Arguably the real harm being done to women and society in relation to sexual matters today is being done by amoral education in academia and education systems and the MSM; and in Talmudic debauchery evident in Hollywood and culture generally. See eg: School Children Exposed To Horrific LGBT Propaganda - ].

Last week, for example, the state of Alabama passed the most shockingly stringent pro-life laws of the last 40 years. Incredibly, the law denies most abortions without exception - even for pregnancies that were conceived as a result of rape and incest.

[Ron: The real solution to problems relating to rape and incest is for society to properly elimnate the causes of those activities.].

Much like the Democrats on the other side of the trenches, the Republicans risk triggering a backlash with the imposition of abortion restrictions so dreadfully draconian they sound like they were crafted in the European Dark Ages.

[Ron: In the so-called Dark Ages the Catholic Church forbad contraception and the safe and dependable contraceptive technologies easily accessable today were unavailable.]

In fact, denying an abortion to a woman who has undergone the unspoken mental and physical ordeal of rape or incest could result in unintended consequences, like many conservatives abandoning the Republican Party out of sheer disgust, for example.

[Ron: Rape, incest and sexual abuse, including child trafficking, torture and murder, are rampant criminal activities in US and global society today. The solution is for women (and men) to acknowledge that fact and TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT ELIMINATING those barbaric criminal activities and the societal attitudes that spawn them!  Whinging about not being able to abort babies is a gross attempt to avoid facing the underlying moral and social issues. It is symptomatic of the underlying irresponsible personal and societal attitudes that allow these crimes to flourish. Widespread political corruption and legislation together with social acceptance and even encouragment of deviant, harmful and socially destructive sexual attitudes and practices has resulted in exposing and hence predisposing infants, children and young adults in schools, libraries, colleges and universities etc to these problems. Generally amoral personal, political, social and cultural attitudes reinforced by the MSM's condonation of depraved sexual practices causes unwanted pregnancies. It is therefore not surprising that such lax thinking and attitudes has led to the assumption that abortion is an appropriate and easy solution to unwanted pregnancies. But it isn't. Committing a further crime by killing an unborn infant is not a solution to crimes of rape and incest. By condoning abortion society becomes complicit.

IF society truly believes that rape or incest is an unacceptable mental and physical ordeal for victims of those crimes the solution to that problem is NOT to inflict pain, suffering and death on innocent unborn children by killing them BUT to implement societal policies that ELIMINATE the rapes and incest that cause the mental and physical ordeal of the females that suffer from them.

ALSO ON RT.COMAlabama governor signs draconian abortion ban punishing doctors with up to 99 years in prison

Furthermore, as history has taught us on numerous occasions, slapping a ban on something rarely eliminates the problem. In fact, it usually has exactly the opposite effect. As was the case with the illegal production and sale of alcohol during the early Prohibition years, the banned product or service just moves underground to the black market, beyond the prying eyes of the authorities and regulators. Meanwhile, bootleggers got rich, while many consumers of the ‘moonshine' died.

[Ron: Killing unborn or newly born children is NOT comparable with banning the consumption of alcohol. Arguably people have a right to drink alcohol but they do not have a right to kill unborn children.

If mothers cannot care for offspring or do not wish to accept responsibility for so doing the rest of their community must accept that responsibility including responsibility for properly caring for and maintaining mothers bearing children to full term. Killing unborn children is not a viable moral or societal option for any community.].

Abortions have a similarly tragic history. In the not-so-distant past, hundreds of women were victims each year in the US from unsafe abortions, many of which were self-induced with the use of crude instruments or toxic chemicals. In fact, unsafe abortions became such a rampant problem that many hospitals had a special ‘septic abortion ward' that was used for dealing with the consequences of an incomplete abortion.

[Ron: If Feminists, cultural Marxist Libtards and other females don't want to be abstinant and don't wish to bear children they can, in most cases use contraceptive methods that are freely available. The fact that many abortiions are currently occurring evidences a gross moral, educational and societal failure in the communities involved. Those failures need to be actively addressed by society rather than resorting to killing unborn children to solve the problem for women who do not take responsibility for their sexual activities. In cases of rape and incest the community should accept responsibility for caring for the mother during pregnancy and for raising the child if the mother does not wish to accept it. Human life is a gift from the Creator and no society has a moral or lawful right to terminate the innocent life of any being destined to become a sovereign eternal fragment of Creator consciousness.].

Perhaps one way of putting the brakes on abortions would be for the US to create a nationwide system of government-run orphanages where women can take their unwanted children to be cared for. In 1994, Senator Newt Gingrich floated that very idea in his so-called ‘Contract with America' plan. But the money to fund the program came from a regrettable source: Gingrich wanted to disqualify all unwed women under the age of 18 from receiving welfare payments for life if they gave birth, which would probably increase abortions in this particular demographic. The savings from that and other initiatives would be used to fund the orphanages and greatly reduce the need for abortions. But the idea never caught on. It seemed the US government was more content to hand out monthly welfare checks to mothers, many of whom were wholly unqualified to raise their children, than to pay the exorbitant price of caring for all those needy kids. After all, there were expensive wars to fight in foreign lands.

[Ron: In any morally and socially viable society the community must accept responsibility for the health and welfare of mothers and babies before and after birth and for the continuing care and raising of the child in cases in which the mother is unable or unwilling to do that. Arguably it takes a community to raise a child properly anyway since parents are generally too young and inexperienced to raise children in an optimal manner.

The claim that the community cannot afford to shoulder the burden of child care and child raising is fraudulent and stems from the currently accepted practice of governments criminally misdirecting community wealth to a small cabal of private interests by granting FREE licences to private corporations giving them the exclusive right to create out of thin air fiat debt notes (falsely described as "money") which they then "lend" to governments and everyone else AT INTEREST (ie. USURY).  THAT criminal practice MUST stop and sovereign communities MUST ensure that the tokens issued by duly authorised representatives of the community as "money", are created and issued without interest (usury), in exchange for real, quantifiable provision of labour and materials, and/or construction of buildings and infrastructure. If that is done every community that has sufficient labour and physical resources available to it, will have no problem ensuring that "money" is available to facilitate the exchange of goods and services and the sustainence and welfare of everyone in the community including all necessary provision of alternative parental care needed for children in the community who do not have a mother or parent  available to care for them.].

The bottom line is that the Democrats and Republicans are giving undue attention to their narrow political agendas at great risk to unborn babies and expectant mothers. Thus, the Democrats are being branded as cold-blooded ‘baby killers' while the conservatives are stereotyped as unresponsive to the plight of pregnant women - even those who have endured the gravest violations.

[Ron:I disagree. Every society that wishes to survuve and thrive MUST protect the life and welfare of all mothers and children including babies yet to be born. Failure to do that amounts to moral and societal suicide. Currently  the US, UK and EU nations are not reproducing themselves and require immigration to top up their populations. That is a formula for cultural and national suicide.

Abortions don't just kill babies, they damage the psyche of mothers and feed negative energies into the genetic mind of the whole community and the planet. Abortions are attempts to deny the existence of the spiritual, psychic, physical and social problems associated with sexual irresponsibiluity and promiscuity. Unwanted pregnacies are not just a problem for mothers they are a problem for everyone in the community. Eliminating an unborn baby does not constitute valid or any discharge of the community's responsibility to take care of a mother whether she has been raped or not.].

[Colour fonts, bolding, underlining and comments in square brackets added.].

READ MORE: ‘Where does life begin?' Alabama's extreme abortion ban inflames ongoing DEBATE

In other words, the debate over abortion in the US has become a slippery political football in a muddy zero-sum game. The Democrats and Republicans, only concerned about scoring a quick political goal, [Ron: I disagree. This is not a political issue. It is a fundamentally existential moral and spiritual issue.].continue to scream past each other as the rule book becomes increasingly detached from reality, and unborn babies and pregnant women are turned into gambling chips.

It is trying times like these when cool heads must prevail in order to stake out the reasonable middle ground where the protection of women and unborn babies is the top priority, a goal that everyone can cheer for. After all, nobody deserves to be sacrificed for cheap political gamesmanship, even in a mean-spirited presidential election season.

[Ron: By characterising this issue as simply a cheap political debate between opposing political parties this author is denying the primary issue at stake which is that innocent human life is sacrosanct. Regardless of whether the mother had any responsibility for being pregnant or not, the unborn baby is an innocent sovereign human life that the community is morally obliged to nurture and protect, along with the life and welfare of the mother. Aleviation of the trauma and suffering experienced by a mother who has been raped by a relative or otherwise should be the subject of substantial community concern and assistance but that assistance should not be provided by victimising and killing the baby. This vital issue cannot be rationally trivialised by pretending it is just a political difference of opinion.].


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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, 'Midnight in the American Empire,' released in 2013



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