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Why Would Anyone Do This, This Is Pure Stupidity
By robthehook with comments by Ron
Jun 10, 2021 - 7:16:54 PM

Why Would Anyone Do This, This Is Pure Stupidity

This 30 second video was published by robthehook:

Ron:  Arguably this is government sanctioned rape since genuine individual consent to these assaults requires full disclosure of WHAT is being done and WHY, and that is not happenning. The first question to be asked is 'WHY are thousands of people who are not sick and not exhibiting symptoms of illness being tested at all let alone being subjected to these obviously intrusive, painful and dangerous testing procedures?

According to the creator of the CPR test it is incapable of validly establishing that individuals are infected. Prima facie the CPR test is therefore being used to fraudulently establish numerous false positive results. In all the circumstances that is evidence of commission of crimes against humanity.

In any event this method of "testing" by taking a stick swab and poking around the cribriform plate is very dangerous and completely unnecessary. If needed at all, a cheek swab would be adequate. Using inappropriate PCR tests to rack up false numbers of alleged COVID cases while actually causing real injury and illness by sticking swabs up noses to breach the cribriform plate which is a paper thin bone that is 50 percent nerves that forms a blood brain barrier, is a criminal activity in these circumstances. The thinness and sensitivity of the cribriform plate is usually fine because nothing ever touches it. BUT If you thrust a nasal swab into it and twist it around as shown in this video, it could  breach the blood brain barrier risking the test recipient getting Meningitis due to cerebrospinal fluid leaks. I guess the health authorities will then count it as COVID... And of course there could be other serious medical "complications".

Given that the COVID swabs are sterilised using ethylene oxide, a deadly carcinogen, with the process allegedly leaving ONLY a safe residue on the swab, I for one don't want anyone poking my cribriform plate with it. See eg: ALL ABOUT THE NASAL SWAB - CASSANDRA DUNN: REGISTERED NURSE & CERTIFIED FEDERAL MEDICAL INVESTIGATOR

In effect widespread testing using this method is a criminal procedure that constitutes a crime against humanity. For an image of the cribriform plate area see eg: Australians in India Banned from Coming Home on Threat of Jail Time II -




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