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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Feb 10, 2020 - 5:08:58 AM

We Will Have To Reboot Our Standard Of Living To Survive As A Nation
By Tom Chatham with comments by Ron
Jul 29, 2019 - 12:54:57 AM

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Authored by Tom Chatham via Project Chesapeake,

In 1940 you could buy a nice cape cod style home for around $2,500. Someone entering the job market likely started out at $25 a week. A 1940 Buick with a straight 8 would run you $895 and up.

Why this stroll down memory lane? Because it is meant to show how much inflation has changed the price of things. When we still used money that was based on gold and silver, inflation was kept in check to some degree. Fractional reserve banking and excessive credit creation have distorted the value of things we depend on for life and we are coming to the end of that failed experiment. All of our recent prosperity has been paid for with our ability to print dollars out of thin air.




If you want to know where we are being led you only have to stroll down any city street where the homeless live, or you can look through the many pictures of the great depression. The American people are being systematically impoverished and it is being done knowingly by those in charge and is allowed by a dumbed down, apathetic public too busy staring at their iphone to notice.

If this nation is to survive and retain a reasonable standard of living and quality of life, we will have to downsize to a level that we can actually afford. We will need to forego the 2,000 sq. ft. $300,000 homes we all like so much and settle for a more affordable 900 sq. ft. $30,000 home we can actually pay for. We will have to give up the $40,000 autos coming out of Detroit now and settle for a smaller inexpensive model that can actually get 60 mpg.

We will also need to return to a financial system that is based on real value. This being gold and silver money. If we try to use anything else we are simply trying to fool ourselves. You cannot use a currency that does not act as a store of wealth over the long term.

[Ron: The real heart of the dystopia afflicting the US and the rest of our world is the usurious banking monopoly controlled by the Rothschilds and global Jewry. Everything else depends on that. What the bankster's fraudulently call "inflation' is actually the DEVALUATION of the fiat debt tokens they issue and call money (currency). That devaluation is due to the constant increase in issuance of currency that is essential to the survival of the usurious Rothschilds' Central Banking (aka the Federal Reserve) controlled system of money distribution in the US and globally. That need to continually create more currency is due to the fact that virtually all (about 97%) of currency is only issued through private banking loans at interest (usury) while the currency required to pay that interest IS NEVER ISSUED. That means that ever more loans must be issued in order to keep sufficient currency in circulation to keep the banksters' Ponzi scheme afloat. Otherwise borrowers will default on their loan payments. The banksters profit not only from interest payments but also from taking repossession of properties used as collateral for loans where borrowers default in their repayments.

Moreover, the banksters periodically ensure that they can take possession of lots of these mortgaged properties and other pledged collateral by a practice of issuing lots of loans at lower interest rates and then increasing the interest rates on sibsequent loans so that fewer borrowers can afford to take out those loans. The result is that there is a growing shortage of currency in the economy. This criminal manipulative practice is concealed by claiming that this process is somehow just part of a mystical business cycle; an inevitable economic BOOM and BUST cycle allegedly due to the greed and indiscretion of borrowers which is supposedly completely beyond the control of the banksters.

In effect, governments that should be responsible for issuing and controlling the creation and distribution of money to their constituents have abdicated that responsibility by giving free licences to private banking corporations (ie private, unidentified individuals who own and/or control those corporations) to create "money" out of thin air (by keystrokes on computers) which they then charge interest (usury) on. the banksters also decide who gets that "money" and at what interest rate they get it. This situation is absurd and makes the operations of Al Capone and his ilk look like kindergarden operators. And yet politicians, government bureaucrats, "economists" academics, commentators and almost everyont else pretend that this process is necessary and appropriate. IF such pig ignorance persists our world WILL disappear up its own fundamental orifice, AND SOON!

This ridiculous situation has caused a steady deterioration in the value of the so-called US dollar which now has about the same purchasing power as one cent did in 1913 when the banksters manipulated the US Congress and the president into accepting the Federal Reserve System as the nation's Central Bank.

The fundamental reason for the parlous situation of the US and global economies today is that thousands of years ago population growth and clan and tribal dispersals resulted in humans ceasing to accept sharing and caring for everyone in the community as an appropriate methodology for living. As communities scattered and diversified the money meme developed as a useful alternative to barter and this lead to reduced attitudes to caring and sharing for others. Once the money meme was established and accepted as a necessary mechanism for facilitating societal intercourse and the exchange of goods and services, some individuals sought to profit from it. That group became an increasingly parasitic incubus on the rest of society. The greed of that group and their tyrannous control of the rest of humanity is now so extreme that it threatens the existence of everyone on the planet.].

We can do this by choice and salvage what is left of our country or we can continue on the current path and end up an impoverished country with a dictator in charge like most other failed nations in the world.

[Ron: Actually, if President Trump and his supporters fail in there attempt to oust the Fed and the Rothschilds' banksters from control of the usurious global Central Banks, the result will be the Talmudists' One World Government, New World Order which is intended to control EVERY nation in the world.].

If we want to continue having a country worth living in we need to go back to what we know works and try to build up from there. We no longer have sufficient manufacturing capacity to employ all of the people in this country and any kind of welfare will not work without debasing the currency.

This will necessitate 20% of the population going back to living on small farms to insure they have a job and sufficient resources to care for their families. Nothing else in our current situation will work. We have too many unemployed people living off of the state and this will end soon. We will either have a mass exodus from the country or a mass extinction within it. As unpleasant as it sounds that is our future if we do not make substantial changes while we still have time. That time is nearly up.

Downsizing our lives and our wants will be a necessary change if we want to salvage something of our future. We have lived too long in fantasy land and now we must come back to reality. The west line has moved and we will never get back all of the production jobs we once had. We must accept that and accept that our country will be less productive and less prosperous in the future and learn to live within our means.

[Ron: I disagree. This viewpoint is distorted by being surrounded by our current bankster created dystopia. The US and our whole world is on the cusp of an exciting and abundant new era. Why? Because the Millennial Reign has commenced in which Christ Michael Aton, the God of this universe, has returned to take back this planet and Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi and many others are ousting the demonic erstwhile global controllers and their Deep State minions. Income taxation will be abolished as that is contrary to divine (cosmic) law. Similarly all usurious banking will be abolished. Each nation will be responsible for the proper issuance and usury free distribution of its own money. Once the banksters are gone warfare will also cease. These changes will immediately create a sense of abundance and the savings from useless and counter productive manufacture of armaments will enable creation of genuine wealth for distribution to all.

The new era will see a return to genuine local community governance with direct democratic republican mechanisms replacing the fraudulent so-called representative democratic methodologies currently allowing banksters and corporate plutocrats and their bureaucratic minions to control the bloated governments of the US, UN and and most other nations.

The new era will benefit from rapid development of Tesla and other advanced scientific and health technologies covertly used by the global controllers but suppressed so far as use by the rest of the global population is concerned. Moreover, properly controlled Artificial Intelligence (AI) and various existing technologies can and will be used to rapidly eliminate scarcity and poverty because the demonic global controllers will be eliminated from control of all banking, production, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and insurance activities. Moreover, proper community supervised governing authorities will ensure that corporations will cease to be legal persons and that all excess profits not genuinely earned by the labour of management and workers will be returned to the communities they serve for proper use and distribution therein. Any nation or community that doesn't implement these policies will quickly fall behind nations that do.

Communities will be encouraged to ensure that all able bodied adults have an opportunity to work productivly for the benefit of the community. This should ensure that no one needs to be unemployed; NOR will anyone be required to work more than, say, a 20 hour week, unless they choose to do so for personal reasons or in order to obtain extra benefits therefrom.

Communities will be encouraged to ensure that anyone involved in governance activities will receive expenses and compensation for hours worked in much the same way as individuals employed in management of other community and corporate activities. The days of government officials or corporate managers receiving "compensation" hundreds of times greater than factory floor workers et al will be a thing of the past.

In the new era the need for people to crowd into cities and urban areas for work will be greatly reduced and eventually eliminated. This change will be facilitated by automation and AI productivity greatly reducing the need for mass employment in offices and factories. It will also be facilitated by the swift expansion of rapid transit transportation enabling people to live in the countryside and dispersed towns and smaller cities.

The far greater leisure time resulting from new arrangements as regards work and decreased time involved in travelling to and from multiple jobs etc, will increase general involvement in education, artistic, sports and other activities but especially in gardening, food growing and related activities. As populations disperse to more rural environments many people will indulge new found interests in growing food and other plants. This will help the planetary environment to recover from past misuse.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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