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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Toxic Feminism is the Biggest Con of All Time
By Shoshoni with comments by Ron.
Feb 4, 2019 - 11:00:04 PM

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FEMINISM: A Terrible Scourge Inflicted on Modern Societies by Cultural Marxism

Toxic Feminism is the biggest Con of all time

By Shoshoni
February 3rd 2019

A Woman's right to choose means having all of the facts ahead of time

I used to be a raging feminist, however the late "Aaron Russo", made this movie called "America, Freedom to Fascism" which can still be viewed on YouTube. In the movie, Russo tells of how his friend Lawrence Rockefeller told him, that "Feminism" was created by the Rockefellers and their swamp creature cronies to destroy the strength of the people by "destroying the family". He also showed that Gloria Steinem was a CIA agent for the fake cause of "Feminism" and female equality.

Aaron Russo was killed by the Cabal for making that movie. After that I started questioning the benefits of Feminism to the female gender and doing some research. The following is just one aspect of my research about the Elite's ongoing and misunderstood World War against human females. I eventually found out that China, Pakistan, India, and some poor countries in the middle- east and Asia were killing their female children at birth because the poor of those countries see female children as an expense rather than as an asset.

How can abortion be good for females when the majority of the World's abortions, today and throughout human history involve the deaths of female infants and unborn daughters?

Today most of those female children are killed through abortion. So how can abortion be good for females when millions of women today and throughout history have never gotten the chance to live? Those on the Left who are promoting "globalism" are creating poverty where none existed. Historically, a family's answer to poverty was either female abortion or female slavery. Therefore, poverty promotes female sex trafficking or abortion which is the primary cause of female genocide on the planet today.

The Witch Burnings of the middle ages in Europe which killed so many women were done so that allopathic medicine, controlled exclusively, by male doctors, could be set up to control and cull the human population. The women of that era, who were natural healers, as they are now, were too successful in healing people with herbal medicines and they were getting in the way.

Exploiting the biological material of the female gender has always been the most lucrative business on the planet.

Today, allopathic medicine is "Witch Doctor" medicine which gives the hegemony of western medicine and "snake oil seller" Rockefeller who created Big Pharma, a license to kill and more importantly,  a license to steal biological materials from unsuspecting people. Moreover it makes sure that all of medicine's advancements are kept secret from the sheeple, including all elite sources for disease thus all cures for disease, advances in the prevention of aging, and the ability to clone all life on planet Earth. Exploiting the female gender has always been the most lucrative business on the planet and off.

Feminism is the biggest con game of all time because it motivates women to give away the most valuable biological material on the planet which are the immortal stem cells of their unborn children. The world rulers are an inhuman group of elite misanthropes, who profit from selling biological materials "stem cells, organs, baby parts" to Bio Banks through Planned Parenthood and U.S. taxpayer funded abortions. Selling human biological material that is given voluntarily in hundreds of ways, especially through abortion, is the most lucrative business on Earth, for the elites, which no one is talking about!

How many women would want to abort their children if they found out that they are being lied to and motivated to commit genocide and that they are not being told what their fetus will be used for? There are too many things too monstrous to contemplate, including cloning from one cell so that the child that is produced can be a trafficked as a sex slave, organ donor, human sacrifice or worse.

Women should be against a society that makes abortion a better option than Motherhood because an actual choice means having all of the facts ahead of time, and very few women know all of the facts about abortion. Therefore, Females are not making informed choices, especially ones that can affect a female's life so profoundly.

Motherhood should elevate a woman to Goddess like status because she is the gender that is able to give and nurture life.

In a healthy society, this should happen while still allowing her to fully maintain control of the size of her family. Why do liberals today seem to be so full of hate? Because they have first been fooled or coerced by the Left into hating themselves. The Left gets a woman's support by convincing her that Motherhood is an unfair burden and being a female is a curse which makes her a second class citizen in her white male-controlled western society thus self-hatred becomes the norm.

Furthermore the Left in America never fails to point out and act upon their misguided opinions that "American" children are plague-carrying pests that need to be vaccinated and medicated into lobotomized zombies so that they can be locked up in institutions of mind control until they are 18 years old. While Left-supported open border policies allow child exploitation and profit on a massive scale.

All of the above is used to hide culpability for the "incredible costs" of the "hegemony" of  American allopathic medicine, in human deaths, injury and medical bills which the insurance companies are happy to over inflate and totally obscure. Then, together they can point the finger at females, children and Motherhood for the ridiculous costs that the Left'ssocialized medicine has forced everyone to share.

All the facts that the left uses against people for being born anything other than a "white heterosexual male" can be used to negatively motivate and exploit everyone else that falls into the "other categories" and thus into their divide and conquer web of deceit.

Moreover, white heterosexual males are having nothing but hate leveled at them for just being born, even though they are nothing like the [neo-Pharisee global controllers and their shabbos] white male power brokers of the world, who are responsible for all of the genocide and chaos. Thanks to the manipulation and the lies of the [Ron: Jew controlled cultural Marxist] Left, the MSM and their Democrat Political class beneficiaries, the cover-up is complete. Furthermore, these hypocrites have absolutely no shame in having their campaigns [Ron: organised and] funded by the very creatures who created this female hell on Earth like George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and similar women-hating enterprises.

As a female, my name has been left off of every bank mortgage, medical insurance card, or legal ownership record that I have been involved in while married or in a domestic partnership with a male, at least in my overwhelmingly liberal part of America! The most blatant experience of that happening was when I got married and my husband and I were forced to buy Obamacare. Since then, I have never had an insurance card with my own name on it. It's as if I do not exist-period, married or not!

The Democrats in charge of Obamacare could care less about how women are turned into non-persons, and that is not the Republican's fault, or conservative's fault as the Left has been saying for a decade. The country was controlled for the first eight years of this decade by the Democrats and they never bothered to change a thing!

I am asking women to "Walk Away" from this fraud - Feminism - that keeps us believing that we are second-class citizens because we have been programmed to think that we can do nothing about it! Why? Because the Democrats have been saying that they have been trying to change gender discrimination in America for her entire history! However, research will disprove all Democrat-created myths over and over again!

Every human being has much more to offer society than that rigid stereotype which the [Ron: Jew organised] Left has used as a basis to promote self-hatred, victimhood and exploitation of every last American of every stripe, type or gender! As a woman, I am asking other women to understand how they are being hoodwinked into betraying the most fundamental and powerful facet of their humanity.  Ans, how they may be giving up the chance to experience the most profound love that they will ever feel for another human being.

The failure of Motherhood will mean the eventual extinction of the human race.

After all, the Divine Feminine and Female half of humanity is the gender of love without which the world is slowly dying. The failure of Motherhood will be the failure of and the eventual extinction of the entire human race.  That is a fact that no one, including the Left, can change or dispute, no matter how hard that they try !

[Ron: this is the trutth Pilgrims. Read it and believe it.].

[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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