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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Jan 18, 2020 - 10:26:42 PM

The CRIMINALIZATION of Journalism that Exposed Planned Parenthood’s Baby Body Parts Scheme to profit from murder
By Ethan Huff
Jan 18, 2020 - 5:41:54 PM

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(Natural News) Planned Parenthood is once again getting off scot-free for its crimes against humanity, as a San Francisco judge has ruled that those who exposed the villainous acts of America's largest abortion provider are somehow the "criminals."

Pro-life investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt will reportedly now have to stand trial on nine felony counts of secretly recording conversations as part of a Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposé on Planned Parenthood's illicit harvesting and trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

In our own coverage of this massive Planned Parenthood scandal, we showed, based on CMP's evidential footage, that this taxpayer-funded, baby-murdering organization has been committing federal crimes that should have landed its own executives in the slammer. Planned Parenthood even admitted to this after the footage went public.

But because of the dismal state of "criminal justice" in America today, which has been politicized beyond belief, the perpetrators are walking free while the brave journalists who've been trying to set the record straight face persecution at the hands of a radicalized, lawless legal system.

Shocking, and yet not so shocking, is the fact that Judge Christopher C. Hite of the San Francisco Superior Court ruled that, based on the evidence put forth in a preliminary hearing, Daleiden and Merritt can now be tried on nine counts of breaking California's anti-eavesdropping law, which prohibits the secret gathering of information without mutual consent from the parties involved.

If convicted, it's important to note, Daleiden and Merritt could be sent to prison, even as those they exposed at Planned Parenthood for committing federal crimes are let off the hook.

In a tweet, Daleiden noted that this politically-motivated persecution of Daleiden and Merritt was prompted by failed presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, who dropped out of the 2020 presidential race due to near-zero support from voters.

"Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris concocted this bogus, biased prosecution with her Planned Parenthood backers against undercover video recording, and now their case is falling apart as the facts about Planned Parenthood's criminal organ trafficking are revealed in the courtroom," Daleiden went on to tweet.

"The remaining charges under the California video recording law - the first and only time it has ever been used against undercover news gatherers - will fall for the same reasons that five charges were dismissed today: these were public conversations easily overheard by third parties. The real criminals are the Planned Parenthood leadership who sold fetal-body parts from late-term abortions and weaponized the justice system to try to cover it up."

To keep up with the latest developments about Planned Parenthood and its aborted baby body parts criminal racket, be sure to check out

Leftists HATE truth, and they hate truth-tellers even more

According to reports, Daleiden and Merritt have been summoned to appear in California's Superior Court on January 30th for instruction and arraignment - as if they're somehow in the wrong for being brave and dutiful whistleblowers who shined a light on the dark underbelly of Planned Parenthood's murdering-babies-for-profit criminal racket.

This total injustice is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem in America today that has to do with the leftist masses rejecting honest journalism. Any truths that "offend" them are now being criminalized, as we're seeing not just with the Daleiden case but also all across social media.

It's now a crime in the United States of America to tell the truth at all when doing so has the potential to incriminate a far-left organization like Planned Parenthood. Leftist institutions, after all, are the bedrock that prop up leftist criminality and keep it going without consequence.

The "criminal justice" system in this country is now so upside-down that Daleiden and his colleagues are actually being ordered to pay Planned Parenthood $2.3 million in "compensatory and punitive damages," as well as lawyer fees - again, as if they are somehow the criminals in all of this.

The real criminals, here, are vile creatures like Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council President Mary Gatter, who was captured on tape explaining how she illegally sells aborted baby body parts for cash, in the hopes that she will one day be able to afford an expensive Lamborghini.

"Today's ruling proves unfounded and outrageous charges against two pro-life journalists who exposed the harvesting and trafficking of innocent babies. This is a gross abuse of power and a violation of the First Amendment," commented Live Action's Lila Rose about the dastardly outcome of this case, adding that Judge Hite's ruling represents an egregious "abuse of power."

"Animal activist groups went undercover at a duck farm & former CA AG @KamalaHarris used their expose to try to ban foie gras. But when pro-life reporters exposed @PPFA execs haggling over baby parts, the reporters were prosecuted & the abortionists protected," she further stated in a separate tweet.

The sad truth is that this is likely only the beginning, as more truth-tellers are sure to face similar persecution in the future for daring to try to do justice and love mercy, as the Holy Bible commands.

Sources for this article include:

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