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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Standing up: A Revolution Of The People Is Happening In Germany
By Sonja Van den Ende
Jan 18, 2022 - 9:17:05 PM

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Sonja van den Ende
OneWorld Press
Tue, 04 Jan 2022 20:37 UTC

afd protest germany covid rules mandate© RT
German AfD supporters protest over COVID vaccine mandates, meet counter-demonstrators in Nuremberg, December 11, 2021

As I mentioned in my last article here on Oneworld, there is something big happening in Europe, especially in Germany, which turned out to be a real revolution in the last two weeks, every day people are on the streets demanding freedom and change.

Germany has a long history of revolution, like France, they are the largest countries in Europe and when there is change and revolution, it will happen in Germany and France first.

Leipzig, November 6, 2021:

Every night thousands of people take to the streets in every town, small towns and villages across Germany, from north to south and east and west, it's even bigger as in 1989. The media and politicians would have us believe that they are so-called "Querdenkers", right-wing radicals, "Reichsburger" or neo-Nazis. This is the fear of the elite, because they know and the media knows, that this is not the case. It has become a real revolution, a revolution of the people, to put a sign to the address of the worst totalitarian government that Germany has experienced since WWII and the GDR.

Under the guise of a virus, a new totalitarian system is being created, a technocratic revolution 4.0. Germany, which has been under occupation of the US and deep-state since WWII, is together with Austria, the great experiment of the elite in the field of social obedience, which we call a psyop, while the Netherlands is the testing ground of the digital payment system, E-Health and climate madness. You guessed it. The United Nations (UN) agenda 2030 and the dream of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are being tested and partly implemented, if this social experiments works in Germany and Western Europe, the elite can implement their agenda, but people now realize what they are up to, and, as many of us said before, it's not about a virus, but a virus being used to implement this agenda. Without a "big" scare the people would not have become so manipulated as they are now.

The revolution

At first there were demonstrations by various right-wing groups, supported by political parties such as the AFD. The AFD is, in my opinion, not an extreme right political party, but can be seen as a "party of the people". But now the demonstrations have grown into a multitude of people and groups. From old to young, white, black, yellow, from the left or right political spectrum and migrants join the long chain of people that evening after evening and day after day form through all the towns and villages of Germany. While the bought media, the MSM, as we call it, are still frantically trying to portray the protesters as idiots and right-wing radicals, the protesters are all the more convinced that there is something fundamentally wrong in Germany and the rest of the Western world.

In some towns and/or villages, mainly on the part of the police, the demonstrations are escalating. The police and media are, in my opinion, guilty of [provoking] this. The demonstrations are prohibited by the current government, something that is not possible in a democratic constitutional state, where part of the constitution is to be allowed to demonstrate a basic right is also freedom of expression, as long as this is within the norms of a non-violence behavior. Harrowing police assaults have been reported from Munich, where police surrounded the demonstrators or, as the Germans call it, "einkesseln", a WWII term, the "einkesselung" of Stalingrad. The demonstrators are then hunted down and sprayed with water cannons or pepper spray. In several cities, children were sprayed with pepper spray. Police violence has gotten out of control in recent times, as we could also see in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where a "forbidden" demonstration, prohibited by the mayor of Amsterdam, took place last Sunday. Undercover police came out of the police vans, with batons and dog to hit the people in the front row of the demonstration and make the dogs bite and attack the people, causing horrific scenes. It is not the first time that disproportionate police violence has taken place in the Netherlands, last year during demonstrations people, old and young, were beaten up, bitten by dogs and arrested.

Back to Germany and of course Austria, which will have a mandatory vaccination law as of February 1, (although it doesn't look like that any more). The politicians are getting a bit nervous and ask themselves, in the media, whether it should happen or not. Also in Austria there are daily demonstrations in all towns and villages. The genie is out of the bottle and can't go back, as the politicians call it, there is no going back to the "old normal". This also applies to the population, for a large part of and dare I say now almost a majority, certainly in Germany there is no going back to the "old normal", because they are sick and tired of politics who behave more and more like oligarchs, have intertwined themselves with big pharma, with companies such as Blackrock and institutions such as the WEF and WHO, where as many whistleblowers claim, Western politicians are also bribed and paid to force their products such as the vaccinations on the population. It is not "normal" that the European Union (EU) has already purchased vaccines until 2024, for a so-called pandemic with a mortality rate of 0.03%. The majority of the victims in the EU are over eighty years old. Why should young and working people have to pay the price, to undergo lockdowns, the bankruptcy of the gastronomy and tourism sector, basically wiping out the entire middle class? But not only them. The agricultural industry will also be wiped out. This is clearly the BBB plan, or the new revolution 4.0depopulation, because without income there is no food. I am not even talking about all the deaths and sickness, due to the side effects of experimental vaccines. In Australia they are not paying the "victims" of the sick people from vaccinations. Like I said the genie is out of the bottle and it won't go back.

Sonja van den Ende independent journalist

Comment: 'No to dictatorship!' Thousands protest against vaccine mandates & lockdowns in Leipzig, Germany

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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