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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

‘Sex-Ed School’: Trans ‘Man’ Teaches Children About Cross-Sex Hormones, Breast Removal
By Dr. Susan Berry
Nov 16, 2019 - 9:08:45 PM

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Dr. Susan Berry


The Canadian-based YouTube series called “Sex-Ed School” is featuring an instructional video for children in which a biological woman who has assumed a male gender identity explains to young children how taking testosterone and having her breasts removed helped her achieve her desired male qualities.

The Sex-Ed School site says it is “a fun new web series for kids to get real info from experts and discover all the answers they want to know now.

Targeted for children aged 9-12, the series states it is “a safe place where kids can talk openly & honestly about sexuality, the body & healthy relationships!”

“Healthy” relationships apparently includes a biological woman with gender dysphoria, named “Kaleb,” who teaches children about the process of taking cross-sex hormones and having a double mastectomy to appear more like a male.

“If you were a girl when you were little, how did you change to become like a boy?” one young boy sitting in the circle on the floor asked “Kaleb” in the video.

“So, in my 20s, for my personal journey, I started with hormones, which is what changed my voice a bit, and it changes your body a little bit,” she replied.

A little boy chimed in with, “Like now that you have a bit of a beard.”

“Yeah,” she said. “So, that is because I’m on testosterone.”

“So, do you have male or female parts,” another boy asked.

“I’m sure a lot of people are wondering that,” “Kaleb” responded. “For me, personally, I have had top surgery, which means I had the ‘technical term’ is a double mastectomy. So, I did have my breasts removed. I have scars on my chest. Then, I really only talk about what’s in my pants if people are getting in there.”

“Kaleb” then played a game with the children called “Musical Biological Sex Chairs” in which the children sat in all kinds of chairs, some of which were supposedly “uncomfortable.” She asked them to get up and walk around while she rang a bell. When the bell stopped, they had to find a seat.

“Everybody has bodies, everybody has vessels, and these chairs are like various vessels, like various bodies,” “Kaleb” continued in teaching them the point of the game. “Some of us feel very comfortable in some of our cushy chairs, and some are like, ‘This would be better if I had a pillow on it.’ And some are like, ‘No, this is not good for me.’”

Both co-hosts of “Sex-Ed School” have extensive backgrounds working with Planned Parenthood.

Nadine Thornhill, Ed.D., according to her bio, is “one of Canada’s foremost experts on child and adolescent sexuality.”

Nadine has worked with local and national organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Action Canada For Sexual Health and Rights, The Center for Sex Education, and the Toronto District School Board. In her spare time, Nadine enjoys escape rooms, weekend hikes with her family, and watching bad television with her fur baby Albus Dumblecat.

Co-host Eva Bloom is a “sex research and online sexuality educator,” according to her bio, and a “winner of a Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Choice Award (2017) for excellence in sexuality education.”

The bio continues:

Bloom has “a Masters focusing on the social psychology of sexuality, with interests in technology, self-compassion, and sexual communication. She is also the creator of the inclusive, evidence-based YouTube channel for young adults ‘What’s My Body Doing,’ where she talks on sexual heath, sexuality, and relationships.

“Sex-Ed School is sex-positive programming that shines a responsible light on sexuality as a natural, healthy and fun part of life,” the site states.

Sex-Ed School says it receives financial support from the Shaw Rocket Fund, whose slogan is “Fuelling [sic] Creativity – it’s what we do.”

The Shaw Rocket Fund says it is “a forward-thinking, not-for-profit organization” that “aims to continually enhance the media experience of children, youth and families.”

The fund’s “vision” is that “children and youth throughout Canada and around the world have access to and benefit from engaging Canadian-made content.”

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