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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Feb 7, 2020 - 9:06:46 PM

Oxfordshire Schoolgirl Rises Up Against ‘trans inclusion’ that neglects vulnerable non-trans kids
By Frank Furedi with comments by Ron
Feb 9, 2020 - 4:35:41 PM

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Dr. Frank Furedi, author and social commentator is an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Author of more than 20 books, Furedi's studies have been devoted to an exploration of the cultural developments In western societies. His recent research has been oriented towards exploring different dimensions of the Culture Wars in the contemporary era. His two influential books, The Culture of Fear and Paranoid Parenting, investigated the interaction between risk consciousness and perceptions of fear, trust relations and social capital in contemporary society. His book, How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century, published in 2018, explored the distinct features of contemporary fear culture. Follow him on Twitter @Furedibyte

7 Feb, 2020 Get short URL

Oxfordshire schoolgirl rises up against ‘trans inclusion' that neglects vulnerable non-trans kids

©  Reuters / Lucy Nicholson

A 13-year-old girl is suing Oxford County Council over its decision to allow trans pupils to choose which dorm they sleep in and which toilets they use, and the questions it raises go way beyond her own wish for privacy.

"I am very surprised that the council never asked the opinion of girls in Oxfordshire about what we thought before they published the toolkit," the teenager, whose name has not been disclosed in the media, said in her statement as she announced her legal action against the Oxford Country Council's decision to implement its Orwellian-sounding ‘Trans Inclusion Toolkit'.


Free period products for trans boys in UK schools is about ideology, not pupils' needs

All children have their needs

As a sociologist who has written extensively on the life of children, I have no doubt her court action deserves the public's attention. Yet you don't have to possess a Ph.D. in child psychology to understand the serious emotional problems that Oxford's new policy is likely to cause young girls.

There is no doubt that children going through gender uncertainty can face a lot of distress - and the toolkit includes some disturbing examples of offences they can face, including a teacher calling a trans pupil "it." However, the drive to ‘include' one troubled group is coming at the price of excluding another - whose troubles are no less genuine.

You don't need much insight to imagine why younger teenage girls, coping with all the insecurity and aggravations of puberty, are concerned and confused about allowing biological boys into their dorms and lavatories. Puberty's psychological tribulations are rooted in the biological changes a girl's body is going through - which someone who is physically male cannot relate to. The early years of periods, for one, (often unpredictable and heavy) make girls anxious about showing any sign of 'having started,' and embarrassed about being seen with period products, at a time when boys are keen to make girls in general and periods in particular the butt of jokes.

Guilt trip

As the young girl taking the county council to the High Court remarked, "under these guidelines I have no right to privacy from the opposite sex in changing rooms, loos or on residential trips." Worse still, she noted that the policy "makes me feel that my desire for privacy, dignity, safety and respect is wrong." In other words, the policy actually undermines the way many young girls feel about the need to maintain their dignity and attempts to make them feel guilty about the way they feel about their personal privacy. No wonder that she declared in her statement that the new policy "makes me feel sad, powerless and confused."

It is evident that neither parents nor girls who are most affected by the introduction of the new policy were consulted about their views on the matter.The fundamental issue at stake is who gets to decide that from now on that males who identify as girls can have access to female toilets and dormitories?

[Ron: Transexuals are a fraction of one percent of the population. And males who say they feel like females are less than half of that tiny fraction of transsexual individuals in the population. WHY do their feelings and alleged rights trump those of the 50% of females in the community?!].

As is frequently the case, the institutionalisation of new trans-related policies appeared out of nowhere and gets promoted by its supporters as the last word on the subject. Typically, individuals who hesitantly raise criticisms of policies such as those advocated by the authors of the Trans Inclusion Toolkit are immediately condemned as transphobic haters.

[Ron: Transexual rights propaganda, legislation and litigation is just the latest form of deliberately imposed dysfunctional personality, societal and community destroying cultural Marxist ideology being used by the Talmudic global control cabal to divide and conquer existing viable Western societies. The reason that it is sooo pervasive and successful is that it is part of a long term psychological divide and conquer policy implemented by Talmudic banksters and corporatists using their humongous quantities of ill-gotten wealth to control and corrupt governments, the MSM, and religious, educational and cultural systems and mechanisms in order to destroy the Christian culture, values, traditions and laws that have created and sustained the Western World for millennia. To create a centralised globalist One World Government which they intend to control, Talmudic banksters and corporatists have spent centuries undermining the Christian values that underpin Western civilisation. Political correctness, Identity Politics and LGBTQism represent the culmination of those policies. These intentions were spelt out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion well over a century ago. See eg:

Don't be fooled by rabbinical rhetoric about the Protocols being a forgery. It doesn't matter who wrote them because they accurately reflect what has obviously happened to gentile global society for at least the last 300 years. The need for this court case in the UK evidences the success of the Protocols' cultural divide and conquer tactics being employed by our covert Talmudic would-be Talmudic 'Masters of the Universe'. Believe it Pilgrims!].

ALSO ON RT.COMTransgender cop vs. disabled teenager: A courtroom drama for our time

Off-limits for debate

The authors of the Toolkit claim that it is the product of serious thought and expertise - but it's a product of political advocacy, put together by a self-selected group of national experts and people who identify as transgender. While their expertise is vaguely defined, what is certain is that in the current era, you don't need a lot of evidence to promote trans culture. That cause enjoys the support of significant sections of the [Ron: Marxist] political and cultural establishment, including numerous leading parliamentarians. Indeed, government policy-making relies on the advice of transgender advocacy groups. And as far as these groups are concerned these policy recommendations are the final word on the issue and are therefore not a legitimate subject for debate, - they are indeed, non-debatable.

Those who authored the Trans Toolkit are either unaware of the facts of life or they are totally indifferent to the anguish their policies will cause young, non-trans girls. Theirs is a higher cause - which is to alter the way people regard the meaning of biological sex - and trampling over the feelings of young children who did not sign up to their crusade is for them totally irrelevant.

[Colour fonts, bolding, underlining and comments in sqaure brackets added.].

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


‘No right to privacy from the opposite sex’: 13yo girl takes school trans inclusion rules to UK High Court -

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