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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 - 2:21:04 PM

Kobe Bryant Assassination ?
By Newsploy
Jan 29, 2020 - 3:14:23 AM

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Was Kobe Bryant just assassinated ? If so, why and who did it ?

By Newsploy Staff    January 27th 2020

We have just started our investigation into Kobe Bryant's tragic death, and already so many signs point to a murder. Consider all of these items taken as a whole, and make your mind up for yourself. These are listed in no particular order.

1. The recent Q Post 3794, dated Jan 23, 2020
The post talks about a State Funeral, these are not just for politicians, could be any celebrity deemed worthy of such an event. It will be interesting to see if a state funeral is authorized for Kobe Bryant. In this same post, Q has shared a link to the Death of Mr. Peanut, there is old video footage of Kobe riding in a car with a young person wearing a Mr. Peanut costume.

2. The Cartoon called "The Legends of Chamberlain Heights" Episode 8, Titled "End of Days." shows Kobe Bryant trapped and blown up in a helicopter crash, this was published on December 28, 2017. This seems to clearly be a case of predictive programming.

3. Kobe dies today 1-26-2020, add those numbers: 1+2+6+2+2 = 13 the Illuminati number, but there is more- the mainstream media says Kobe and 4 others died, but later the 4 changes to 9. 4 + 9 =13.

4. Kobe dies the day after, his scoring record is passed by Lebron James, who seems to be someone they are trying to promote to the masses, despite Lebron's limited public appeal. In fact Kobe's last tweet is congratulating Lebron, and this tweet can now be used to promote Lebron.

5. The helicopter has one of the highest safety records, in addition it is well cared for, most importantly where is the Pilot distress call? Anytime a plane or helicopter goes down with no distress call it is suspicious.

6. Firefighters at the scene, describe intense heat from Magnesium and the fires were difficult to extinguish. Oops they fail to explain- where in world did the Magnesium come from? Helicopters are made from composites, aluminum, steel, not much Magnesium there... what about an incendiary bomb to take out the engine? Eye Witness Video taken of the helicopter falling, shows a helicopter with no engine power, as the helicopter tumbles end-over-end to the ground then explodes; it is hard to view the video.

7. Kobe was accused by his wife of cheating with 105 women and of sexual assault, could there be a link between Kobe and Epstein? Interesting how the media is playing him up as a "family man" this may not be true. When a 1/2 a Billionaire dies lets see who files claims of a relationship with Kobe.

8. Kobe dies hours before the Grammy Award Show, filled with Illuminati symbols, the Grammy's are organizing a tribute to Kobe, well maybe they are organizing it a little too fast, in other words did they already have video ready; we will have to examine the nature and quality of their sudden tribute. Of course the Grammy ceremony is at the Los Angeles Staples Center, the exact venue Kobe played at for the Lakers.

9. Don't worry the FAA will investigate, don't hold your breath waiting for that, the role of the FAA is to cover up misdeeds and protect airframe manufacturers; 99% of FAA investigations end up as "pilot error" and dead pilots have difficulty defending themselves.

For now, we will start with these, but data is still coming in and we expect this list to grow. There are just way too many coincidences to believe that his is just some random tragedy. We need your help so please contact us at the email below if you have additional information.

Send News Tips to:



KOBE BRYANT Predictive Programming: Why did this video of his helicopter death ever get made ?

Posted on January 27, 2020 by State of the Nation

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