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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

It's OK To Be a Woman !
By Henry Makow with comments by Ron
Apr 24, 2019 - 6:22:35 PM

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Photo Credit: Flickr, Konstantin Sutyagin)

"Feminism has destroyed the things you most want, namely love, courtship, marriage and children."

There are no two ways about it. We are under satanic attack. Church burnings and bombings are just the external manifestations.Feminism is mental. It convinced women to be sexually promiscuous instead of consecrating themselves to husband and family.
The movement to "liberate" women has destroyed femininity and made real women rarer than hen's teeth. Sexual intercourse is the most intimate a man and woman can be. It should only happen in the context of a committed loving relationship. Otherwise, it is horribly degrading and dehumanizing.  Didn't realize it ? That's my point.
Sexual promiscuity has destroyed the thing we seek, REAL LOVE. Who did this to us? The Cabalist (Masonic Jewish) central bankerswho "corrupt in order to control."
Housewife-716x451.jpgCan there be in any doubt ? Feminism has made people miserable. It is socially destabilizing.  We are under massive occult attack.
Under incredible pressure to see the nuclear family with disfavour. Why did housewife and homemaker become dirty words? The people who cry "hate" are the true haters.
The inmates have taken over the asylum. We are being satanically possessed like a rabbit devoured by a large snake.
Here is an article encouraging young women to obey their feminine instincts. They must know they are under constant psychological satanic attack. We can't escape it unless we know it's happening.

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." Protocols of Zion 16-3
It's OK to be a Woman!
By Henry Makow PhD.
(from April 28, 2013)

"In Spring, a young man's thoughts turn to love" and so do a young woman's.

Like pretty daffodils poking their heads above matted leaves,  attractive young women are suddenly in evidence on neighborhood streets. They are usually alone and strike me as confused. They want male approval but are told men are evil.  Their instincts say, get married and have children but society tells them families are oppressive: "Get a career instead."

If I could talk to these young women, I would say this:

You have been betrayed by society which has gone over to the dark side. Feminism, a lesbian and occult ideology which denies gender differences, is poison for women. It has destroyed the things you most want and need, namely love, courtship and marriage.

Young men no longer think in terms of winning your friendship and love. They no longer need to marry or even commit to get sex. If you don't go to bed, another girl will. No more dates. No more flowers, dinners, dances and movies.

It's booze, bed and  "Good Bye."

"Women's rights" indeed.


Feminism was not a spontaneous, grassroots social phenomena. It was top-down elite social engineering i.e. behavior modification orchestrated using the mass media, government and education.  It was wholly sponsored by the Illuminati (satanist) central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

[Ron: See eg: Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society -].

Film producer, the late Aaron Russo was told this by the Rockfellers. Watch this video. The purpose is to undermine the family as the primary social institution so people will be dependent on government and corporations.

[Ron: It was also designed to almost double the paid employment workforce and the income taxation thereon. It also ensures that parents no longer have the time to raise their children and be their primary life educators. THAT function is now assumed by the state with its child care and schooling institutions.].

It is part of a larger plan to bring in a veiled totalitarian world government by dynamiting the four legs of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family. FEMINISM TARGETS FAMILY. The "war on terror" and 9-11 are other aspects of this elite agenda.

You are in the springtime of your life. Just as flowers blossom now, the years 18-26 are when you are at the height of your fertility and most attractive to males. This is the time when you must marry and have children if you want to be surrounded by loved ones when you are older. We are part of a natural cycle and we can't get a raincheck from nature.

So my message is: reject casual sex. Demand courtship and love. (If you don't have a strong exclusive connection with a man before sex, he certainly won't have time for you after the challenge is gone. )

Consecrate yourself for your future husband and children. If you belong to many men, it will be hard to ever belong to one. Concentrate on prospective marriage-minded males, usually a few years older than you. Don't waste your time on boys or nomads. You want a home builder. 

Do not compete with other women on the basis of sex. Let the sluts have the sex.  You are looking for a permanent lifetime commitment. Therefore cultivate the qualities and skills desirable in a wife and a mother.


(Satanists taught us to HATE the homemaker)
Essentially this is a willingness to sacrifice for the right man. (This will make him love you.) And the right man is someone you admire and love, who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and demonstrates his love for you.

[Ron: It is not possible to make others love you. Those who love others unconditionally will tend to call forth love from those they love. But that result cannot be demanded, required or expected. The ability to give love has to be self generated.].

Meanwhile, pursue a career as a second priority. You need to be independent in order to hold out for the right man. 

I also describe the dynamics of heterosexuality, the exchange of female power for male love, here.


Sexual intercourse is the most physically intimate you can be with another person so you must be emotionally intimate first. People think they can get intimacy with physical intimacy. It doesn't work that way. 

Our neo-pagan society has turned sex (and romance) into mystical religious experience and way of achieving salvation. This is because our society is secretly run by a sex cult, Freemasonry.  (What do you think obelisks like the Washington Monument represent?) 

Eckhardt Tolle was asked a question that illustrated how sex and romance have become our religion.

"I always thought that true enlightenment is not possible except through love in a relationship between a man and a woman. Isn't this what makes us whole again? How can one's life be fulfilled until that happens?"

[Ron: Surely true enlightenment comes froms from one's relationship to the Creator?].

Salvation !!?? Can you see how difficult it is to establish stable relationships if expectations are so high ?

No wonder many men find women unapproachable. Women hold the key to their salvation! It doesn't help that the culture is inflating women's egos--telling them they are goddesses. Despite their beauty, young women are just as ordinary as men.

Don't think in terms of salvation. Think in terms of what kind of life you want and what your needs are. Look for a compatible person who will fulfil your needs, and vice-versa. If two people come through for each other over the course of time, they will love each other.

Put the romantic stuff on the back burner. Usually, it is based on Hollywood nonsense and idealization. People aren't perfect and not worthy of adulation. They are all flawed and the good is a reward for putting up with the bad. 

In conclusion, you have been betrayed by society. Feminism is elite social engineering. Your choice is whether you want to participate in the natural life cycle, and grow and be fulfilled, or be another casualty of the elite war against gender and family.

Related"The Dying Art of Femininity"
Makow -  Feminism can be Cured if Detected Early
-----------How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women 

Reply From a Special Young Man:

Thanks Henry for writing a great article. I'm a 22 yr. old American guy who gets plenty of attention from women, but I wish I could pass out this article to every girl I've ever met. 

Even though it would probably mean that sex would be less available for me if these women would take this article's advice. I DON"T CARE ! , As strong as my desire to have sex with pretty girls is, it doesn't compare to the desire I have to truly Love a woman. The strongest desire I have in my heart has always been to find a girl that could unleash all the love that I have in my heart. 

Thankfully, it only takes one woman, and hopefully, she's reading this article right now.

New Reply from Lora:
It is ok to be a woman. It is ok to be a homemaker.
When I was young, I was what you would call today a slut. Nobody thought anything of it, nobody commented or judged. But I did get hurt and damaged by it. So desperate for someone's approval, so hungry for somebody's love, I fell in love with all the wrong men. This generation's men are mostly damaged goods too, not just women.
When I grew up, during the 80s, there was a long string of divorces by men in their 40s, who after reached the heights for their success, wanted a younger model. "She", the now wife of over 15 years, was frequently discarded like an old shoe, something to be embarrassed about. I noticed and so did many girls.
In your posts, you often discuss the importance of men taking leadership in a relationship. I have never ever experienced that. If I didn't do what was required and lead, nothing happened. Also, I am an intelligent, extremely well-educated woman with a wide range of interests. Most men are intimidated by it. Others just want another mother.
It is not after I became a proper Christian and after my divorce, that I heard some proper preaching or explanation about what relationships ought to be. Moreover, my father, who was at home with my mom and my sister, never ever sat me down to explain life to me. Not he or my mom talked to me what my worth is or what type of man I should be looking for, what to expect from a long term relationship and what to do when things get difficult.  
Somebody else was always more important or something bad was happening. We had long-term family issues, so I just grew up, the pretty, well behaved, good girl with very good reports at school and generally good success.  I wish somebody had talked to me. Would have saved me and my ex-husband a lot of grief. And maybe my fantastic kids could have their dad at home.
My now-husband, a much older man, talks to me, listens to me and explains things to me. I am 50-years-old now and we have been together for 8 years. It is with him that for the first time in my life I feel safe in a relationship. He will not leave me for some tart and he taught me how to talk things out. I learned with him how to apologise and make up. He gives me all the space I need and yet we are always together.
May the Lord forgive us women for our sins and help us how to do right by Him. May the Lord help us to forgive the hurts we have received. May the Lord deliver us from this satanic, Communist evil that has poisoned our collective minds. In Jesus Name Amen.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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