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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Oct 14, 2021 - 5:49:08 AM

Is the U.S. Justice System Taking a Back Seat to ‘Black Privilege?’
By Robert Bridge
Oct 14, 2021 - 3:47:31 AM

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With a court system more interested in the rights of criminals than the victims, the United States can expect the crime wave to continue unabated.

A recent school shooting in the United States indicates that the judicial system and the U.S. media are fully prepared to forgive and apologize for acts of violence - if they are carried out by minority groups.

On October 6, Timothy Simpkins, 18, shot four people inside of Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas following a reported altercation with another student. The very next day Simpkins, at the very same time one of his victims was in a coma following surgery, was out of jail after his family posted a $75,000 bond. That was just the first phase of the young Black man's smooth journey from being a school shooter to a freed man in less than 24 hours later.

After a lengthy manhunt across northern Texas, Simpkins was charged in court not with ‘attempted murder,' as might be expected in such a case, but rather with three counts of ‘aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.'

Aside from the leniency shown by the courts (Simpkins faces up to 20 years in prison, however, given the clemency that the U.S. justice system has been showing towards the perpetrators of such acts of violence, it is likely Simpkins will serve a mere fraction of that time, if any), the mainstream media presented a sympathetic portrait of the shooter, saying Simpkins was the victim of "bullying" at school.

"Timothy Simpkins went to live with his grandmother in an Arlington neighborhood where he excelled in school, aspired to be an engineer and enjoyed driving his Dodge Charger around town," the Dallas Morning News reported, quoting relatives and friends. "He fought back on Wednesday by pulling a handgun from his backpack and firing at his alleged attacker in an Arlington high school classroom. In addition to striking the 15-year-old who had just pummeled him, the bullets hit another student and a teacher who intervened to break up the fight, police said."

So here we have the media endorsing the story of an 18-year old being "pummeled" by a 15-year old "attacker," one Zacchaeus Selby, who was struck four times during the gunfire, and who was hospitalized in an induced coma.

When asked why he was being bullied at school, the family said because "he had nice things." Like, for example, the .45 caliber handgun that Simpkins pulled from his schoolbag and shot Selby with? Those sorts of "nice things?" When police went to Simpkin's home with a search warrant, they found more firearms. The media, however, never clarified what type of weapons and how many.

The question that must be asked after reading the media's apologetic explanation for the shooter's violent behavior is: ‘would the liberal mainstream media show the same sort of apologetic tone for a white student who had just shot four people in a school, leaving one in a coma'?

In these post-George Floyd, Black Lives Matter times, the answer to that question leans heavily towards ‘not a chance in hell.' In fact, the story of Timothy Simpkins has already vanished from all mainstream media sites. Had this been the story of a white teenager firing a gun in school, allegedly to protect himself from a much younger "attacker," the liberal media would never have given the shooter the benefit of the doubt. Instead, they'd have been running with the ‘white supremacist, let's rewrite the Second Amendment' narrative.

A very disturbing trend has emerged in the United States ever since Black Lives Matter and other activist organizations, flush with over one billion dollars in donations from Corporate America, commenced on a cross-country smash and burn campaign following the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer on May 25, 2020.

The activists, motivated to rage by the media script that asserts ‘all white people are racists (as opposed to the much more likely ‘police are overworked' narrative), enjoyed more than just cart blanche support from the usual suspects. They enjoyed - and continue to enjoy - a judicial system that has been largely ‘radicalized' by financiers like George Soros, who has been pay-rolling the elections of radical progressive attorney generals since at least 2016.

"Democratic mega-donor George Soros has directed his wealth into an under-the-radar 2016 campaign to advance one of the progressive movement's core goals - reshaping the American justice system," Politico reported back in 2016 when Black Lives Matter was just a flash in the pan. "The billionaire financier has channeled more than $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states over the past year - a sum that exceeds the total spent on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a handful of rival super-donors."

The result of that usurpation of the courts by radical leftists became painfully obvious last summer as progressive judges, in cahoots with Hollywood, which helped pay the bail of arrested BLM and Antifa activists, saw to it that criminals were released back onto the streets. This is what is known as "criminal reform" by the progressives and their lapdog media.

One such beneficiary of Soros cash is Kimberly Gardner, the prosecutor for the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The news program 60 Minutes summed up her work since entering office in 2017: "She went right to work. She stopped locking up non-violent offenders, dropped low level drug cases and ended cash bail - a system that hit Black citizens hardest. But less than a year into the job, her hopes of building trust in police suffered a setback..."

So how are those progressive reforms working out for the city of St. Louis? Basically the same as they are in liberal-run cities across the nation - horrendously.

In 2020, St. Louis recorded 262 murders, its worst rate in the past 50 years. Nationwide, 21,570 Americans lost their lives last year by homicide, the largest single-year increase in murders since the FBI began tracking crime statistics six decades ago.

The tragic reality is that with young Black men largely incentivized to carry out acts of violence by a defunct court system that is more interested in the rights of criminals than the victims, the United States can expect its current crime wave to continue unabated. And with the U.S. economy appearing to be headed for the abyss, this is news that will make any future economic downturn all the more unsightly and extremely dangerous. America must get its streets and courts back in order before it's too late.

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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