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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Sep 12, 2020 - 11:25:26 PM

Do Any Lives Actually Matter?
By Tim Kirby with comments by Ron
Sep 14, 2020 - 10:45:48 PM

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If there is one expression that has defined the political arguments of 2020 it is Black Lives Matter and its many derivatives like All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and so on. But why is this the case? There is something in these statements that is very powerful, political and deeply ideological. Something about this reasoning is very effective. So, let's take a look at its internal mechanics. When people scream Black Lives Matter what do they really mean and why this particular wording has dominated recent political discourse?

Image: Just what exactly would lives "mattering" look like?

A Utopian Statement and the Dangers of Utopian Thinking

The first question we should ask is at what point someone's life begins to matter to us. What does this "mattering" amount to? For something to matter to someone it has to be of enough importance to dedicate time/action/resources to it. If someone owns a dog (a non-human thus neutral entity to discuss) then providing it with food, time for interaction, and some degree of medical care would show that this dog's life matters to its owner. If someone just leaves their animal on a chain outside in winter, throwing it the occasional rotting loaf of bread, then it would seem to not matter very much. Then again perhaps compared to being abandoned in the woods life on the chain might not be so bad for it.

But if we look beyond the individual dog owner, then all the millions of dogs in far off lands that live very well or conversely are eaten for meat do not matter because there is no means by which one could possibly somehow be supportive of all canines around the globe.

The dog owner could delude himself into thinking that by sharing videos about the evils of that dog meat festival he is somehow caring for all of man's best friends planetwide. Perhaps hitting "share" is more than doing nothing, but anything seems massive when compared to absolute zero. The dog owner can provide care for his dog which is within the scope of his direct influence, he simply cannot exert concerned action across the entire Earth's dog population.

[Ron: Arguably whether anyone or anything "matters" to us depends on the contend and meaning of the thought expressed and the amount of emotion invested in it. Matter manifests as a result of thought because the cosmos is an expression of Mind. Without mind nothing can exist. Mind energy radiates everywhere. It penetrates and permeates and IS everything. In that sense everything has a level of consciousness. But although everything in Creation is manifested and sustained by Mind, not everything is a medium for thought manifestation.

Not everything can think. Rocks, trees, schrubs and flowers etc have an element of consciousness but arguably they do not think. In order to think a thing has to have a dynamic connection to the mind of the Creator so that it can receive and interpret the conscious energies coming from the Creator. Animals have varying degrees of consciousness depending on their level of energetic physical development. Some higher animals like elephants, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs and horses can develop the consciousness levels attainable by humans. See eg: The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived - A True Story -

The human body is a collection of energies that are the result of thought. Similarly, all human experiences in the physical are the result of thought and so our world is created by our thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and emotions of others. The aggregation of those thoughts also creates a morphogenetic planetary mind that influences us all.


Ensouled human beings (HUmans) have “brain receptors” in the head, heart and gut which are capable of interpreting signals coming from their indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness and other spirit beings.

The quality of mind exhibited by a HUman is generally influenced by the degree of active DNA connections the individual has because DNA serves as a connecting bridge between the level of physical existence and the non-local level of Mind.

But higher DNA connection levels are no guarantee of right thinking and positive thought manifestation. Why? Because humans have been gifted with free will, namely the ability to choose or reject Creation and the gift of eternal life. The exercise of free will enables us to make inappropriate choices which is what causes the misery and chaos evident in our world. Presumably most inappropriate choices are mistakes due to ignorance and that is why HUmans need myriad incarnations to increase their understanding of life, the universe and everything so that they can begin to ‘fly right’.

However, free will also enables humans to choose to reject the Creator’s gift of eternal life and some do.

Arguably the degree to which something "matters" to an individual depends on the emotional weight s/he places on a thought about it.

Asserting that a certein category of lives matter does not automatically imply that one can or should exert physical effort or influence to universally implement or validate that assertion. BUT, as this cosmos is created by energetic vibrations emanating from MIND, if the assertion genuinely reflects the thinker's state of mind and heart, the thought expressed wlll influence planetary consciousness, ie the morphogenetic field that creates our reality. Zen Gardner rightly says:

'Language shared is clearly consciousness at work. This is our current fundamental method of communication. Perhaps general telepathy is on the horizon, but for now words backed by intention and no doubt other influences is how we understand communication.

Whichever, it only stands to reason that the greater the body of consciousness manifested, the greater the effect on the present, and hence the future. In the words of Roger Nelson, founder of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from his book Quantum Mind p. 57;

My own ‘model’ is that consciousness or mind is the source or seat of a non-local, active information field (this is not a standard, well defined physical construct).  Such fields interact, usually with random phase relationship and no detectable product.  When some or many consciousness (information) fields are driven in common, or for whatever reason become coherent and resonant, they interact in phase, and create a new, highly structured information field… that becomes the source of the effects we measure.¹...

Morphic Resonance and Quantum Physics

Taking this field changing empowerment even further, morphic field theory is the “discovery” (coming into consciousness) that there’s a dynamic at work akin to the concept of non-separability and total connectivity that quantum physics has discovered. Reminiscent of Plato’s Theory of Forms, these interactive force fields give form to not just plants, animals, crystals, planets and the like, but to behavioral and social patterns. This is similar to the evolving informational field concept described above but even more profound. It is much like  Carl Jung’s collective unconscious understanding, but even broader while on a somewhat more so-called “scientific” footing.'
(Intentionally Shifting the Mystic Morphic Field...

The “Hypothesis” of Morphic Fields

The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are morphic fields.

Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.

Pretty amazing..

Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits.²'

Intentionally Shifting the Mystic Morphic Field

Although we interact daily with the physical world we live in our thoughts, our minds, our own mental space. Our external world is essentially a manifestation and medium for the expression of our inner, mental world. So, as we think we become, because we live in our own unique mental landscape shaped by our own perceptions and understandings. But our mental landscape is not a closed isolated system. Expressions of the thoughts of others that are allowed to enter our mental world can and do help to shape its manifestation. The degree of that shaping depends on the extent of our awareness and conscious choices. Our thoughts are also influenced by the global genetic mind that has developed over aeons; as well as the thoughts of those around us.

However, as Thoth and others have said, because of our ever growing and expanding awareness, ensouled humans are on the brink of taking a qualitative leap in thinking that will lead to discovering the components for manifestation stored within our hologram. This will result in a quantum leap in consciousness. Arguably that leap in consciousness could enable us to become 'one with others' such that, for instance, all lives really would matter to us. As all lives DO matter to the Creator and we are on a journey to become like the Creator, that is the outcome we seek.].

One could argue that the above example doesn't apply because governments can have influence over the lives of their subjects universally. The State can and does have vastly more power, wealth, resources and the ability to change lives than any one individual.

[Ron: Governments and States are NOT living beings. They are merely words we use to refer to aggregations of people. Governments and States are organised and controlled by ndividual people. Those controllers usually influence what the aggregation of people they govern think and feel. Arguably though, only each individual HUman has the ability to change his/her perceptions and manifestations. Government and State mechanisms can only exert the external pressure that changes the physical and psychological circumstances in which people live but ordinarily each individual retains the ability to change his/her life.].

So can a massive entity like the U.S. government with its millions of employed minds in theory make every dog's life matter?

[Ron: ALL lives "matter" because they are created by God who loves all of Creation. Moreover, Millions of minds focussed in unison CAN change physical and psychological manifestations in our world.].

Apparently not, because all the efforts made by the government to solve problems x, y, and z, although they may improve the situation, never truly solve them. There has never been a moment in human existence where the U.S. government was able to care for every member of a certain group to the extent that a pet owner looks after their furry friend. Governments try to solve problems with law, bureaucracy and some occasional carrots and sticks. These are Technocratic Approaches which on their surface show some level of concern for a specific issue. But has any law ever proven beyond a reasonable doubt that XXX Lives Matter?

[Ron: This viewpoint is naive in that it should be obvious that IF the lives of many Black people in the US have not improved when governments have constantly asserted for the last 50 years that they intended to improve them, it is because the politicians and bureaucrats making those assertions were lying and they did not intend to make Black lives under their jurisdiction better. For instance it is obvious that welfare laws making Blacks dependent on government handouts for survival are NOT in the best interests of recipients whose interests would be much better served by provision of jobs and legislation enabling fathers to LIVE WITH their children and their mothers.].

It is impossible for all lives of any large group to matter, it is not the way our minds or government works. As the quantity of faces grows in any group their names start to fade and they blur into a statistical mass. This is where the whole "One man's death is a tragedy..." logic comes from.

[Ron: WHY does this author quote a genocidal mass murdering Bolshevik to make his case? Bolsheviks murdered 66 million Russian Christians so of course the lives of those people didn't "matter" to the Bolsheviks. Arguably though, most HUmans aren't mass murdering genocidal Bolsheviks.].

This means that the belief in XXX Lives Matter is a Utopian belief.

[Ron: NO it isn't! It is a God-centric belief. A Christed belief, since it accords with the loving concern of the Creator for ALL of Creation and especially for HUmans who are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness.].

It is impossible for all lives of a certain group to matter due to the massiveness of the scope and debatable nature of the definition of "matters" as stated above. Thus, to believe in this line of thinking means the believer is confident that either...

  • Utopian Heaven-on-Earth style goals are achievable via protesting/activism/government.
  • The impossibility of this demand is a means of delegitimizing the regime in power.

Firstly, Utopian thinking sounds like another word for good-hearted optimism or hopefulness for the future, but it has a dark side. When one is sure that paradise can be achieved on Earth, [Ron: Which is a demonic Talmudic idea that has been proliferated via sub-ideologies like Jacobinism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism etc] then any barriers in the way of progress towards perfection can and must be crushed. You have to crack a few eggs to make a Utopian omelette. The French Revolutionaries, were sure that if they just got rid of the nobility everything would work out, The Russian Revolutionaries were sure that if they deleted the Kulaks from history then a Communist Utopia would start, and we all Know what Nazi Germany's "Final Solution" entailed.

[Ron: NO we don't Know about the "Final Solution" because there was NO "Final Solution"; that is a fabrication, A LIE; a deliberate Jewish BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation designed to bring about the enslavment if not the genocide of all ethnic Germans. See eg: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE II -

And: Pdf: “Iron Curtain Over America-- John Beaty” -].

When we believe in an impossibly idyllic state of existence we can often fall prey to Extremism as a means to achieve it.

[Ron: This author assumes his conclusion.].

Regarding the second point, if we look at the demands of Color Revolutionaries they are always vague. They usually revolve around freedom or ending repression or something else that is abstract and hard to measure. Somehow in the country that Washinton does not like X situation is happening and must be resolved, the current regime is the cause of X or cannot stop it and must be removed so this X issue can be settled. The key to this equation is making X impossible like giving everyone freedom or convincing a group of millions that their lives will matter, all you need to do is get in a new leader by hook or by crook.

Image: Street violence may determine whose lives actually matter.

Conflicting Statements vie for Dominance

If we shift away from Utopian thought to the perspective of straight bigotry then the picture looks very different. When one wears a T-shirt that says XXX Lives Matter, regardless of what is going on in the individual's subconscious, what they are demanding is in effect preference for their favoured group. If a group is actually in danger or is repressed does not matter, the individual activist believes that this group's plight deserves preferential attention in the media and government. This means that any of these sorts of statements could be an assertion of dominance. If XXX Lives Matter then YYY and ZZZ Lives are of less importance and do not need to be discussed or pandered to in Washington.

[Ron: Claiming that the lives of a specific group of entities "matters" does not necessarily imply that other lives are of lesser importance or do not matter.].

Furthermore, when one screams that certain lives matter they are trying to assert a dominant narrative. When someone says Black Lives Matter this ranges from a firm belief that Blacks in America are not living the American Dream on equal footing to a full-blown Cultural Marxist view that Blacks are inherently the victims of some sort of colonial racial hierarchy. When someone in their MAGA hat yells out that Blue Lives Matter they are basically saying that they are a Statist and the State is good. This person despite their "Don't Tread on Me" and "Taxation is Theft" bumper stickers believes deep down that the authorities that rule over them are not only good but generally benevolent and that you should just submit to power like they do. These two examples are derived from very different narratives about what has and is happening in America.

[Ron: These assumptions are not rationally supportable. It is possible and even probably that most people who say 'Black Lives Matter' also think that ALL lives matter.].

It Cannot Be Denied

XXX Lives Matter also functions as an "if-then" statement. If Black Lives Matter then you must pursue some Radical Leftist agenda, hate Trump and knock over statues. If Blue Lives Matter then you must always stand for the national anthem, vote Trump and side with the police even when a Black man in handcuffs winds up bleeding out from bullet holes in the gutter.

Essentially, the conclusions that one should draw from these statements has already been worked out and is not up for discussion. Any form of rejection or questioning of the "then" part of this if-then statement means that you are against XXX group. It is the classic "if you don't agree with me you're a bad person" style reasoning which continues to win ideological battles deep into our 21st century.

As a lad of America's Rust Belt I would argue that the death of decent paying medium-skilled jobs especially those at factories are a core issue for race relations in my hometown. It was a lot easier to get along when Blacks and Whites went to factory jobs together, got the same salaries, had face-to-face interactions and felt stability in their lives. If Black Lives Matter why does employment rarely come up as an issue and if it does it is only in terms of "Affirmative Action" which only furthers racial stress?

That is because reasoned debate is not part of XXX Lives Mattering. Any attempt to sway away from the preconceived mainstream conclusion of this given social problem is pure heresy. My desire to see Blacks and Whites have the value of their lives improved through labor is probably racist. XXX Lives Matter cannot be denied or debated.

And the Ideological Weapon of the Year Award goes to...

Each type of XXX Lives Matter comes with it a deep seeded historical narrative and ideological worldview that is very often in conflict with one or more of its competitors and in many ways the street and political conflicts of America in 2020 will very much determine whose lives will actually matter in the upcoming decades. Whoever will scream the loudest will matter the most.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.



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