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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

Depravity Unlimited: From Hacking Vibrators to Sex Doll Brothels
By Lasha Darkmoon
Mar 19, 2017 - 8:32:49 PM

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Depravity Unlimited: From Hacking Vibrators to Sex Doll Brothels

This hacker could be spying on you in your bedroom
with mini-cameras and microphones concealed in your vibrator

Experts have warned that hackers can exploit security vulnerabilities in devices connected to the internet. Hacking a vibrator is now relatively easy. Which is not good news if you happen to be a woman who relies on these sex toys for fulfillment.

One of the great advantages of not using vibrators or dildos is this: you can rest secure in the knowledge that no sexual pervert with hacking skills is watching your every move on a remote computer. Which he can certainly do nowadays, given that the hacking technology is now available to allow someone to spy on your most intimate moments in the bedroom.

I almost fell out of chair when I read this in The Daily Mail a few days ago:

First there was the scandal of smart TVs apparently eavesdropping on their owners through built-in microphones. (See ‘They can now spy on you in your own house through your TV and make you crash your smart car.’)

And while that seems scary enough, the latest technological threat to our privacy is a lot more intimate.

A sex toy company was ordered to pay customers up to £6,120 ($7,550) each, after it used its remote-controlled gadgets to gather information about users’ habits in the bedroom.

The £115 ($145) We-Vibe 4 Plus, available from retailers including Ann Summers and Amazon, surreptitiously collected details including when and where owners used the device.

It also tracked minute-by-minute temperature changes, the settings users chose, and their email addresses.

[All this] information was being sent back to Standard Innovation, the sex toy’s Canadian manufacturer, without permission. The firm will pay a settlement of £2.4million ($3 million), including £6,120 ($7,550) to everyone who bought a We-Vibe 4 Plus and downloaded the app before September 26 last year. (See here)

I had no idea Canadian corporations had such a marked propensity for sexual voyeurism, implanting hidden cameras and microphones in their sex toys and then selling them to millions of sexually active women all over the world — without even a word of warning in the accompanying package.

They could have said something nice and user-friendly in their brochure. Like this, for example:

“Rest assured we are a highly respectable and socially responsible sex toy company whose raison d’être is to provide multiple orgasms to discerning customers through electronic means. We are nevertheless recording all your intimate moments for research purposes, such as your pulse rate, perspiration activity, temperature changes, and cardiovascular details, in order to enhance the value of our product for future generations of sex toy consumers.

If by chance you should suddenly find intimate pictures of yourself on internet porn sites without your prior permission, engaging in autoerotic activity in the privacy of your home, please don’t get alarmed. If furthermore you should become subject to blackmail demands from hackers, relax and try to make use of the full range of stress reduction techniques now available to the public. Do not on any account contact the police or complain about us. That’s not going to get you anywhere and it will only upset a lot of people, yourself included.  Just try to ignore all the hassle and get on with your life, OK?

Maximum discretion is advised at all times.”

Standard Innovation Corporation,
#330 -1130 Morrison Drive,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,

K2H 9N6

+01 (613) 828-6678

A court in the US has ordered the firm behind the We-Vibe smart dildo to payout $3 million (£2.4 million), after the device was found to be tracking intimate details of use by customers. Some sex toys, like the Lovense Max link up to an app which allows remote control.

Two anonymous females from Illinois, outraged at being spied upon during their most private moments, have taken successful legal action against the Canadian company that did the spying. The company, Standard Innovation, was forced to delete the erotic data it had collected. “Unbeknownst to its customers,” the complaint to the police read, “Standard Innovation designed We-Connect to collect and record highly intimate and sensitive data regarding customers’ personal We-Vibe use… to its servers in Canada.” Standard Innovation, which sells two different brands of orgasm generators, We-Vibe and Laid, said it took customer privacy “very seriously.”

‘”We have enhanced our privacy notice and increased app security,” it said in its defense, “and we continue to work with leading privacy and security experts to enhance the app.”

The Daily Mail goes on to report:

The privacy issue was uncovered at the DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas last year. Not only was the We-Vibe found to be relaying information back to Standard Innovation, but hackers could also break into the device remotely and activate it without the user’s permission.

One of the hackers, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Follower’, said: “The company that makes this vibrator … have over two million people using their devices. If you come back to the fact that we’re talking about people, unwanted activation of a vibrator is potentially sexual assault.”

The news follows earlier revelations about internet-enabled TVs apparently spying on their owners. Samsung came under fire over its voice-activated smart TVs, after its small print revealed they could record conversations and potentially send them to a third party.

Earlier this month, documents published by Wikileaks suggested the CIA was able to hack into smart TVs and turn them into listening posts.

In passing, we may mention the relatively new phrase “internet of things”. This refers to any number of household gadgets and devices in everyday use which are connected to the internet. Products range from smart cars and smart TVs to fridges, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, toasters, wall clocks, thermostats, baby monitors, printers.

Hackers and spooks can now watch you in your own living room
and overhear every private conversation you are having!

“Research firm Gartner predicts there will be 8.4 billion connected “things” in use in 2017, up 31 per cent from 2016. By 2020 this number could reach 20.4 billion, with smart TVs and digital set-top boxes the most popular consumer gadgets. While they are convenient, such gadgets can present an easy targets for hackers.”

In the documents that Wikileaks has just released there is even discussion about the CIA potentially being able to infect a vehicle control system. Presumably the goal would be to remotely take control of a vehicle and either spy on the occupants or kill them by driving into an obstacle at very high speed.

This is how they do it:


But we were talking about hacking vibrators, and so we must return now to the distasteful subject of sexual deviancy. I apologize in advance for any offense that might be given in the next section.

—  §  —

The last thing I want is to lecture people on masturbation and come across as a Mrs Grundy character, wagging a stern finger at those who indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. People are free to do as they please within the law. But does it follow from this that we should be forced to give our approval and endorsement to various forms of sexual depravity that the state has decided to make legal? Aren’t we free to wrinkle our noses and say, “Yuck!”

Don’t you want to vomit, for example, when you read on the internet about state-sanctioned “bestiality brothels” where dogs, pigs, sheep, and other domestic animals are available for sexual purposes, as I believe they are in Germany and Scandinavia?

As this is a family site where our comment moderator is a former nun — Sister Monica — these are matters on which I would prefer to remain silent. There are some areas of darkness I would prefer to avoid. Yet perhaps I can be forgiven for asking: Are there any limits to the sexual depravity that has descended upon our Western societies like a black cloud from Gehenna? How much lower do we need to sink into the cesspits of sexuality?

As I was putting the finishing touches to this article, I was shocked to open a newspaper and read about a sex doll brothel in Barcelona, the first of its kind in Europe. This is of course marginally better than bestiality brothels. But not much. I felt a bit sad. I said to myself: “Hey mister, what’s wrong with real women? Do you really have to be so grotty and pathetic that you need to make love to a lump of plastic?”

Okay, so here is this brothel in Spain. A guy rents an apartment in Barcelona and advertises the charms of his four polymer princesses: ravishingly beautiful life-size dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer, a polymer renowned for its fleshlike softness. No human woman can possibly achieve such breathless perfection as these four “Lumidolls”, as they are called: busty Katy from Europe, angelic Lily from Asia, sultry Aki from Japan, and torrid Leiza from Africa. Appointments with these inanimate objects posing as women are available at the going rate of roughly $113 per hour.

“After choosing their plastic partners, clients meet them in a candle-lit room.

Clients can listen to music or watch erotic films on a large plasma television while they have alone time with the doll, RT News reports.

The sex dolls are unique, constructed of a thermoplastic elastomer with three orifices and flexible limbs for your pleasure. The brothel’s website strongly states that each doll is “thoroughly disinfected” after each use.

Sex doll brothels are not a new phenomenon. They are popular in China and Japan. I understand a sex doll can be ordered from ‘Room Service’ in certain hotels. She’s on the menu, so to speak. A porter brings her up to the room, wheeling her in on a trolley. A chambermaid unpacks her from her cardboard box, assembles her limbs, sticks on her head, arranges her wig and props her up in bed.

I’m not making this up. I was given a first-hand account of these practices by a Japanese student who had once worked in an Osaka hotel as a chambermaid. These “love hotels”, I was to learn, are known as rahuho, and the dolls can be rented by the hour. Regular customers are even allowed to take the elevator down to the hotel basement and check out the dolls in person, selecting their “sleeping partner” according to their fancy. (Here’s a picture of the dolls in their storage bunks)

But to get back to the sex doll brothel in Barcelona.

This is the first sex doll establishment in Europe. It’s never been done before in this part of the world, but this is what happens when multiculturalism becomes the norm. First you get sushi, then you get sex dolls.

Though the dolls in the Barcelona brothel are thoroughly disinfected after use, clients are discreetly advised to use a condom — just to be on the safe side, you understand.

Any takers? Maybe I shouldn’t ask. Because I don’t really want to hear the answer.

The latest news on the sex doll brothel in Barcelona is that it has encountered a temporary setback. This is what I read in the Independent (‘I’) newspaper, 16 March, 2015, p.3:

A brothel manned exclusively by sex dolls has been forced to move after just two weeks. The establishment in Barcelona, which charges 80 euros (£70 or $86) for 30 minutes with life-size dolls Katy, Lily, Aky or Niky, is looking for new premises after its landlord realized what was taking place in his flat and cancelled the rental contract.”

Leiza (African), Katy (European) and Aki (Japanese)

—  §  —

Now why, you might well ask, did I have to mention this sleazy sex doll brothel in Spain? And why did I rake up the even more distasteful subject of bestiality brothels in Germany and Scandinavia? This has nothing to do, you will say, with the hacking of vibrators. It is a totally unrelated topic.

Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong! All these subjects are very closely related. They all have one thing in common.

Hidden cameras and microphones!

Whoever enters those sleazy brothels, or makes use of those smart vibrators, will come under intense surveillance of some kind and become the perfect blackmail victim.

This is what it’s all about: getting the goods on you. Honeytrapping you. Making you hopelessly vulnerable to blackmail demands.

Once you’re their slave, you will be at their mercy. Having to do exactly what they want. And the higher you are up in the food chain, the more valuable you will be to them.

Just make sure you are not the President or Prime Minister of some great country.

ENDNOTE: To my knowledge, there are no hidden cameras implanted in vibrators at the present time. This is an Orwellian twist, an innovation that will be commonplace in the foreseeable future. I’m told they’re working on it right now. (LD)
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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.








58 thoughts on “Depravity Unlimited: From Hacking Vibrators to Sex Doll Brothels

  1. Dr Darkmoon has done it again, indulging her depraved taste for sexual sleaze and wallowing in the sewers of fear porn.

    I wouldn’t like to be one of those millions of women who make regular use of vibrators and dildos. This sort of article, however true and factual it is, will only serve to increase insecurity and sexual angst among female masturbators. They just won’t know what to do to feel safe in future. Many will turn, in despair, to primitive methods of self-pleasuring and cease to make use of modern techniques of sexual fulfillment.

    At one fell swoop, Darkmoon has dealt a savage blow to the sex toy industry. Shame on her!

  2. @ LD

    “To my knowledge, there are no hidden cameras implanted in vibrators at the present time. This is an Orwellian twist, an innovation that will be commonplace in the foreseeable future. I’m told they’re working on it right now.”

    Answer: don’t buy any vibrator manufactured in Tel Aviv.

  3. Deviants. It would appear even non kosher pervs are kosher. they are, in a sense, “coming” to get you!

  4. According to this BBC article, heterosexuality is a relatively recent “invention.”

    waiting for discovery of a 12 foot fossilized dildo used by dinosaurs (vibrosaur?) for procreation before heterosexual deviance took root.

    Maw, why can’t I be normal like other tinkerbells in my class?

  5. This is just speculation. But perhaps feminists, so many of whom are fat, tattooed, demanding, and hate men anyway, are not at all appetizing to men. What normal man would want to date them or have sex with them? There are not enough good, traditional women to go around any more. Is homosexuality increasing due to feminism? In any case, it’s no wonder that many men have rejected relationships and gone MGTOW.

  6. It’s interesting to talk about the sexual blackmail angle regarding politicians. It didn’t work on President Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia. Apparently on his first trip to Moscow in the 1950’s he was photographed by the KGB making love to an assortment of Russian ladies. Upon being confronted with the “evidence” he laughed and asked if he could have some copies to show his friends!
    Even the CIA got into the act and one of their agents spiked his water with LSD, prior to his delivery of a speech to a mass audience in Jakarta. It inspired him and he delivered one of the most electrifying speeches of his career.

  7. Is it normal to have sex with objects, whether they contain hidden cameras and mics or not? You could not pay me enough to use such a device (vibrators, etc.) – not even once. I would feel such shame and self-disgust. I would sooner spend an evening with Bill Clinton (so long as he doesn’t need viagra – another sad invention).

    1. @Wyandotte – Your comment about viagra being “another sad invention” is interesting, but doesn’t get to the reason why so many middle aged and older men need it. Briefly, circumcision keratinizes (thickens) the glans of the male penis due to constant exposure. It turns the glans from its design as a moist internal organ into a dried out constantly exposed one. So, eventually, it loses most of its feeling. Hence, erections become difficult to maintain for many older cut men. Intact men seldom suffer from such problems. Most of the viagra in the world is purchased in two countries – The USA and Israel, where most of the men, and nearly all of the Jews, were mutilated as innocent babies. Its demonic effect on society, after thousands of years, still remains largely unstudied.

      1. I have heard those ideas, and I cannnot disagree. Nature knows best. I wonder why only the English-speaking countries (not continental Europe) bought the whole B.S. circumcision argument. Any opinions?

      2. You forget that all Muslim men (that is half of the 1,7 BILLION Muslims) are also circumcised.

  8. now you know the real reason why the tranny police official in san francisco is getting rich in the dildo business.
    most men would prefer real women but for a lot of them, for one reason or another, real women are just not available.
    that’s why there’s jerkofography and prostitution.
    of course before the great religious imposition of fake morals prostitution was once considered an honorable and useful profession.
    no reason why it shouldn’t be, except that a lot of witch doctors fear they might lose control of their big psy-op power structure if they lose control of their subjects’ sexuality, or at least the so-called guilt trip attached.
    bring the prostitutes into prisons and let the well behaved inmates have a little relief and dignity.
    this advanced deviance is all the eventual result of the great commodification of human sexuality, that got its start the same day women got the right to say no.
    ever since that happened – you’re going to have to make a deal for it of one kind or another.
    some call it marriage.
    not saying they shouldn’t have it, but who gave women the right to say no?
    who’s been working them ever since?
    isn’t it curious how religious people, from the lower levels of the pyramid, rail perversion at others but can’t see the same phenomena going on in their own organizations?


  9. We’re living in the last stage of the Kali Yuga. No point crying over spilled milk. Better that we in our own small circles foster values that will survive into the next cycle.

      1. On this earth the poor (and the demons) will always be with us..
        I forget who, but someone pretty smart said that.

    1. Well said, Karen.

      But my understanding is that believe it or not we are almost 1,000 years out of the Kali yuga according to some schools of thought.

      Therefore I’d call this present time the beginning stage of the Dwapara Yuga, for what it’s worth

  10. ok then. you didn’t want to see the link.
    the catholic church is way into cross dressing.
    anybody who wants to see the truth – search out the ‘vatican mass’ and get a load of the transvestites in their frilly pink outfits up on stage rapping their cannibalism.
    it’s a cult man. a pretty strange one too.
    see it for what it is and get past it.
    refocus tour reverence on the planet.

    1. Bark-

      “hey pat — who did 9-11?”

      I dunno…. Do you..??

      Trump Towers may have too much asbestos also. :)

  11. @Wyandotte – Thanks for responding. For the last few years, I’ve studied male genital cutting (MGC) pretty intently. It’s interesting why continental Europe rejected the Jewish blood rite. Perhaps a chilling column from creepy Jewish talk show host Dennis Prager entitled “What Does Judeo-Christian Mean” (Jewish World Review, 3-30-2004) helps explain it. Per Prager, “The USA is the only country IN HISTORY to have defined itself as Judeo-Christian.” That, to me, is quite an interesting statement. The article doesn’t mention circumcision, but Prager is quite open in the article about “the chosenness of the Jews which America identified with.” Prager is happy that Americans “believe in the moral worthiness of dying to liberate countries,” and “in protecting two little countries threatened with extinction, Israel and Taiwan.” He says much more, and it’s easy to google.

    True, other English speaking countries fell under the spell of MGC, but all besides the USA have now basically rejected it. The UK, for example, now has a circ rate among white babies of only 1-2%. At one point in the ’70’s the US rate was up to about 90%. Although it’s fallen some in recent years, most estimates still place the overall rate at around 55-60%. Most who despair over the scourge of Jewish dominance in the US still fail to consider the power that Jews hold over us through circumcision. Circumcision for gentiles is a mark of slavery. We will never be free of our Jewish supremacists until we completely cast off the yoke of circumcision.

    1. hey, Folly-Of-War, it just struck me, why didn’t i catch this sooner, i who pride myself on spotting the hidden patterns, the hidden gift of dyslexics.

      K1KES! (don’t complain, admin, this is somewhat important in an instructive way)

      when jews starting landing by the cubit at ellis island, instead of signing either their malodorous hebrew names or marking an “X”, they drew an “O” to avoid making the sign resembling a christian cross, an anathema that burns vampires, that is to say, judeovampires who by now have convinced zioprotestants to ditch the crucifix from their churches because moneychangers need to wear sunglasses in them.
      They affectionately called each other a K!ke, from yiddish “k!kel”, a “circle”)


      the “O” that is missing from G-D.

      1. Circumcision has been banned by Jesus Christ! A true christian does not circumcise ´in the flesh, but in the heart´, which means that he should be pure by heart!

        It is Protestantism that hailed the jews and their ways. The Reformation has been a coup by the synagogue of satan on christian – id est catholic – Europe. Protestantism was not about religion, is was about political power en greed.

        After the Riconquista in Spain and the expulsion of the jews – because they had aligned with the muslim rulers to subject the catholics in their own land! – the rich jews came to the Netherlands – Antwerp and Amsterdam – and from there to Britain. They brought with them all the money and the logistics of the slave trade, which had been their business for a long time. They bribed and subverted the aristocracy with their richnesses and so the northern elites broke away from the Church. And then many ordinary people followed without understanding the real issue. It were the protestant royals that started the 80-years War of Independance (!!) with catholic Spain.

        After the Reformation started the imperialism of Holland and Britain. And with imperialism came the slave trade, which was always forbidden by the Church!

        Since the Reformation, protestants have always been lackeys of the jews. They aligned with the synagogue against the Church and true Christianity. The French Revolution; the Religious Wars in Europe; the Russian Revolution; the Civil War in Spain; all these upheavals were organised by the synagogue and the protestant freemasons against the catholics; Roman or Orthodox.

        So why should’t lackeys accept the rituals of their masters: circumcision?

        The ugly truth with circumcision is that it inflicts a trauma in men that will never heal.
        Just google ‘psychological damage of cirumcision’ and you will find lots of chilling facts.

  12. @ Lasha

    An excellent article fashioned well to keep a person reading all the way to the punch line of blackmail.

    The educational benefits at Darkmoon are endless. Without Darkmoon, I would never have known that someone would pay $145.00 for a vibrator, that a vibrator could be connected to the internet, or that someone would pay over $100.00 per hour to sleep with a plastic person. With this new knowledge, I have realized other things.

    There is never a shortage of stupid people as verified by this new knowledge of prices and activities. In these cases, it is gratifying to know that we do not have to worry about these stupid people contributing to the future gene pools. I guess it’s not all bad.

    I have a little better understanding of why Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth instead of stupid people. As usual, he’s right again.

    Nefarious (((people))) wanting power over others have far more opportunities to take advantage of stupid people via blackmail than ever before. Technology at its best.

    A $145.00 vibrator must be very silent or listening in via a hack would be rather boring even for the worst hacker/corporate info gatherer, or spy.

    Maybe there are discounted models of the plastic women that could be used as a sex substitute for the rape-o-migrants to give some relief to the besieged women of Europe. Surely, some enterprising person could arrange for the government to pick up the tab for it as part of the migrant free food and housing programs. Copulating with a plastic woman could be made mandatory to get any other benefits. Opportunity knocks.

    1. Absolutely, Ungenius!

      My Darkmoon ‘app’ is adjacent to Drudge and Breitbart – but Darkmoon was the only one, yesterday, to post this invaluable and salacious reporting of dildo and sex-doll antics. (It’s good to be data-diverse!  )
      Now we have added ammunition for our stock of conversation topics, when talk becomes dull. Moreover, as you say, it could represent a commercial opportunity. :)

    2. @ Ungenius

      A superbly crafted comment. It covers all the ground, and adds much more. It’s about time Ungenius changed his name into something more accurate! :)

      There is one extremely controversial area of the Sex Doll theme, however, that Dr Darkmoon has failed to touch upon. Perhaps she is saving it up for another occasion. This is well worth considering in detail because it adds a teasing moral conundrum to sexual politics.

      This is the subject of Sex Doll Children.

      If there can be sex doll brothels featuring adult plastic women, surely it will only be a matter of time before someone suggests: why not sex doll brothels for pedophiles featuring plastic children?

      It will be argued plausibly: (1) That no actual children are harmed or exploited in this way, as they would be in real child brothels. (2) That this will be a useful safety valve or outlet for otherwise dangerous pedophiles, who will now exercise their sexual fantasies on plastic children and consequently lay off real children.

      I can’t say I like the idea. The whole idea is inherently repulsive. But I can’t help feeling it’s only a matter of time before this idea is taken seriously and becomes a matter for debate.

      By 2050 we could have brothels for pedophiles featuring pretty plastic doll children.

      1. Sardonicus –

        I have to believe the attractions are more of a psychological nature than a physical sort. Pedophiles must be attracted to exploiting the innocent rather than coupling themselves with the immature – in which case a filthy sex doll does not measure-up. Bad idea.

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I have to believe the attractions are more of a psychological nature than a physical sort. Pedophiles must be attracted to exploiting the innocent rather than coupling themselves with the immature – in which case a filthy sex doll does not measure-up.

        I’d like to agree with you, Gilbert, but in this case I cannot. Because what you are saying is contradicted by the evidence.

        You forget the prevalence of child pornography. The child sex doll is simply an accessory of child porn. If a pedophile is prepared to masturbate over the nude picture or porn video featuring a child, he is perfectly capable of wanting masturbatory sex with a child sex doll.

        Obviously he would prefer a real child, but a sex doll would do as a substitute.

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly
        @ Sardonicus

        Sardonicus, thanks for the compliment, but you have proven me as an amateur commenter with your Sex Doll Children and My Two Cents drives it home.

        Gilbert & Sardonicus, concerning your discussion about sex doll brothels for pedophiles, the pro and con comments associated with the link below from My Two Cents contains some very pertinent aspects. We should also keep in mind that there is an even darker abyss to pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children including torture, murder, and cannibalism. It is more widespread that normal people think as Pizzagate investigations have revealed. SRA of children is the ultimate blackmail tool.

        The only good thing I can think about sex doll brothels for pedophiles is that it would be a really good place to hone marksmanship skills with a scoped .308 at 100 to 400 yards, millstone at a distance. This may sound rather harsh, but understanding the true meaning of what Jesus said about those that harm children is important. Jesus said that they would be better off at the bottom of the sea with a millstone around their neck. Jesus did not mention their punishment in the afterlife, punishment here on earth was what he was talking about. Man punishes man here on earth, not God, contrary to what we have been brainwashed into believing. It has to do with the Second Commandment of loving your neighbor as thyself. If a person is not willing to defend their neighbor, including children, from harm by another and murder, they cannot fulfill the Second Commandment and might as well be jewish since they do not recognize the Second Commandment.

        @ My Two Cents

        You have out done your moniker. You should change it to “A Full Dollar.”

        Thanks for the link. I had no idea, but since jews rule most all western countries, I should not be surprised. Below is the direct link to the article with some excellent comments. Some of the comments get to the real problem, jews.

        “Finland nonprofit floats child sex dolls as treatment for pedophiles”

        The nonprofit is Sexpo Foundation. Without looking it up, there is no doubt that the foundation is jew infested.

  13. topical from ugly truth: Homosexuality Exploding Among Youth

    among the truly frightening stats:

    For instance, in Great Britain in 1991, 91 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds said they were “exclusively straight” (and only 4 percent “ever had homosexual sex”); by 2015 only 46 percent said the same (and 23 percent said they had experienced gay sex).

    Jew is a festering wound on human patient and the gangrene is spreading rapidly to the triumphal joy of the Unclean One.

    1. Sobering statistics, Lobro. However, I’m not sure we should accept these figures without caution. The source of the figures could be tainted, i.e., based on faux “Jewish” research designed to normalize homosexuality by suggesting that most young people are now waking up to the marvels of sexual diversity and same-sex relationships.

      1. I believe there are some university departments, especially those offering Sociology and Women Studies, where sexual experimentation is regarded as “cool” and trendy.

        A girl who refuses to jump into bed with her female tutor in feminism can be ostracized and even given a second-class degree for her sexual intransigence.

        The phrase “Christian feminist” is certainly an oxymoron.

      2. I agree that we must be cautious with jewish ‘statistics’ as the truth/facts
        are not important for the jews as we all know. We also must not write/talk
        too much about their’ statistics’ for not providing them unnecessary publicity
        and helping them with their disinformationschemes.

      3. Well, Ruth, there is no doubt the environment has changed. Even in my own world, I am acquainted with young men who have ‘come out of the closet’. Having a beautiful and socialite daughter has exposed me to a world I would not have been exposed to, earlier. It is nothing extraordinary for her to have ‘gay’ friends – especially among the late teen and early twenties age bracket. She has a couple of whom I am especially fond (perhaps only because they seem so devoted to my darling daughter), and who have stuck by her through some troublesome times. I am very kindly disposed toward them, and although we have not discussed things like sexual proclivities and designer fashions, I find them pleasant to converse with, and very informative.

      4. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying. Attitudes to homosexuality have certainly changed, and behavior has changed with it. But I just want to make two points.

        Firstly, most men have a far more indulgent attitude to lesbianism than to gay sex among men. They are even turned on by the idea of two gorgeous young woman having sex together, which we often see in movies. However, they don’t like to see two unattractive old hags going at it hammer and tongs. They find that yucky.

        Still more, most straight men don’t like to see two men at it, even if the men are young and attractive.

        This is a deep seated instinct.

  14. The second point I wanted to make is this. The state is absolutely wrong to force people to accept homosexual behavior as normal and to penalize individuals for “sexual discrimination” if they fail to condone such behavior.

    I refer to several cases where a hotel has been heavily fined for refusing to offer a room for the night to two gay men. The are not allowed to say, “We are Christian hoteliers, and it is against our moral principles to rent rooms to homosexuals.” They are forced to accept them against their wills.

    Similarly, a Christian baker was heavily fined for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, with words on the icing making it quite clear that this cake was for the wedding of Adam and Steve.

    To brand such good Christians as vicious “homophobes” and punish them with heavy fines and the threat of imprisonment is totally wrong.

    1. I certainly agree with you, and so would, I believe, the homosexual males with whom I am acquainted. Therein lies my benevolent disposition to their (poor) choice of personal preferences. The ones I know are NOT the stereo-typical “flamers”, but, rather, young men who have seemingly made a matter-of-fact choice rather than an overt rebellion against their parents’ lifestyle (friends of my own generation). Other than their choice of intimate partners, their political leanings are much like my own – conservative.

  15. Ruth,
    stats don’t affect the situation on the ground, no one goes gay because of the stats, though they may well be of self-congratulatory nature confirming jew’s success in destroying the world.

    that said, i was wrong about something, big time.
    all my life i assumed that homosexuality is chiseled into the genetic code and nothing can be done about it, even though i never harbored any grudge to the queers, never feared or loathed them, figuring they are what they are, if the nature (or God) made them that way, who am i to bitch.

    then a read some STATS that demolished that notion.
    basically, a survey whose inclusion criteria (and i know about design of surveys) were as follows:
    · pairs of identical male twins (in other words, genetically indistinguishable copies), such that
    · one of them is homosexual, but
    · the orientation of the other one is unknown to the researchers.

    at which point, the orientation of the opposite twin is revealed.
    now, i would have thought that if orientation is purely genetic, the correspondence would have been 100% since the other one is a confirmed homo.
    but … surprise: only 20% of the newly revealed counterparts were homosexual.
    this tells me beyond a shadow of doubt that the genetics plays a very minor part, if any.
    Moreover, that 20% is still higher than the population average, which tells me that the epigenetic environmental factors played a significant role, eg, family upbringing.

    so, in summary, the stats about the gay pandemic are likely to be true and moreover, they are testament to the power of jew’s corruption methods, his one true art, science and ideology.
    if half of white males are autistic, most of the remainder self-declared homos, then this spells the demographic suicide of the race.

    but let’s not assign blame solely on the males, given the quality of the women out there, many of them skanky brutes, fickle, harsh, demanding, egotistical, shallow, loud, crass, overbearing, narcissistic, deceitful, manipulative, slutty, treacherous … because jew attacks all the pressure points at once, this war campaign has been meticulously planned and executed from every conceivable angle to ensure that the white race is rendered sterile into its extinction.

    because it is the white race that is the bearer of christianity and the war is ultimately on the Christ.
    and being suicidal, the whites are deserting Christ in droves, driven to madness by conflicting signals and shocks of the cattle prod, so they blame their Savior and Redeemer instead of the weakness of their free will and faith (the two are by no means mutually exclusive – on the contrary).

  16. FollyOfWar-
    Wyandotte –

    You mentioned the questions surrounding circumcisions.

    Circumcisions are performed more heavily in countries influenced by the Medical Associations… mostlyy run by Pharisee-Jews.

    The populace believed their LIES, and still does… pertaining to…

    ….the carcinogenic action of SMEGMA..!!

    HIV has also been squeezed in there in the last 30 years… :)

    1. Thanks for your answer to why infant circ exists in western countries. But I still want to know for sure why only the English speaking really glommed onto it so enthusiastically. Surely the continental Europeans had medical associations, too?

      I do recall hearing someone say that Queen Victoria is to blame, because a doctor talked her into it – but the practice had aleady begun with the native English because of medical officers who had been posted to south Asia had good things to say about it (from contact with muslims).

      1. Wyandotte –

        “Surely the continental Europeans had medical associations, too?”

        Yes… mostly Pharisee-Jews. They like blood.

        That was my point…. when I wrote:

        “ – COUNTRIES – influenced by the Medical Associations… mostlyy run by Pharisee-Jews.”

        I included Europe there.

      2. Yes, Jews lie all the time, even in their sleep. The best cure for cancer is to kill all the jews who created it in the first place.

        On a lighter note, isn’t it funny that even the dildos are circumcised? What could be the explanation for that? Jewish Aesthetics or Jewish Chutzpah?

        Get thee to a Synagogue!

  17. The amazing thing about Darkmoon is that sometimes the article is so-so but the comments are fantastic. I just glanced at the smart dildo article above, but the comments on circumcision and homosexuality are awesome! Kudos to follyofwar and Ruth!

    1. @ David Chu

      The amazing thing about Darkmoon is that sometimes the article is so-so but the comments are fantastic.

      Garbage! I challenge any commenter here who thinks he has written a comment so “fantastic” that it makes the article look “so-so” and mediocre to send his fantastic comment to a good website and demand publication.

      For example, you could try the Truthseeker site and see if they accept your “fantatic” comment for publication.

      Good luck to you!

      The best comments here are only footnotes to the article they comment on. They can be no more. Please don’t get delusions of grandeur.

      1. Mr Chu,

        There is not a single comment here that can be compared to the article for sheer readability and overall literary excellence. If there is, I challenge you to name and get it published on the Truthseeker site! :)

      2. Sardonicus,

        Don’t forget there are quite a few high-quality comments here which we have turned into feature articles, and some of these have been picked up by other websites, including Truthseeker. There are also many excellent short comments, but these are too short to qualify for publication as full-length articles. Some of the best comments here consist of a single paragraph, a snippet of no more than 5-6 lines.

        Personally, I prefer the short comments to the long ones.

  18. The makers of the We-Vibe, a line of vibrators that can be paired with an app for remote-controlled use, have reached a $3.75 million class action settlement with users following allegations that the company was collecting data on when and how the sex toy was used.

    An estimated 300,000 people bought Bluetooth-enabled WeVibes, according to court documents, and about 100,000 of them used the app.

    Under the terms of the settlement, anyone who bought an app-enabled vibrator can receive up to $199 dollars; anyone who actually connected it to the app can collect up to $10,000. The actual amount paid out will depend on how many people file claims; the company estimates people who bought the app will get around $40, and people who used the app around $500.

    1. Anybody degenerate enough to use a g.d. vibrator instead of having normal sex deserves all the trouble they get – and then some. How did our ancestors get by without these things? Didn’t somebody here say we are at the end of the Kali Yuga? I thought at first that was an exaggeration but now I wonder.

      I would not be surprised if there is an enhanced model which is Skype-enabled.


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Men don’t arch their backs, or why Russians reject “Western values” by Scott Humor Updated. See:

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