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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

A Nation Of Bastards
By Tim Froehlke with comments by Ron
Dec 16, 2018 - 5:12:57 PM

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Historically the word "bastard" meant someone whose parents were not married.  But even more than just the marital status of one's parents, the word also carried with it an implication of defective character that was attributable to such an inauspicious beginning.

One might imagine that without the provision, protection, instruction, and correction of a father, children (boys in particular) would find harsh instruction from the world, like a child  thrown into a swimming pool trying to learn how to swim.

Being thrown into the social world with little instruction can lead a child to develop a jungle-type survival skill set.  Often the skills children develop are how to use people to get what you want or what to do to feel good.  Those who are more capable or lucky learn how to manipulate others and indulge themselves without ending up in jail.  Others never quite get the hang of how to function without attracting the attention of the police.

The statistics are clear:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
  • 70% of juveniles in criminal detention are from fatherless homes.

The relationship between fatherlessness and imprisonment suggests an importance to fatherhood not often fully appreciated.  The impact of fatherless homes should have been alarming 50 years ago.  Today a 40% rate (80% in many black communities) indicates a society irreparably damaged. If we consider historical events that contributed to this phenomenon, we can identify three main ones:

1.  The specialized and collectivized work of the industrial age took fathers out of the home.
2.   Compulsory public education took children out of the home.
3.   Feminism took women out of the home.

[Ron: These changes  didn't just "happen" they were organised and imposed on Anglo-US societies. THAT issue needs to be addressed along with analysis of WHO effected the changes and the reasons they were implemented. The effects of the changes and other massive influences also need detailed consideration in order to understand the current situation and what needs to be done to improve outcomes.

Other major and somewhat more recent and direct contributors to the fatherless home phenomenon are:

First, the effects of the fractional reserve banking system and its usury which impoverishes the general population and increases family stress and breakups.

Second, unlawful income and other taxation which reinforces strident feminism by forcing both parents to seek paid employment outside the home while enabling governments to inappropriately assume parental responsibilities in relation to early child care and  education.

Third, government use of income and other taxation to redistribute wealth from employed workers to unemployed workers, single mothers and others.

Some discussion:

Removal of fathers from family life has been deliberately fostered by governments. It is a natural progression from the atomisation that free range serfdom fostered followed the destruction of the feudal land tenure system and chattel slavery. See eg: The Matrix, the Srawman and WHO you are -

It is a mistake to assume that any aspect of the dystopia in which we live is an unintentionl consequence of well intention but igorant decisions by governments and those who control governments. It isn't. Fatherless families are a deliberate consequence of many political, judicial, economic and social policies designed to destroy  family life, social cohesion, community morale and personal morality. Those policies have been covertly pursued for generations by a covert cabal of banksters and corporatists (the 'global matrix controllers') who have funded and fomentied social and political destabilisation, terrorism and wars, including the American Civil War, WWI and WWII, and many others. See eg: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -

Once the global matrix controllers had isolated Western families from their feudal communities and turned them into free range serfs they began to systematically impoverish them so that stress would cause conflict and family disintegration.

Apart from warfare and periodic bankster created "Recessions" and "Depressions" the bankster controllers have used the money meme to destabilise societies everywhere. For instance, in the US  the banksters have increased the enslavement of the general population by steadily deflating the value of "money, ie fiat debt notes issued by private commercial banks. This was done by the US Federal government granting a monopoly in relation to  the creation and distribution of "money" at interest (usury) to private corporations, ie private individuals whose identities remain concealed behind the so-called "corporate veil". This system results in "money" steadily reducing in purchasing power (value) a process that the banks exacerbate from time to time by creating excessive borrowing (booms) followed by restricting borrowing (busts). The effect is that people have to work harder and longer in an attempt to maintain their purchasing power, ie their standard of living. The excessive stress this usurious system creates forces both parents in families to seek paid employment outside the home.

The pressure created by the usurious banking system was increased by the government introducing personal income taxation (which is cosmically illegal, ie contrary to divine law - the energetic way in which Creation operates.). Income taxation was instituted in the US in 1913, in conjunction with the creation of the Federal Reserve (banking) System that creates the financial problems associated with usury and fractional reserve banking. Income taxation started at 1% in the US and is now about 30% or more for substantial income earners other than the truly wealthy who are able to avoid most taxation using lawyers and legal loopholes inserted in legislation by puppet legislators. The result is that governments, like the banks, have steadily taken more and more of the value of people's earnings from their personal exertions. At the same time as the purchasing power (value) of "money" has steadily decreased, Federal, State and local government taxation, licence fees etc have steadily increased. Governments justify increasing taxation of employed people by saying they must provide schooling for children and welfare payments and benefits to unemployed people, illegal immigrants and the sick and elderly.

However, unemployment is steadily increasing as robots, technology and electronic developments reduce the need for human labour. Governments pretend this is not a problem and instead of increasing their taxation of the rapidly increasing profits of corporations that own the robots and technologies, they reduce them. This means that increasingly governments cannot TAKE enough "money" in taxation and charges from those in employment, to adequately finance the life styles of the unemployed and others on 'welfare'. The resultant economic squeeze on provision of welfare payments and government service provision is justified as being necessary "austerity" although the incomes of politicians, government employees and the owners and shareholders of banks and corporations keep increasing strongly.

The net effect of banksters stealing from the community via usury and financial manipulation; AND governments stealing from workers and households via taxes, charges and license fees etc, while failing and refusing to properly tax corporate profits to ensure that the corporate owners of robots and technologies PAY adequate taxes, is that the middle class is disappearing and increasing numbers of workers are unemployed and dependant on shrinking government welfare provisions to live.

The decline in real full time employment is hidden in employment statistics by removing unemployed people from the statistics after a limited period; and classifying as employed, anyone having even an hour of paid work in a given week. Similarly, real productivity is masked, distorted and exagerated in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics by the continuing devalution of "money" due to so-called 'inflation' which just means that more fiat debt tokens are required to purchase the same quantity of goods and services previously purchased with fewer tokens because the notional value of money decreases due to its volume increasing in excess of actual productivity. In other words, although wages and prices increase, the actual volume and value of production doesn't rise commensuratly. For instance, one US dollar today has about the same purchasing power as one US cent did in 1913 when the Federal Reserve System (a Jew owned private banking monopoly) was given a free exclusive licence for "money" creation and its usurious distribution rights for the entire US.

This continuous currency devaluation, ie the automatic increase in the amount of fiat debt tokens required to buy goods and services, has to happen because of the nature if the fractional reserve system and usury.

Why?  Because to stop it collapsing, the existing criminally usurious "money" creation system MUST always create more and more "money" as the banksters only create it as a book entry loan that disappears when the loan is paid off. That money does not remain anywhere in the system. Moreover, the banks NEVER create any "money" to pay the interest they charge so there is always a shortage of money in "circulation" which necessarily causes regular bankruptcies and company liquidations. Why? Because that shortage of "money" in the system can only be overcome by the creation of more usurious loans which automatically exacerbate the problem. In effect the US fiat debt note "money" creation system is a PONZI scheme that must collapse once the debt load becomes unsustainable.

As a result of WWII which was created by the global matrix controllers, some married women were encouraged to work outside the home because of labour shortages. Subsequently Jewesses like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan (Bettye Naomi Goldstein) were used to create Talmudic Marxist Feminism to encourage women generally, to seek to work outside the home and even to seek paid employment instead of a family and children. That situation was reinforced by unlawful income and other Government taxation which increasingly forced both parents to seek paid employment outside the home. This was also designed to  enable governments to inappropriately assume parental responsibilities in relation to early child care and education which cultural Marxism uses to indoctrinate children and to reduce the involvement and influence of parents in the raising of children.

As this occurred governments used increases in income taxes and  other taxes and charges to redistribute wealth from employed workers to unemployed workers and single mothers. This was important for reasons of political control as welfare recipients become dependant on government handouts and vote for politicians who provide them. US governments have also encouraged the disconnection of fathers from families by encouraging the cultural Marxist denigration of white males in schools, universities and Hollywood films, and gross judicial favouritism towards mothers in divorces and custody disputes in which single mothers get family assets and maintenance payments from fathers without living with them. These policies are underpinned by provision of government welfare and other benefits to single mothers. Government policies in which the Police target black males and the courts excessively imprisoning them, has further removed black fathers from the home life of their children.].

People may debate the value of these dynamic forces, but most can agree that they are not going to be stopped much less reversed. Some may attempt to resist these forces by homeschooling or having a home business, but often face great difficulty.  The family of just 100 years ago had more in common with families throughout the ages and cultures than with the vestige that survives in modern life today.

[Ron: The reasons for the current situation are canvassed above. The fatalistic assertion that the alleged "dynamic forces"cannot be stopped or reversed is Talmudic propaganda, ie nonsense! There is nothing inevitable about what Talmudists and their cultural Marxism have done to the US nation and society. What has been done can be undone - and it will be, although many of those damaged by Talmudic educational and social engineering policies may not be able to change, the next generation certainly will. What is required is a complete removal of Talmudists from positions of power in US governance and in its judiciary, corporations and cultural institutions. President Trump and his Administration are currently doing that.].

It is not just illegitimacy that contributes to the bastardization of our country.  Divorce is also a contributing factor in fatherlessness.  There is also that which might be called "de-facto fatherlessness".  The father who resides with a family but is either absent for purposes of work or withdraws into the comfort of TV and alcohol also makes a contribution to fatherlessness.

[Ron: Excessive divorce rates are largely a result of Talmudic government policies. And "de-facto fatherlessness" is also a result of the excessive and unnecessary vocational, economic and social pressures placed on free range serf parents by inappropriate government policies.].

Paternal influence diminishes with limited time.   However, it almost vanishes when contrasted with the time allocated to the influence from teachers, friends, TV, and the Internet. Compounding this problem is that since this effect has been progressing for several generations, even if a father had the time to influence his children, he often has little to say because he is unaware of what is happening and why.

[Ron: Ignorance of truth and of what is actually happening must and will be addressed once the global matrix controllers have been removed.].

The disconnection of children from fathers often makes fathers less interested in the expense and effort to raise them.  Boys raised with decreasing paternal influence often grow to be even less interested in fatherhood.  It has been said that the cure for the disease of adolescence is parenthood.  The implication being that the responsibilities of caring for a child often force a turn away from the selfishness definitive of childhood.  A young man who grows up without seeing the selflessness of a father or benefiting from a father's correction and discipline often enters adulthood with amplified selfishness.

Like a wolf among sheep, a bastard may grow up thinking that since he has no father (or effectively has none), he has to get whatever he can from others by whatever means are necessary.  The word "bastardize" carries with it the connotation of adulteration.  In a way the young man with little paternal influence may be seen as having excessive contamination with selfishness.  This often plays out through the betrayal of trust.

Americans in particular are somewhat more vulnerable to the betrayal of trust, because we used to be a more Christian nation.  Christianity contributes stability to society in that trust is more easily extended.  A bastard can operate more effectively in societies where there is more trust.  In societies that have few Christians, there is a greater expectation of selfish motives.

We can see where in the past the term bastard used to be reserved for illegitimate children, it now is also applicable to a larger population in proportion to the decrease of paternal discipline, instruction, and correction.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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