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A Hero For Our Times
By The Irish Savant
Feb 13, 2020 - 3:19:44 AM

11 February 2020

A hero for our times





"You have always been an absolute legend but never, never ever more so than this week my friend,"

Who is this paragon attracting such acclaim? Had this latter-day Spartacus single-handedly taken out an enemy machine-gun nest? or dived into a freezing lake to rescue a drowning toddler? or maybe parachuted into Idlib to take ISIS to task over their intolerance for homosexuals? None of these things. The only thing Philip Schofield did to attract such acclaim was to announce on Daytime TV that he was gay. Gay in the sense that he likes to have his ass pounded by other men.

With that announcement he's become a messianic cultural figure whose coming out is ‘a day to celebrate and a massive moment for society in general'. But this isn't really about Schofield, it's more about the gay agenda. As Brendan O'Neill put it "Sensitivity, authenticity, bravery, good fashion sense, and a sacred place in popular culture, where every gay character is an unusually wise possessor of the secrets to life and happiness - this is the story of gayness now. "

But actually it's more than gayness as well. It's about creating a degraded and degenerate society. Listen to Lavrenti Beria, the former head of the NKVD, addressing a group of US communist students at Lenin University in 1953. "Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals ... by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation ... a population can be brought psychologically to heel..."

Ultimately that's what this is all about.

But going back to Schofield, one admirer solemnly proclaimed that "Everyone should be proud to live their own truth". In which case Schofield has been a total fraud because he hid that truth for 27 years. And why come out now? Well for a start it's obviously been a great career move. But it also seems that he's been in a sexual relationship with Mathew McGreevy, a young assistant on his show, since McGreevy was 18 and Schofield 51. But they've had a lovers' tiff and McGreevy was threatening to blow the whistle. Now you know.

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