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3.25.21: Oh MY! Is it REAL? Are we winning? So many theories! Let's DIVE IN!
By And We Know with comments by Ron
Apr 4, 2021 - 1:53:26 AM

This 39.55" video was published by And We Know on March 25, 2021:

Ron: There is a lot important information in this video. For instance from the 22' 30" to the 39'45" minute mark the commentator talks about new born babies being sheathed in plastic, ostensibly because of COVID. Then reference is made to the strange and incomprehensible, AT THE TIME, opening "show" to the 2012 London Olympics. See eg: The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

And: The CompleteLondon 2012 Opening Ceremony - London 2012 Olympic Games -

Question: 'Having regard to the creepy hospital bed scenes, how did the Olympics organisers KNOW about the COVID scamdemic back then? The Rothschilds hadn't even patented the "virus" in 2012. See the performance  from the 44 to 56 minute mark . The elbow bump at 44' and the appearance of the virus at 49'. And of course the doctors and nurses dancing as they don't have anything else to do; AND: "Always look on the bright side side of life." Although that advice is wearing a bit thin today with the continued COVID Police state lockdowns etc.

Absolutely more concerning though is what the bloke says at the 39' 40" mark. He notes that the swabs used to poke right up your nose to break the blood/brain barrier ARE COATED WITH ethylene oxide, allegedly to sterilise the swab, with ETHYLENE OXIDE. If you Google ethylene oxide it is said to be the biggest cancer causing chemical listed on Cancer Research. com. It's a carcinogen. It causes brain cancer. It caused lymphoma cancers. and leukemia. It's one of the worse chemicals for causing cancer.

Pilgrims! To be healthy ya hafta reject the demonic lie that we are all perpetually diseased unless we inject ourselves with endless toxic injections from the day we are born! Our God given immune systems are incredibly effective if not damaged by toxic THOUGHTS (our thoughts determine our physical health outcomes as well as our spiritual evolvement provided that we don't excessively ingest toxins from the air, water, food and drugs etc).

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