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Human/Animal Rights
Aug 17, 2017 - Enormous Basic Lies about Vaccination

Human/Animal Rights
Aug 17, 2017 - 4 Popular Companies Who Own The Medical Treatments For The Diseases Their Products Cause

True US History
Aug 15, 2017 - Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right Truthstream Media

Political Information
Aug 13, 2017 - Congressman Asks A Question About Weed And Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Drug War

If you want to know who profits from ruining lives and throwing marijuana users in cages, we need only look at who bribes (also known as lobbies) the politicians to keep the war on drugs alive. Below is a list of the top five industries who need you locked in a cage for possessing a plant in order to ensure their job security.

  1. Police Unions: Coming in as the number one contributor to politicians for their votes to lock you in a cage for a plant are the police themselves. They risk taking massive pay cuts and losing all their expensive militarized toys without the war on drugs.
  2. Private Prison Corporations: No surprise here. The corporatist prison lobby is constantly pushing for stricter laws to keep their stream of tax dollars flowing.
  3. Alcohol and Beer Companies: These giant corporations hate competition, so why not pay millions to keep a cheaper and far safer alcohol alternative off the market?
  4. Pharmaceutical Corporations: The hypocrisy of marijuana remaining a Schedule 1 drug, "No Medical Use Whatsoever," seems criminal when considering that pharmaceutical companies reproduce a chemical version of THC and can market and sell it as such. Ever hear of Marinol? Big pharma simply uses the force of the state to legislate out their competition; that happens to be nature.
  5. Prison Guard Unions: The prison guard unions are another group, so scared of losing their jobs, that they would rather see thousands of non-violent and morally innocent people thrown into cages than look for another job.

What does it say about a society who's resolute in enacting violence against their fellow human so they can have a job to go to in the morning?The person who wants to ingest a substance for medical or recreational reasons is not the criminal. However, the person that would kidnap, cage, or kill someone because they have a different lifestyle, is a villain on many fronts. - Matt Agorist

Ron: The above list of industries that have a vested interest in criminalising marihuana and hence hemp production barely scratches the surface. The medical industry has greatly benefited from preventing the medicinal use of marajuana as have cotton growers, steel manufacturers (see Henry Ford's car made from hemp - Henry Ford’s Suppressed Hemp Car And: Car parts made from hemp - ) and many others. When you think about it, almost everything we have is the result of oil. Clothing, food, homes, vehicles, transportation, electronics, household goods – all are currently dependent on oil, either in the manufacturing or transportation processes involved in their creation and/or distribution.

Extracting fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and to human health. Petroleum extracting and processing is a chemical-intensive, expensive process.  Hemp oil for fuel is simply a matter of growing, harvesting, and processing.

Petroleum-based plastics are not biodegradable. Hemp-based plastics are recyclable and biodegradable. Fuel for transportation can be replaced with hemp-based biofuels. Hemp fuel is clean, efficient, and if it spills it does not harm the environment, it is more like a fertilizer.

Everything, EVERYTHING, that petroleum does, hemp does. So why are farmers not allowed to grow hemp?  The reasons are obvious – big oil, pharma, timber, and chemical companies, the cancer cure industry and even car makers do not want to lose theirincome and/or investment assets. Similarly the military industrial complex justifies its existence with wars allegedly needed to steal oil resources from other nations.

Political Information
Aug 12, 2017 - Lying Australian press and the Vaxxed scandal

But the whole point of the film Vaxxed, and the whole point of what producer Polly Tommey was doing in Australia, impacts that Church—because the film reveals a “priest,” CDC researcher William Thompson, confessing that sacred doctrine has a giant hole in it. Thompson and his colleagues cooked data to make it seem the MMR vaccine is safe—and it isn’t safe. That’s the revelation.The Australian government doesn’t want citizens to know that. It doesn’t want ANY public conversation around the issue. It wants to push people into abject surrender. That’s why they canceled Polly Tommey’s visa and banned her from the country. That’s why they want to keep her out. - Jon Rappoport

Health and Nutrition
Aug 10, 2017 - Proof Surfaces Insurance Company Pays Massive Bonuses To Doctors For Vaccinating Babies

These types of practices by the medical establishment give rise to many questions. First, are doctors more concerned about earning their bonus than about children's health? That would explain why so many doctors are no longer taking families that do not vaccinate. Further, do doctors even care if the one-size-fits-all approach to vaccination is safe?

Aug 9, 2017 - List of Companies using Fetal Cells from Aborted Babies to Flavor. KNOWN TO SHARE!!!

Senomyx says its partners will provide funding for research and development, plus on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.

"What is hidden from the public who are using HEK 293 - human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce these receptors," said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, a pro-life organization and ethics which monitors the use and amount of aborted fetal material in medical and cosmetic products (per year).

Political Information
Aug 9, 2017 - Producer of film Vaxxed Banned from Australia

Jon Rappaport: Doctors, medical bureaucrats, and government officials in Australia are foaming at the mouth, releasing statements against Vaxxed and warning how "dangerous" the film is, and how it should not be shown and seen.

These Orwellian lunatics want to cancel the public's right to have access to information. "Don't think, obey."...

The content of Vaxxed is all about exposing the lies of official science.

Toxic vaccination is destroying the brains of babies and children. Whether you agree or disagree with that last statement, trying to outlaw conversation about it and intimidate people who want the conversation is sheer totalitarian madness.

Health and Nutrition
Aug 9, 2017 - Banker Tells Africans That GMOs Are Magic And Fairy Dust

Maybe Mr. Levin, with the help of some hand puppets, could explain to Africa that there are other, less ecologically damaging and more cost effective ways of feeding their nation. These options offer more yields and greater farmer independence. They require comparably smaller amounts of pesticides which are not sold by the same company offering the biotech seed.

Of course, these options are not publicly traded at this time, and some people may find those options less appealing. Or should I say "bad, bad, no, no" while waving my arms like an umpire at a softball little league game...

Health and Nutrition
Aug 9, 2017 - Global Crackdown On Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Kids Has Begun—Punishment And Fines Now A Reality

As a shift toward authoritarianism in Western governance finds civilians increasingly at the mercy of liberty-robbing laws, punitive (in)justice, and state control, our individual sovereignty as human beings and parents to decide whether or not children should be vaccinated might not be ours to make quite soon....Questions about the safety, efficacy, and possible long-term effects of immunizations in young children have spread faster than the epidemics vaccines prevent - particularly in the U.S., where a cleft divides the two inflexible stances, and neither seems keen on the slightest compromise.

Ron: This article appears to be subtle pro-vaccine propaganda. Please read it with great discernment.

Aug 5, 2017 - 5G Is An International Health Crisis In The Making

Health and Nutrition
Aug 3, 2017 - No Matter How Bad You Thought Big-Phama Was, This is Worse

Ron: Royal Raymond Rife solved the cancer problem and many others with harmonic vibrational theraphy almost a century ago. He was attacked by the US medical profession and put out of business and his magnificent Rife machine microscope inventions and medical results stolen. His work was suppressed and his laboratory was destroyed in order to ensure that the cancer cure industry could flourish and fleece millions of cancer victims. THAT corrupt suppression of his work is continuing. See eg: Royal Raymond Rife. See:

Royal Rife Documents. See:

New Historical Rife Documents. See:

Health – The Cancer Cure That Worked! -

Tony Cartalucci: In reality, it appears pharmaceutical corporations like Novartis are using charities like LLS to fund research and development that corporations themselves should be investing in. Instead, Novartis and others are poaching public and charity-funded research and breakthroughs, profiting from what is often decades of dedicated and difficult work.
Beyond LLS' partners, it receives millions of dollars annually from other donors ranging from businesses unrelated to the pharmaceutical industry, to fundraising events held nationwide, to families and individuals who have experienced cancer either themselves or through a family member or friend.
The research and breakthroughs LLS funds belong to all of its donors. How the work it funded has ended up in the hands of a single corporation, facing a mark up of anywhere between 15-30 times its cost during experimental trials demands scrutiny and a detailed explanation.

Political Information
Aug 1, 2017 - Puberty is beginning at 8, but is our sex-ed keeping up?

Health and Nutrition
Aug 1, 2017 - Chemotherapy Found to Activate Cancer Tumor Growth Mechanism in the Body

Chemotherapy gives people the false impression of "curing" the disease. Unfortunately, this is only half of the story. While shrinking primary tumors for some patients in the short term, chemotherapy drugs trigger a mechanism in the body which allows cancer cells to grow back faster and stronger. Most patients receiving chemotherapy are basically trading one cancer for another deadlier form of the disease. Yet, chemotherapy remains the go-to treatment.... While being no stranger to multi-billion-dollar fines for malpractice, the cancer industry generates higher profit margins than any other industry out there. The industry consists of criminal corporations, organizations, agencies, doctors, and oncologists we are supposed to be able to trust. Unfortunately, these people have no interest in finding a cure or promoting prevention strategies. Some doctors even go as far as to falsely diagnose people with cancer to keep the money flowing.

What's worse, chemotherapy fails in an estimated 98 percent of all cancer cases, making people sicker than they already are. Since the cancer industry controls the medical world, alternative treatments that can cure thousands of people worldwide without any harmful side-effects are kept hidden from the public. - Amy Goodrich

Jul 31, 2017 - The Astonishing Success of Fleet Farming: Breaking New Ground in the “Food Not Lawns” Movement

Carolanne Wright: '...lawns are one of the largest sources of pollution in the US, with 40 million acres under cultivation, they absorb three million tons of chemical fertilizers and 30,000 tons of pesticides, and use 800 million gallons of gasoline for mowing each year. [source]... Did you know, here in the US, each meal travels about 1,500 miles from farm to table? Or that, for every calorie we consume, 10 calories of fossil fuel are used?'

Health and Nutrition
Jul 27, 2017 - They want autism rates to hit 50 percent by 2030, and this could be how they are going to do it: PROBABLE FUTURE: MANDATORY ZIKA VACCINES FOR ALL PREGNANT WOMEN

Health and Nutrition
Jul 27, 2017 - Sperm Concentration has Declined 50 percent in 40 years in Three Continents

Health and Nutrition
Jul 26, 2017 - Breast Cancer Deception – Hiding the Truth Beneath a Sea of Pink

Health and Nutrition
Jul 26, 2017 - Measles Outbreak in Europe: Convenient Lies

Political Information
Jul 23, 2017 - Made in the West: Thanks to war and chaos we have a new era of global famine



SOTT - The famines threatening many parts of the world today have one thing in common: Western aggression and destabilization.

Jul 22, 2017 - Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto’s Toxic Relations

Health and Nutrition
Jul 21, 2017 - I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse.

As explained in my 2016 peer reviewed article, "Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate," professionals who dare to question the unscientific party line of supporting gender transition therapy will find themselves maligned and out of a job.

Jul 21, 2017 - Humanity’s Chemical SUICIDE Confirmed: Pesticides sprayed on food crops are wiping out Food Pollinators, Leading toward a Global Food Collapse

Image: Humanity's chemical SUICIDE confirmed: Pesticides sprayed on food crops are wiping out food pollinators, leading toward a global food collapse

Health and Nutrition
Jul 20, 2017 - Stephen Buhner Interviews : Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realm

I highly suggest opening this linky and possibly exploring beyond it.-KAN DAEK

Health and Nutrition
Jul 20, 2017 - Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths With Semantic Sleight-Of-Hand

Health and Nutrition
Jul 17, 2017 - Largest Medical Fraud takedown in American history

In 2015, more than 52,000 Americans died of overdoses. In 2016, that number rose to 59,000 Americans. Thanks to pharmaceutical companies who convinced physicians and other pharmacists that they had created drugs (like Oxycontin and Vicodin) that could treat pain but not be addictive, we are in the middle of a crisis.

Health and Nutrition
Jul 16, 2017 - Saw Palmetto Extract: Nature’s Answer to Prostate Enlargement

Health and Nutrition
Jul 16, 2017 - 7.14 - Health News (Cancer Cures, Vaccine Truth, & Deconstructing B.S. Media Health Advice)

Health and Nutrition
Jul 13, 2017 - When Dogma Destroys Deduction: Retinal Bleeding, Shaken Baby Syndrome And Vaccines

Health and Nutrition
Jul 13, 2017 - Could this be Driving the Epidemic of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)?

The aforementioned information clearly indicates that hexavalent vaccine is a possible cause of infant death mistakenly or intentionally attributed to an idiopathic syndrome - SIDS - in order to hide the lethal risks associated with routine immunizations. This leaves parents with the question: could the slippery slope of simultaneous vaccine delivery represent a lethal intervention for my newborn? One that is unlikely to be recognized as such, but for which the literature suggests is a real and present danger? It seems that it may have required the design of hexavalent vaccines to demonstrate the true hubris in reckless injection of immunogenic material into our most vulnerable.

Health and Nutrition
Jul 12, 2017 - They want autism rates to hit 50 percent by 2030, and this could be how they are going to do it

True US History
Jul 12, 2017 - The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near II

Health and Nutrition
Jul 12, 2017 - Chemotherapy found to SPREAD Cancer Throughout the Body, Warn Scientists

Did you know that the number one side effect of chemotherapy is cancer? Conventional cancer treatments not only fail miserably, they are also designed to make cancer patients sicker. Though chemotherapy may shrink the initial tumor(s), what is happening in the background is far more important. It is the one dark and criminal truth nobody seems to knows about...Seventy five percent of physicians and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves or their family...Though all scientists and doctors know that chemotherapy is pure poison and can make things worse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outlaws doctors from choosing non-chemical routes, such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, superfoods, and other natural cancer solutions, for their patients.

Due to the devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and an extremely low success rate, three of every four doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy, according to polls taken by the McGill Cancer Center. Additionally, an estimated 97 percent of cancers don't respond to chemotherapy, yet it remains the go-to treatment for nearly every cancer type.

Think about it. When your body is fighting cancer, the last thing it needs is more cancer-inducing, immune suppressing chemicals, right? Though all scientists and doctors know that chemotherapy is pure poison and can make things worse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outlaws doctors from choosing non-chemical routes, such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, superfoods, and other natural cancer solutions, for their patients. -
Amy Goodrich

Health and Nutrition
Jul 11, 2017 - ALL Newborns will be Given a Hepatitis B jab after health Watchdog says 96% of Cases are Among Immigrants

In 2012, PHE reported that 19 out of every 20 antenatal women testing positive for hepatitis B in London were born abroad. Of those, nearly half were born in Africa.

It concluded: ‘Long-term infections in migrants are estimated to account for around 96 per cent of all new long-term hepatitis B infections in the UK.'

More than 500,000 people moved to Britain last year, half of whom came from outside the EU. A quarter of mothers giving birth on the NHS are now foreign-born.

Health and Nutrition
Jul 10, 2017 - Antidepressants ‘Can cause Brain Damage and Lead to Suicide’

Prescribing killer drugs that cause addiction, medicating millions into mass misery for monetary gains, is bad enough. But Professor Gøtzsche maintains that it's worse than that. The drug companies knew in advance that what they were doing was wrong-and indeed criminal-but they went ahead anyway in the full knowledge that they could act with impunity. That no one would dare to prosecute them for their crimes. That they were beyond the reach of the law.

Health and Nutrition
Jul 10, 2017 - Vaccines Can Kill: Scientific Research Paper Lays Out The Unequivocal Case

Neil Z. Miller has outlined some extremely alarming facts and the situation could be far worse, with many adverse reactions left unreported. However, despite his efforts, no mainstream media outlet has reported on this factual and evidence-based paper. Facts are facts, and we, at VacTruth, believe that the time has come to put a stop to this madness. We urge parents to send a copy of Miller's paper to all relevant health and government departments before it is too late.

Health and Nutrition
Jul 9, 2017 - The Science of Curing Cancer and Other Diseases with Sound

Sound healing is not a ‘new' method of healing. It's been around since at least the invention of the Royal Rife frequency machine. Ancient indigenous cultures including the Egyptians, Tibetans, Sumerians, Aboriginals, etc. understood the power of vibration more than 5,000 years ago for treating a whole handbag full of illnesses... Rife is credited with being one of the most forward thinkers in the 20th century because he discovered a cure for cancer simply by using vibrational energy - or sound frequencies. He talks about it extensively in his book, "The Cancer Cure That Worked." His work was a re-discovery of ancient mathematical principles of sound.

Rife, Hulda Clark, John CraneTesla (discover of the phase conjugate wave), and numerous others however, were silenced most recently due to the FDA, competing interests in the profitable radiation and chemotherapy industries, and the general undercurrent of keeping people sick and tired so that they cannot experience a fully realized life. What, if any, methods of sound therapy have passed through this wall of oppression since the time of Rife?...

To briefly summarize Holland's work, he discovered that cancer, including leukemia, uterine and breast cancer, and even MRSA (the antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria responsible for numerous deaths) is easily destroyed at frequencies between 100,000 Hz and 300,000 Hz. In targeted, lab tested experiments, he was able to show actual cancer cells being destroyed by resonant frequencies. You can see this happening in the video below: The problem with either of these therapies is that they are still on a snail's pace when it comes to availability to the general public. Though sound therapy isn't demonized as it was in the time of Rife and Tesla, research into how it works is still slowed by a medical field that is practicing barbaric medicine funded by interests who originally stifled the emerging discoveries of sound therapies' first pioneers. - Christina Sarich

Health and Nutrition
Jul 9, 2017 - The World Health Organization’s Faux Pas About Vaccine Adverse Events And Deaths

Such an outrageously ridiculous statement made by the World Health Organization ought to automatically disqualify the WHO from any further participation in global health politics! For such an asinine statement to blatantly emerge from what ought to be considered a prestigious health organization is nothing short of medical malpractice or total public health ineptness, plus a lack of backbone to stand up against what amounts to chemical child abuse. To deny health harms can occur after vaccinations is nothing short of tobacco science taken to a zenith!

Health and Nutrition
Jul 6, 2017 - 3.5 Billion Unknowingly Poisoned By Airlines Each Year?

The Daily Mail, reporting on the new study recently stated:

There is a clear cause-and-effect relationship linking health effects to a design feature that allows the aircraft air supply to become contaminated by engine oils and other fluids in normal flight.

This is a clear occupational and public health issue with direct flight-safety consequences.

True US History
Jul 5, 2017 - The DEA Just Admitted Weed Has Never Killed Anyone and Causes ‘Happiness’
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Enormous Basic Lies about Vaccination
4 Popular Companies Who Own The Medical Treatments For The Diseases Their Products Cause
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