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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Nov 17, 2019 - 7:37:23 AM

Vaccine Ingredient Warning: Ethyl Mercury in Vaccines 50 Times More Toxic than methyl mercury in fish
By S D Wells
Nov 16, 2019 - 4:45:35 PM

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(Natural News) Did you know that mercury in vaccines is not the same as the mercury in fish? While both are toxic to humans, the mainstream medical establishment would have us all believe that the ethyl mercury in vaccines is no big deal when it is actually 50 times more toxic than the methyl mercury found in fish.

Yes, the medical community engages in lies and deception, and if your doctor or nurse is repeating this same old fraudulent statement, they're either heartless crooks or they are ignorant of the truth. Either way, you wind up a victim of the sick care system, so for you, the end result is the same, whether your doctor or nurse even understands what they're regurgitating.

You see, Big Pharma owns and runs nearly all medical schools, indirectly. They are huge donors and have massive influence, sway and pull in what is studied, and more importantly to them, what is not studied in medical college - namely nutrition and lack thereof. This goes for how heavy metal toxins, not only in food, but also in medicine, can literally cripple the central nervous system, leading to autism, brain damage, and physiological disorders (think mental illness and mental retardation).

The parroted myth goes that ethyl mercury in vaccines (listed as thimerosal) is less toxic than the methyl mercury in fish, but that's a HUGE LIE

Science proves that ethyl mercury is actually far MORE toxic than methyl mercury. Most nurses and doctors parrot the myth the other way around, falsely claiming that ethyl mercury is "less persistent in the body" so therefore it's less toxic, except they have no science to back that up, whatsoever. They want you to assume a lie before they tell you another lie.

As much as they all worship at the "peer-reviewed" altar, they can't cite one single scientific study that's been published to support their argument. Guess what? That's because the science swings completely in the other direction, proving ethyl mercury to be 50 times more toxic and TWICE as persistent in the human brain. Oops.

By weight, thimerosal is close to 50 percent ethyl mercury. Just the simple exposure of humans to mercury is linked to speech difficulties and attention disorders (think of all the ADD and ADHD kids out there now). Thimerosal exposure also leads to seizures, narcolepsy, epilepsy, allergies, asthma, neurological disorders, and even SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Got "Mercury Spectrum Disorder?" Truckloads of misinformation cruise the top searches of the internet thanks to Google and Wikipedia

Mercury is still found in DTaP vaccine series, even though the CDC lied and said it was being completely phased out of "childhood" vaccines nearly 20 years ago. Take a look for yourself right on websites that list vaccine ingredients either by the ingredient or by the vaccine names themselves directly off the CDC website. It's right there in black and white, listed as Thimerosal so you'll dismiss the grave dangers, just as most MD's and nurses are trained to do in America.

In fact, the DTaP vaccine is given to infants in a series of 5 toxic jabs, starting at 2 months, and then at 4 months young, 6 months, 15 months and then again at 18 months. That's a boatload of mercury being injected into a baby's muscle tissue.

Most flu shots are laced with thimerosal, up to 25,000 times the amount the EPA and FDA warns pregnant women about when they eat fish or drink tap water. Flu shots are highly recommended by the CDC for all pregnant women and for infants the moment they reach 6 months. It should be called Mercury Spectrum Disorder instead of Autism.

If you look up the dangers of mercury/thimerosal, Google and WebMD will tell you that there's virtually "nothing to see here" by denouncing any dangers whatsoever. They lead you right back to the hoax, propaganda, and myth that ethyl mercury isn't dangerous like it's counterpart methyl mercury. Lie. Meanwhile the flu vaccine is responsible for over $2 billion dollars worth of paid out settlements for injuries. Yes, that is a fact.

Top that all off with the fact that most MD's in America recommend pregnant women get TWO influenza vaccines if their pregnancy spans multiple "flu seasons" (which, by the way, now goes from October through May). What a farce. Do these doctors get bonuses when more children develop autism under their watch?

Mercury accumulates in the body, and it used to be in many more childhood vaccines, including those that allegedly protect against pertussis, diphtheria, and hepatitis B. Realize that the moment the CDC "phased out" mercury from these vaccines (and replaced it with aluminum), they made sure nearly all flu shots contained at least 25 micrograms of mercury, and recommended this much for every American child during every year of their developing life. Yet NO amount of mercury of any kind is safe in the human body. Not even close. Mercury, and yes, even ethyl mercury listed as thimerosal in vaccines, is the most dangerous and toxic non-radioactive element on all of planet Earth.

Tune in to the where mercury in childhood vaccines, the ultimate culprit of autism, gets exposed on the chopping block of transparency.

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