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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Jan 25, 2020 - 5:25:37 PM

The Corona Virus Hysteria: Some REAL Truth About This 'Deadly' Virus - The Median Age Of Wuhan Virus Fatalities Is 75!
Jan 25, 2020 - 5:07:05 PM

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Friday, January 24, 2020

The Corona Virus Hysteria: Some REAL Truth About This 'Deadly' Virus - The Median Age Of Wuhan Virus Fatalities Is 75!

I continue to monitor the ludicrous reports being thrown out there by the LIARS in the Jew spew media outlets... It is so disgusting to see those ass clowns now try to go nearly 24/7 round the clock "reporting" on this supposed and alleged "epidemic" in China, while at the same time trying to scare the living hell out of viewers with false claims that this "epidemic" will soon be here in North America..... I have already shown in the previous article about this hysteria and fraud how these criminals have been trying to sell the gullible public the lies that there are "people falling over and dying in the streets" from this Corona Virus, and I have another key point to bring forward in this article as well...

I want to present the following most interesting report, that comes from Marko Marjanovic, through the Aletho News website, at, that shows that the median age of those who have supposedly died from this "killer" virus is 75 YEARS of age! Here in fact is that report, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

The Median Age of Wuhan Virus Fatalities Is 75

By Marko Marjanović | Anti-Empire | January 24, 2020
When a new disease appears a measure of concern is natural since we don’t know yet what we’re dealing with, but just statistically it’s highly unlikely a disease, just because it is new, will be particularly deadly. On the contrary, chances are a new disease will be no more deadly or untreatable than the average existing one.
We can applaud China for taking the threat seriously, just to be on the safe side, but there is no reason to fall for the media’s relentless attempts to maximize your stress levels. They’ll use every trick in the book to maximize your attention and earn a bigger advertiser buck.
We go through this every couple of years. Mad cow disease, bird flu, SARS, ebola are just a few of the past examples. In the end, none of them ever racked up high body counts.
The Wuhan virus has so far killed 26 people, all of whom were elderly or had pre-existing conditions. In fact, the median age of the first 19 victims is 75-years old.
This new disease so far looks like a type of flu, quite possibly a weaker and more survivable strain.
The common flu kills 300,000-600,000 people yearly, depending on the year. Likewise overwhelmingly among the elderly.

NTS Notes: Yes, the facts are that this Corona Virus has indeed caused some deaths in Wuhan, China.. But what is NOT being told is that the vast majority of the victims of this "deadly disease" have already  been suffering from ailments that weaken their immune system!

And the facts are that the majority of those who have fallen victim to this "epidemic" are the elderly, and according to the list most probably again have failing immune systems and are already suffering from other diseases and respiratory illnesses.....  It therefore shows that those who are much younger and stronger may also contract this disease, but due to their stronger immune systems are more readily able to fight off the disease....

Readers, what we have here is further proof that all of this fear mongering from those who are trying to sell the notion that this is an "epidemic" in the making is nothing but bull crap, and the proponents of that stupidity are full of shit.....

I will say that it is sad that there are indeed victims of this virus.... But for the Jew spew media to try to sell the notion that this is an "epidemic in the making" and that everyone could be infected and possibly die is not only hysteria, but absolutely abominable! But again, they have their marching orders, and the agenda behind this propaganda is obvious in trying to get everyone to line up and get their "vaccine" for this "disease" the moment it becomes available....  Do not be fooled, everyone..

More to come


The Corona Virus Hysteria: Liars In Media Using FAKE Pictures And Reports To Push A Criminal Agenda! Updated!

I have been watching and observing the liars in the Jew spew media push their bullshit about this "Corona Virus" for the last week, and I do smell a rat... We have seen so many bogus reports coming out over these last few days about people "falling over dead" in places such as Wuhan China, and I have watched those reports and absolutely shook my head in disgust... And honestly, if people are truly that gullible and stupid that they will fall for the crap they are pushing, then there is NO hope for them at all!

In fact, I was surfing the internet since yesterday looking for some REAL TRUTHS about this "Corona Virus" hysteria, and I found some most interesting reports from Jim Stone's website at that I absolutely want to share with my readers.... In fact, the first part that I want to present here blows the Jew spew media lies where they are supposedly showing "pictures" from Wuhan China concerning this "epidemic" to heck... Here is that article here:

BOOOOOM: I just figured out how to prove much of the pandemic story line fake

If all the videos posted online to Twitter about people laying dead in the streets are real, why are a majority of them shot during the summer, with lush green leaves on the trees? China's trees don't have any leaves now. It is winter there. That means the videos are random, and no leaves on the trees does nothing to confirm the videos really are of a pandemic.


BUSTED!!! . . . . . sometimes a "day at work" ends quite nicely.

LOOK PEOPLE, the elite are NOT going to release a disease they can be killed by, the "disease" will be in the shot.

OK, I too looked at those pictures, and I thought there was something very ODD about them... Jim has hit the 'nail on the head' by showing that they could NOT have been taken recently from Wuhan as the LEAVES ON THE TREES are still there in plain sight meaning that they were actually taken MONTHS ago and well before this supposed "outbreak"!

What we have here is therefore definitive proof that the criminals in charge are absolutely using this "Corona Virus outbreak" for their criminal agenda of pushing their insidious "vaccines" on all of us once more!

I absolutely will continue to show the evidence here that this may indeed be all a scam to get gullible people to panic and line up like dumb ass sheep to be injected by their poisonous vaccines.... So stay tuned everyone, for there is...

More to come


*Update, January 24th, 2020:  Apparently I have had a few 'critics' come in and try to ruin my comment section by claiming that I do not know "what the fuck I am talking about" and that Wuhan, China probably does not even get snow this time of year... Well, take a look at these pictures of Wuhan in winter (courtesy once again of Jim Stone) to see for yourselves that with winter season in Wuhan, the trees are left pretty barren of leaves much like what happens here in the northern prairies in Canada:

The Corona Virus Hysteria: The Real "Umbrella Corporation": Wuhan Ultra Bio-Hazard Lab Was Studying The World's Most Dangerous Pathogens (Did Someone Drop A Flask?)

I said several articles ago that I would eventually get around to tackling the "Coronavirus" madness that has now gripped the Jew spew media and is on everyone's minds.... I have been watching those liars claim that this "outbreak" is near "pandemic" proportions, as many have been now doing their damn worse to scare their viewers to a state of hysteria, and I knew that I had to give people the straight goods on what is really going on...

First, has anyone not noticed that we have had this same "hysteria" many times before?  A few years ago we had the "H1N1" scare that was nothing more than pure unadulterated bullshit to push the fraud of getting everyone "vaccinated", and that turned into an unmitigated disaster as many stupid people that actually believed the hysterics then went out and allowed criminals to inject them with their poisonous vaccines that caused horrible side effects and REAL deaths due to the side effects of said vaccines!....And we of course cannot forget the "SARS" hysterics of a few years before "H1N1" that was so blown out of proportion, as the "SARS" 'Pandemic' never happened and yet had so many stupid and gullible people running around screaming the "sky is falling"!......

People do have such short memory spans, and apparently what may be happening here with this "Corona Virus" scare mongering is yet another push for people to line up like sheep, roll up their sleeves, and allow these criminals in "Big Pharma" to once again inject them with their poisonous vaccines that absolutely will do little to actually combat the Corona Virus, and may actually kill them through their side effects.... And lo and behold but I have seen many articles out there that are now claiming that they are indeed working on a "vaccine" against this Corona Virus! Here is the link to one example here from the criminals over at CNN:

Lets face facts here... The criminals in charge always have an agenda, and like clockwork they push these scares out there to push their want to see EVERYONE "vaccinated".....And I need not go over the fine details about what these "vaccines" actually contain and how they are being used to destroy our minds and our bodies!

But lets get back to the facts behind the "Corona Virus".... It is so amazing that this new "outbreak" of this supposedly "deadly" virus occured in Wuhan, China... For I had speculated in last weekend's rant that this 'virus" may in fact have been part of biological weapons research and that very possibly someone at that laboratory in Wuhan may have "accidentally dropped a flask" and thus "accidentally" released the virus into the outside world....

In fact, I may be right about this "Corona Virus" being a biological weapon... For according to the following link from the Zero Hedge website, at, there absolutely is a biological "bio-hazard" laboratory in Wuhan that was indeed "studying" the world's most dangerous pathogens at the time of this recent outbreak... Here is the link to that report here:

OK, Just to get those who are not aware of the concept of the "Umbrella Corporatoin" and to get them up to speed; The "Umbrella Corporation" is a fictional ultra rich and powerful group from the "Resident Evil" movie series that was working on a super-virus to wipe out the majority of the world's population, and released the virus into the general public where it caused humans to mutate into "zombies".....

I have long seen how these criminals have been working on a means of achieving their "Agenda 21" plans for world population reduction, and showed in previous articles at this blog about their biological weapons laboratories in places such as west Africa for "research" into weaponizing some deadly viruses to use them to achieve their sick goal....   The question then arises as to whether they have indeed been working on such a weapon at that facility in Wuhan, China?

Now, about the "Corona Virus" hysteria that we see now gripping the so called 'News"..... I will say that those criminals at those so called "News outlets" have their agenda of trying to scare gullible people to death, but the reality is that people should NOT fall for the hysteria..... The facts are that at this moment several dozen people are indeed dead from this supposed virus, but this pales in comparison to other outbreaks of Influenza in the past that had killed thousands... The "Hong Kong" flu of several decades ago comes to mind here.....

I therefore will state that people should not fall for the hysteria and simply do their best to use natural methods to keep their bodies strong to avoid contracting either the "Corona Virus" or other strains of Influenza or respiratory illnesses.... Exercise, proper sleep, and good eating habits do come to mind here... And of course taking more Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements do not hurt at all!

I will have further articles in the future to cover the real facts behind this "Corona Virus" scare and to get to the real truths about what is REALLY happening and to cut through the bullshit pushed by the Jew spew media.... Stay tuned..

More to come


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