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Quebec Pushes Back Vax Deadline For Healthcare Workers to Fend Off Threat of Legal Challenge
By Kennedy Hall
Oct 14, 2021 - 3:53:07 AM

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MONTREAL (LifeSiteNews) - One day after threatening to go ahead with an October 15 deadline to force healthcare workers into taking the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé extended the deadline 30 days on Wednesday following a legal challenge filed by a Montreal-based attorney.

In a press conference, Dube made it known that there were "25,000 unvaccinated employees" in the provincial health system. He said that if they were to apply the suspensions threatened by public heath that were set to come into effect on October 15, the system would "run into a wall" as a result of shortages.

For now, workers in the system who have not taken the abortion-tainted jab will have a month to get two doses of an available shot. In addition, workers in the public system who haven't been vaccinated will have to be tested three times a week if they are in a position that deals with patients. The testing policy is set to start Monday.

Quebec currently has a vaccine passport system in place for people to enter the hospital. However, there are exceptions. Those receiving care are not yet required to be vaccinated, and in some cases a person is allowed to enter the hospital with the person receiving treatment. Women giving birth can have their husband with them, children can have their guardians, and anyone who requires assistance that a nurse could not offer is allowed to have a care advocate with them. It is left to the judgment of the hospital.

Dubé framed his final appeal for unvaccinated workers to get vaccinated in terms of doing "it for your colleagues" as "the vaccinated health workers ... who have been at the front for months" would face "undue pressure" if large amounts of staff were let go. He did not mention that the workers who have not been vaccinated have also been on the job since the pandemic was declared, and they have felt the same pressures as everyone else the entire time.

Currently, an estimated 96% of health workers in Quebec have received one dose of the jab, but thousands have not received the second jab, thus they remain unvaccinated in the eyes of public health.

Even though he reneged on his coercive threats to suspend unvaccinated workers just 24 hours before, Dubé said, " ... I want to be clear: we will apply the mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers ... "

Lawyer Natalia Manole is defending at least 150 health care workers in a legal challenge against the mandate. Earlier in the week, she said the impending mass suspension would cause "chaos and just a collapse."

She added that "the situation is already critical; this situation is going to create a disaster."

She also plans to challenge the evidence that vaccines are as effective as regular testing, since the supposed vaccines wear off in as little as six months.


Manole stated that the mandate is "not reasonable" because a "decree is supposed to be made in the public interest; our position is that this is not in the public interest." In addition, she believes that the government has not submitted sufficient proof that a mandate would be effective given the failures of the vaccines.



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