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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Meet The UK Funeral Director Blowing The Whistle on Wrongfully Labeled COVID Deaths
By Kennedy Hall
Jan 13, 2022 - 10:22:05 PM

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(LifeSiteNews) - John O'Looney is a funeral director and owner/operator of a funeral home in the London area in England. Throughout the last year, he has come forward and made public claims about what looks like foul play on behalf of health authorities in the UK.

He has said on numerous platforms that in his experience with dead bodies, he has witnessed numerous wrongfully labeled deaths where someone was considered a COVID death when it was not so. In addition, he believes that the stark spike in long-term care deaths in March and April of 2020 might be as much or more the result of  pharmaceutical foul play or negligence than COVID.

His claims have made waves across alternative media platforms, and he has garnered the attention of many in England and abroad.

Recently, it was revealed that he was in the hospital diagnosed with COVID, albeit after being told he was not positive for COVID, only for that diagnoses to be reversed.

Canadian physician Sam Dubé relayed the story of what happened to Mr. O'Looney on the TakeActionCanada podcast and told the audience that O'Looney was essentially being held against his will in hospital.

He had developed flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues, so he was admitted to the hospital. While there, he was derided for not being vaccinated, and they offered him no treatments other than remdesivir.

Remdesivir is one of the only approved treatments for COVID in many countries, and is a broad spectrum antiviral. It does have a track record of being ineffective, and has been known to cause kidney failure in a significant number of patients. For this and other reasons, it has been coined "run death is near."

Dubé explained that there was a transatlantic effort to get O'Looney out of the hospital, as doctors from Canada worked in conjunction with other medical professionals and scientists in England to have the funeral director released into the care of a physician. Upon release, O'Looney was given a treatment protocol that the hospital would not offer, and he is on the mend.

Calling foul on the COVID narrative

O'Looney has made bold claims about malfeasance that he believes has taken place on behalf of the National Health Service in England. Because of his role as a funeral director, he arrives on the scene to deal with the recently deceased so quickly that in some cases he has said that bodies are "still warm." He is privy to medical reports and medical information as the families of the deceased confide in him as a listening ear while they grieve their loss.

He has given a concise testimony on many podcasts of suspicious activity regarding what he believed to be the dubious application of a benzodiazepine medication called Midazolam, a potent sedative that can cause fatal respiratory depression.

In December, he appeared on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s podcast The Defender Show and told the host that he heard from medical workers and family members that an alarming number of elderly nursing home patients were given Midazolam as part of COVID treatment.

"I've spoken to people that have requested via freedom of information requests ... the increase in the purchase of Midazolam at the time these deaths were taking place went up in different areas between 350 and 1,000 percent."

RFK Jr. corroborated what O'Looney said about the increase in Midazolam purchasing in England during March and April 2020. A hostile fact-checking group had tried to debunk the claims that O'Looney had made, but had to admit that there was a steep rise in purchases of the drug, even if they didn't believe there was foul play in the application thereof.

O'Looney told Dr. Dubé in another interview that nurses had confided in him that the intent of using the benzodiazepine drug ostensibly is to sedate the patients before they were intubated, and doses as high as 60mg were given, which is a very high dose and could be fatal.

He told Dubé that when he went into care homes to retrieve the deceased, he never saw evidence that the patients who died after high doses of the drug were even intubated.

Benzodiazepine drugs are recommended not to be used when a patient has acute pulmonary insufficiency and have been found to "significantly increase the risk" or mortality in elderly people with pulmonary issues.

O'Looney thinks it is curious that purchases of the drug in England only spiked at that time, along with the spike in nursing-home deaths, but that since then the deaths in nursing homes have gone down along with the uncharacteristic purchases of the drug.

Expert testimony confirms his suspicions

If O'Looney is correct, then it might be the case that the NHS has engaged in some sort of massive euthanasia campaign, for reasons that are not entirely clear. However, it would not be the first time in history that a government has practiced a eugenical minded approach to dealing with the "unfit" - there is no one more "unfit" on a practical level than an elderly sick person who requires government funds to be cared for.

Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon has given credence to the same allegations.

According to Yeadon, who previously served as the chief scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer and is now the chief scientific adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, information has "come to light" indicating that the drug midazolam "played an important role in the spring 2020 excess deaths."

"It is alleged that medical procedures were distorted substantially and that, essentially, this drug was used to kill people, very large numbers of people, in the U.K.," during the early days of the COVID response, Yeadon said during an online conference last year.

Mislabeled deaths

Another claim that O'Looney has made was that there have been numerous falsely labeled COVID deaths in England. As he deals with dead bodies for a living, he has a firsthand perspective on the state of a person's body around the time of their death, and he also has the firsthand testimony of the family members of the deceased.

He said in conversation with Dr. Dubé that it was made known to him that in many cases an elderly person simply had a chest x-ray and was diagnosed with COVID if there was any visible chest infection. It could have been that the person did in fact have pneumonia or something like it as a result of a COVID infection, but proper testing would have to be done in order to verify that - the imaging alone is not sufficient.

The funeral director spoke of a conversation he had with a nurse for about 40 minutes where she described that as soon as chest inflammation was discovered, the elderly patients were put on the palliative "pathway" and given high doses of Midazolam. "They would just euthanize them," he said.

In addition, O'Looney said that in one case he was told a deceased person had passed from COVID, but the person had clearly died from a motorcycle accident. He said that the "tread mark" could be seen "across his chest," and that he spent two weeks in the hospital after the accident before passing away.

Such things have been seen in other parts of the world as well as the U.K. A New Zealand man who died of a gunshot wound was recorded as a COVID death because he had tested positive via PCR test for COVID. The same thing happened in Colorado.

In addition, in the U.K. almost half of all COVID hospitalizations in some areas are "incidental cases," which means the patient was admitted to the hospital for one reason and tested positive as a part of routine testing but was not sick with COVID.

Only recently have health authorities been up front about making the distinction between actual COVID patients and incidental patients. It is likely that the same mis-categorization has happened regarding the classification of COVID deaths, which only serves to buttress O'Looney's claims.

As striking as O'Looney's claims may be, the fact that reputable individuals like Dr. Dubé, RFK Jr. and Michael Yeadon corroborate his claims or attest to what he claims personally only strengthens the veracity of his assertions, especially in light of information that continues to come to light.

Mr. O'Looney might just be one of the most courageous truth-tellers during the COVID era.


Powerful drug may have been used to kill nursing home COVID patients, says former Pfizer VP


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