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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Oct 16, 2021 - 7:45:22 PM

Lockdowns, Muzzles and Vaccine Mandates Are a Pagan Ritual
By Marko Marjanovic
Oct 16, 2021 - 7:40:55 PM

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October 14th 2021

Unless everyone participates they won't work. As before recalcitrants will be thrown to the lions

You may have been taught in elementary school that Rome persecuted Early Christians because they refused to acknowledge the divinity of Roman emperors. That isn't quite true. The official Roman religion did not hold up Emperors as gods but merely as beings who had the potential to ascend among them and who had already made a very small part of that journey.

The Christian rejection of the divine spirit of the Emperors was an irritant, but it wasn't the most important cause of their persecution.

Their more important transgression -- one that saw them run afoul not just of the state apparatus but of the wider society -- is that they refused to participate in the offerings to the traditional gods.

According to the religious feeling of the day, to please the gods everyone had to participate. If just a small part of the society abstained that risked turning the gods against the entire community. In other words, unless everyone sacrificed the sacrifice wouldn't work.

You may guess how that conviction inevitably came to be. Just by the law of averages, there would sooner or later have to be a ritual that "didn't work" and was followed by apparent divine disfavor. At that point, the high priests who had promised that elaborate and lavish ritual would surely work, and all the zealots who had convinced themselves of the same, would have to scramble for an explanation of why it didn't. The explanation could of course not be that "sacrifices to gods" were stupid and that they were fools to think that they influenced events. The explanation could only be that they didn't work because the gods were angered the rituals were marred by the presence of a small number of holdouts.

In that mindset, Christians were selfish indeed. All they were being asked was to partake of the sacrificial meat, and their refusal to do so undermined a Herculean effort by the wider community and threatened it with doom. The pagans were trying to do a good thing for everyone, the Christians included, and a small recalcitrant minority was hellbent on ruining everything with its pigheaded unreason and unjustly inviting divine anger on good, god-fearing folk.

Lockdowns and compulsory vaccination are the same thing. If you're in lockdown, you're in lockdown. There is absolutely no reason why you would need everyone else to be in lockdown as well for your lockdown to work. And if you have vaccine immunity you have vaccine immunity. There is absolutely no reason to concern yourself with whether a small sect that you despise has that same immunity or not.

But no. For lockdowns to work for the faithful, the infidels have to lockdown as well, and for mRNA to work in the muscles of the god-fearing, they must be injected into heathens as well. Unless everyone participates, the rituals won't work and everyone will suffer for it.

The explanations of how exactly that will take place is as idiotic as it is disingenuous. Allegedly it is feared the hospitals will become flooded with more disease than they can handle, but that fear isn't preventing tens of thousands of hospital workers with post-infection immunity from being sacked.

Indeed far from flooding hospitals, COVID and the accompanying religion have marked the lowest utilization rates by far with an incredible, mindboggling, and scandalous 40 percent of hospital beds going unused in Britain during the first wave (before anyone had vaccine or natural immunity).

Of course, the pagans' explanation why exactly every last single person has to submit to lockdowns and the syringe cocktail is constantly changing. Because their determination to have everyone submit doesn't actually come from the study of the real world but from inside them. From their religious instinct. In fact, more often than not, they sound offended and outraged that in this post-Enlightenment age they have to offer up real-world justifications for truths that are so clearly obvious to them at all.

The human psyche is geared toward valuing sacrifice. We understand on an intuitive level that fruit requires sacrifice and sacrifice precedes fruit. But more than that, we accept on an intuitive level that sacrifice often works even when we can not fully explain how.

A hunter who closely follows his tribe's age-old 13-step recipe on how to make the best poison arrows even though he doesn't understand what each step does exactly is well served. He will be more successful than his brighter colleague who eliminates 5 of the time-consuming steps that he sees no purpose to, of which 4 indeed added nothing but 1 of which was perhaps quite important. Equally so a hunter who follows the received wisdom of previous generations on all manner of other things without needing to understand it all first.

Ages of this type of natural selection mean that quite often we don't need an explanation of how exactly sacrifice and hardship will advance our position. We simply accept that they will. It just feels right. It is, for this reason, that people are susceptible to all kind of superstition. What could feel more right than that to win a lot of baseball games you need to have uncomfortable lucky underpants and only wash them sparingly? It sounds ridiculous to say it out loud, but it feels correct on the inside. The utility of breathing through a piece of paper is similarly self-evident to your innate monkey-man nature. It makes your life more uncomfortable. You're sacrificing. A lot. Therefore it's quite plausible that it is doing quite a lot of good.

Taking on sacrifice and hardship even when you can't quite wrap your head around how exactly is it supposed to benefit you and your community is all fine and dandy. Nine times out of ten it might actually be the humble and philosophical position. The problem is when you become so sure of your chosen sacrificial path that when it fails to bear fruit you can't admit its pointlessness but instead reach out for scapegoats.

This is what the COVID fanatics did. When the vaccines failed to deliver salvation that they swore would come, that became the fault of the 30% who didn't get the needle. How exactly? Who cares. When lockdowns failed to "control the virus" that wasn't because lockdowns were stupid superstition, but because they weren't instituted early enough, because they didn't go far enough, or because some people walked their dog farther from their house than their lockdown allowed.

It is at this point when you've had mass sacrifice that did not bear fruit, and you can't reconcile with the embarrassment that what you did was folly, that we get things like people being thrown to the lions for sabotaging the offerings to Jupiter or GULAG camps springing up to accommodate the "wreckers" working against our Socialist Offensive from the inside.

And it is at this point that you get mass persecution and attempted humiliation of the unvaccinated for their treachery against the needle salvation and the common project of winning the favor of the holy vaccine.

Don't argue with them. It is pointless. You are dealing with religious fanatics, specifically pagans. Moreover, you're dealing with religious fanatics who have a lot to lose in terms of pride, prestige, legitimacy, and position if they admit they were wrong. Moreover, ages of human evolution have conspired that there are far more of them than there are of you. Even those who submitted but are not fanatics themselves will see nothing wrong with zealots throwing you to the lions just to give it a go and to see if that helps.

The best you can hope for is for the rest of us to eventually carve out our own space free from their stupid, craven, hysterical, and intolerant superstitions. A place that retains some humility and thus dignity even in the face of fear and the unknown.

A place of people comfortable with themselves enough to understand that when you accept the general wisdom of accepting hardship even when you are not fully sure of its mechanism, you must also accept that once in a while you will be wrong to have taken it on, and that there is nothing unexpected about sometimes being off the mark, and isn't anything that calls for scapegoats and ass-covering.

In the end what they fear the most isn't even virus doom, which is clearly not on the menu, but having to admit that in March 2020 they got carried away. They are that precious they would rather feed you to the lions than have to admit that once in their life they probably got something wrong and looked a little silly.

Burn them with fire.

You could almost understand it if they had some important reason why they needed you at their feet. Perhaps to pave the way for the coming of a messiah or of heaven on Earth. Instead, they need to wage a global campaign of repression against you because the alternative is to admit that they did a whoopsie.

That is what makes them that dangerous. And that disgusting.


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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