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By The Urban Farming Guys.
Sep 3, 2011 - 8:31:35 AM

Therea are other video's and links also to the creators website.  PLease take some time to view these, and compare to our nearly dead use up the earth methods now.  This is one thing all those dead churches could be doing for example, that draw "Christians" who do nothing to them.  I am not apologizing for my "bad attitude", these relgious organizations are dead asleep and creating more dead cememt people waiting on Jesus to rapture them out of here.  I assume Islamic houses of worship are not much better.  Their prayer 5 times a day was a teaching to contact God 5 times a day, not public required worship.   If any of you still attend these dead organizations, or any dead new age organizations, please suggest the watching of film series such as these on sunday mornings, and wednesday evening, and so on and so forth, and put away the mostly dead bible.  EAch man, and each group of God Conscious  AWARE PEOPLE dedicated to a purpose, is the only thing that will heal this world.





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