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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Dirty Vaccines Are Proof That The Risks Outweigh The Benefits
By SD Wells
Dec 10, 2019 - 5:55:08 PM

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Dirty vaccines are proof that the RISKS outweigh the benefits - a look into the health repercussions from vaccines over the past 75 years




Image: Dirty vaccines are proof that the RISKS outweigh the benefits - a look into the health repercussions from vaccines over the past 75 years




(Natural News) Many people still believe today that Dr. Jonas Salk was the "God" of cult pharmacology because he invented the polio vaccine. But did he? In actuality, all he did was conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients, while the steady decline of mortality from infectious diseases was instantly (and falsely) credited to him by the pharma complex in the aftermath of WWII.

During that era in the United States, if you were mentally disabled, orphaned, Jewish or Black, then you were the perfect guinea pig for the Allopathetic medicine regime. Vaccines have always been claimed to be the holy grail of US medicine, totally faith-based and the end goal always stated as for "the greater good ".

These victims of mainstream medicine at the time were Maryland state prisoners, and mental patients at hospitals in New York and Connecticut, where the doctors and scientists purposely injected you with pandemic flu viruses, syphilis, cancer cells, and hepatitis.

Because many, or all, of these people had no way to defend themselves or their rights, federally-funded "studies" were conducted on them like rats, including by the infamous "father of vaccines," one Jonas F. Salk. He co-authored these types of experiments on humans.

Humans are STILL guinea pigs for dirty vaccines - including newborns, pregnant women, and every American child who's parents are brainwashed

Ever heard of the Tuskegee Study, where US health officials watched 500 Blacks in Alabama suffer from syphilis, all while they had penicillin readily available? American medicine isn't about curing anything, it's about creating more suffering under the guise of treatment, but hardly anyone gets that. They don't want to believe their government and the entire Allopathic industry is dead set on killing Americans slowly while draining their bank accounts.

Humans are the guinea pigs for new fast-tracked FDA drugs and about 100 new GMO vaccines that will hit the market and be mandated by law in every state, within the next few years. Governors and Representatives are bought by pharma and paid to promote the most toxic vaccines through mandatory vaccination legislation, like the sinister Richard "The Mercury Joker" Pan of California.

Even super-creepy lab-geek and child witch-doctor, Dr. Paul Offit of CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) uses deadly pig virus strains, called circo-virus I and II, in the Rotateq Rotavirus vaccine he concocted to force children's intestines into knots, putting their lives at risk. This greedy lunatic, Dr. Offit, admits himself that even the licensing issued by the FDA is fraudulent. These psychopaths are so arrogant they can't keep track of their own sick lies.

It's the dirtiest vaccine on the market next to the mercury-laced flu shot, and it's vaccine insanity to let children get this stuck into their muscle tissue, and Offit knows it. He's a shill and he was paid millions by the CDC for coming up with such a massive neurotoxic shocker vaccine.

No vaccine has ever been proven to be safe - Top Merck scientists admit and confess to fraud and gross experimentation

Would you buy a muffler for your car from a company that has paid out $4 billion over two decades for ruining cars with those mufflers? Of course not, but when it comes to medicine, America buys right in and the pharma industry loves it. Still today, no vaccine has ever been proven safe, just listen to the top Merck scientists themselves admit and confess it all on tape!

They inject pregnant women and their babies first, because they're responsible for reproduction and population growth. Every vaccine comes with a long sheet of tiny, tiny warnings about side effects and lack of efficacy, including disclaimers that no clinical studies have been run.

You cannot debate or question vaccines online or on the news or they will cut you off, de-fund you, ban you, blacklist you, bankrupt you, and make sure no one can find you. One California radio station went so far as to censor vaccine information just before a mandatory vaccination vote. That's dirty politics mixed with dirty medicine.

Big Pharma is in complete control of American medicine, every vaccine invented over the past 75 years has more risks than benefits, and the cumulative effect of toxins is what does the most damage.

The same goes for the United Kingdom. Doctors who know the truth and care are screaming for us to listen. There are still a few "whistleblower" books available on Amazon, but probably not for long.

SHOCKER - There is NO scientific proof that vaccines even work at all anymore, and the cumulative risk of permanent side effects runs higher than ever

What is cumulative risk? That's the statistical factor at play as most Americans bombard their bodies with heavy metal toxins, genetically modified strains of third world diseases, and corrupted human and animal embryos used as tissue to grow cancer cells for today's dirty vaccines. No tests have ever been run by the US government to see the damage the accumulation of medical chemicals causes in the cleansing organs, the gut, or the brain. Let's peer-review that one, please.

Now stop telling us that shooting up fetuses and babies with mercury, or killing them on their day of birth is for the "greater good." The true history of vaccines is shocking, but you have to know what's really happening to avoid it all together.

Tune your independent media dial to and keep up with the real history of vaccines, and the toxins they use that can effect your critical thinking and decision making, even today. Get healthy and detoxify yourself. This has been a public service message.

Now watch this short video featuring Dr. Ted Koren, and have your mind BLOWN AWAY regarding the truth about studies run on vaccines:

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