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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Apr 4, 2020 - 9:31:49 PM

CHILDHOOD VACCINATION REGIMES: A Chemical Assault on Vulnerable Newborns and Sensitive Children
By State of the Nation with comments by Ron
Apr 12, 2020 - 6:21:38 PM

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Submitted by CM

Ready for publishing, archiving and sharing every place possible.
After the gift of 35 hours time, the gift of 5 pieces setting a solid foundation for organizing a single point focus group to go into action, LAW SUIT TO CHALLENGE SLAVERY BY FORCED VACCINATION, nothing is done in over 6 weeks.

Thus, the Monograph below.

My mother is rolling over in her grave and ready to haunt those that abandon their children's future.


All children deserve protection. Abandon one Abandon All Any mother choosing not to protect her own child and all other mothers children is a waste of the human experience and the privilege of having a child.( insert parent as you choose) WHO OWNS YOUR BODY AND YOUR CHILDREN'S BODY ? It is time to face the facts and hear the truth.  The vax-anti vax argument exposes the fundamental issues
This Monograph will more than likely receive a huge amount of attacks.None of the attacks will have any value because they will be from sources with no credibility, mothers and grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers, who have already abandoned their children and the future of the human race.The facts laid out here are simple, direct, and irrefutable as proved by public record.Someone please, please, show me where I have it wrong.At least at that point we could open a dialogue directed at finding solutions.We now apply the concept of syllogism to settle the facts and law governing the forced vaccination and health practices control by government.The Major Premise identifies the issue in clear concise statements.The Minor Premise identifies the facts and evidence verifying the Major Premise.The Conclusion is the clear understanding exposing the principles, facts, law and procedure to address the title of this Monograph. THE MOTHERS OF AMERICA HAVE ABANDONED THEIR CHILDREN
THE MAJOR PREMISE 1   When mothers and fathers refuse to protect their children from forced invasion, vaccination, of their children's bodies, they have abandoned their children to control, OWNERSHIP, by others, the state, over their own children. SLAVERY!!!
MAJOR PREMISE 2  It is no less RAPE just because a needle is used to penetrate the body UNINVITED!!!
MAJOR PREMISE 3  Parents or grandparents abandoning their own children to SLAVERY foreclose the future of every American from ever living in any kind of freedom.
MAJOR PREMISE 4 All controversy between the People and our governments, forced vaccinations, is the conflict between law systems. Law of the People's Constitutions or statute and case law of the servants.
MAJOR PREMISE 5  No one is able to identify the authority or power, granted to government by We the People who created all government, allowing legislation to be put in place to regulate or express ownership and control over our own bodies and how we treat our selves.
MAJOR PREMISE 6  Those choosing to cite the excuse public good, regulation of their neighbors, operate in socialism, the rule of the state over the will of the People, SLAVERY over those who do not consent to RAPE and SLAVERY. MINOR PREMISE 1
A parent's child is the joined together deposit of biological property creating life. Those that create anything are the owners over what is created.
[Ron: Parents do not CREATE LIFE, the Creator does that. Parents are merely the biological instruments used in the process.].
There is no parent in this country that ever assigned, sold or bargained away the ownership of their children to any form of government.
[Ron: However, Talmudic banksters and their agents have fraudulently achieved this outcome. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See:].
MINOR PREMISE 2 RAPE is defined as; " : unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person's will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception- compare SEXUAL ASSAULT, STATUTORY RAPE; 2: an outrageous violation; 3: an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force.There is no identifiable difference whatsoever that the instrument of RAPE is a needle rather than a penis ! UNINVITED = no consent. The act of force, physical, mental, emotional, invasion acted out by the application of a statute, when carried out by force, when the authority or ownership of the property of any ones body is not fully identified is SLAVERY.MINOR PREMISE 3 The fundamental principle of the whole experiment in self-government, we Americans continue to express, based on our foundational documents, is summed up in some very simple words. CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.The very bed rock understanding of CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, is exposed by one simple statement of fact. Irrefutable fact at that.None of the people consenting to be governed hold the direct or indirect authority or power to regulate and control their neighbors. This is true because the people consenting to be governed are the creators of government. This means none of us can give the power we do not have to what we created.The vaccination issue exposes this point and attaches to both sides of the argument.Those choosing to force vaccinations in any manner whatsoever over their neighbors, through any mechanism whatsoever, have expose themselves as believing they can control their neighbors.
Quite simply, this is the mindset of socialist operating as SLAVERS over not only their neighbors yet all others that could be subjected to their false belief. Self delusion of the highest order.Those believing in their own minds that they can be forced to consent to invasion into and over their own bodies or those of their children, operate in the delusion, self actuated and implemented, SLAVES to other peoples powers. Another self-delusion of the highest order.Self-imposed Slavery of ones own mind and heart can never be escaped ! MINOR PREMISE 4 All powers of government or authorities of government from the beginning of this country are owned by the people creating governments. If we didn't own those powers individually we could not create governments in the first place.Even the systemites admit that the source of authority for all government is with the people. Go into any government office and ask them. The government servant at that point will either admit this fact to you or expose that they are operating as SLAVERS over you. CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED means exactly that. We the people created our law called constitutions. All those claiming to act for government, by their own consent, agreed to be servants to our constitution's and get paid to do so. The contract. Being that the people's law of constitution is first, that is the law to be served and protected first. The people's Constitutions in their legislative sections do not identify the people creating constitutions as either subject nor object of governments powers. Read the document for full understanding of the truth of the statement ! All statutes created by our servants are done in our legislatures. All case law enforcement's of legislated statutes are executed by judges in our courts. The legislatures and the courts are ours because we created them. Those serving in our creations are then our servants. There is no one in this country, or that has ever lived that can identify the authority or power of legislatures or courts to exercise the power of legalized force over any American, to commit RAPE and SLAVERY upon their neighbors in any circumstance whatsoever. There is no one in this country, or that has ever lived that can identify the authority or power of government servants, to assume a superior position over those creating the very form of government the servants act under and work for !For our servants to assume powers they do not have and use the force of government to hold us accountable they are practicing SLAVERY. The law of the people's constitutions was put in place, with authority to regulate subject matters, all operations doing business with the people, so that the people were protected from overbearing abuse and deceptive practices. The governments currently operating in all facets has failed miserably in regulating those that are having effect and affect on our bodies, our minds, our very souls. Anyone looking at current news media of any sort whatsoever for the first time will recognize the full and complete evidence of the statements above MINOR PREMISE 5  There is not now, any law of this country authorizing involuntary servitude to be applied to the people in any manner whatsoever.There is however the fundamental principle that you as an individual could contract into servitude on your own.  This is what's known as CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. If you have the right as an individual to consent to ownership of another, do you have the right to not consent as well ? Under what set of circumstances does your right to sell yourself to another in an ownership relationship give you the authority to do so on behalf of another ?MINOR PREMISE 6  The public good can only be served properly by the execution of the People's law as written. This is very easy to understand in the context of the VAX the anti-VAX arguments. Every parent has the choice to have their child vaccinated. That is the right of the parent.The parents choosing to not have their children vaccinated hold that right as well. Ignorance is the ultimate disease-causing Slavery. The information is available across the board providing absolute proof of fact that the current set of vaccination materials injected into children's bodies are poison. Further the evidence shows conclusively that the current vaccinations do not stop the distribution and the sharing of disease. The facts also expose a high percentage of the disease vaccinated against his spread by the vaccinations. The parents choosing not to vaccinate their children then hold the absolute right and the absolute duty to act for the public good. The public good in that circumstance would be baring completely the parents that poison their own children from ever receiving any assistance or benefits from the government for dealing with their own poisoned children. There is no medicine or medical help for stupid or ignorance.
[Ron: I disagree. Parents who consent to their children being vaccinated AND those who actually inject them, AND those who authorise, require or pay anyone to vaccinate a child HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to care for and if possible, ameliorate any harm done to the child as a result of such action(s).].
There is no one in this country that is going to step up and say they are going to pay the bill for someone else's ignorance or stupidity ! That SLAVERY is perfected the moment government forces responsible parents who refuse to vaccinate their children with poisons to be responsible for those who did ! CONCLUSION 1 I do not consent to trespass upon my body in any manner whatsoever and I refuse to be involved in any mechanism whatsoever that forces anything upon anyone against their consent. I refuse to participate in RAPE and SLAVERY. Now, someone show me where they have power or authority that can force me to do so ! CONCLUSION 2  I do not believe, nor can I find any evidence anywhere, supporting the premise that it is any less RAPE and SLAVERY when to a needle is used to penetrate my body against my consent !
CONCLUSION 3  If I cooperate in any manner whatsoever, allow, my neighbors to be subjected to RAPE and SLAVERY I am condoning the same upon myself.
CONCLUSION 4 I am not aware of, nor can I find any evidence from any source whatsoever, supporting the premise that government holds the authority to regulate what I do with my body, or express an ownership position executed through force over the care I placed over my own body.
CONCLUSION 5 There is no one in this country, Citizen, servant to government, immigrant, that can identify or show any evidence from any source whatsoever, supporting the premise that government holds the authority to regulate what anyone does with their body, or express and ownership position executed through force over what an individual does with their own body.
CONCLUSION 6  I refuse to practice socialism and support the premise that the state holds superior power over the people and can regulate the people in all aspects of their life. AUTHORS STATEMENT  I do support the premise that government has the absolute and complete duty to protect me from harm by those who choose to trespass up on me, and my fellow Americans, causing me harm, damage, injury. I do support the prosecuting of those who deny me the right to access the law and demand of my public servants execute it as written in the People's Constitutions. My support covers the subject matter and objects of big Pharma, privately owned money circulating in the name of the public money owned by the people; private law operated by a private association, the BAR; Illegal emigrants bringing disease, corruption, theft of public monies, theft of government services, distribution of drugs, rape and murder in to my neighborhood; holding public officials accountable for all of their acts and omissions; control over those using the public airwaves under licensed privilege to do so, now operating in direct contravention to the law of the people, our free expression of thought and words, our right to privacy and to have redress of grievances against those the trespassing on We the American People under any licensing or regulatory scheme whatsoever. Any mother choosing not to protect her own child and all other mothers children is a waste of the human experience and the privilege of having a child.
FINAL COMMENT   The fundamentals in this Monograph are the very bed rock of the whole American experiment in self-government. A short metaphor exposes the fundamentals at the very root of the VAX anti-VAX arguments. This metaphor, while of a different subject matter points up the principles in a very clear and concise manner. This metaphor is also a true story. There was a party of about 30 people all being very sociable and having a good time. The subject of discussion spread through the whole room concerning the Second Amendment.The discussion and the rhetoric follow the same standard patterns for this part of the country, a sanctuary city. I remained silent and moved to the edge of the room to avoid the discussion. I've got a lot of priors is in these kind of situations and I always speak my mind.Finally two or three people ask me for my opinion on their discussions. Given that a number of the people in the room knew me it got very silent. I asked, are you sure you want to hear the truth the facts and the law of the situation ? Of course, there was a resounding yes. OK then, get prepared because you're not gonna like what's going to happen, however you're going to have to live with it and live with yourself. So the premise of all your discussions is that in the democracy, 51%, tells the other 49% what to do, and that's a valid exercise of governments powers. Is that correct ? A resounding, YES ! Second, you are assigning a personality, the ability to think and make a decision and take action to an inanimate lump of metal. So now I'm going to show you how fatally defective all of your positions are. How many people think I could do that right now ? Silence ! I walked over to the door into the hallway of the meeting building. I open the door and said I'll be right back give me 10 seconds. I open the door in 10 seconds and left it open. OK guys we're going to exercise the democracy you love so much right now. I went out in the street and got 75 of my friends who are all gun owners and now we have the majority. We are going to apply your democracy you all love so much right now. We the democracy decided not only will all of you own guns, you will carry them for your self-defense at all times. Dead silence. How many of you now want to deny me the right to choose ? We feel really sorry for you having to carry those evil pieces of metal that think for themselves, can act for themselves, because under your logic they might just shoot you on their own. The rule of law is about personal responsibility. Your personal responsibility only applies to you. Anytime you make a decision about what's good for me and use any kind of force upon me to operate under your decision you are a SLAVER. How about if we learn to respect other decisions and support each other in doing so in an open manner ? Did I prove my point ? Silence. Go figure. This the mirror effect of truth.The Moral Point to this Monograph is intended to strike every reader in the heart and soul so that you each make a choice to do something or admit to your self you are a slave in your own mind. Parents and grandparents, who do not protect children from possible damage from injection of known toxic substances have decided for all of us the human race is not worth saving. Those talking about the problem endlessly while never acting are deciding your future. Any one believing our current government operators have the best interest of our children in mind when they have forced poisons into so many children's bodies is not only a fool, yet a blind fool that refuses to see on their own. A self actuated slave forcing slavery on others by either ignorance or intent. Please, some one show me where the principles, facts, law and moral positions presented here are off base. Open discussion intended to seek solutions always produce benefits for the betterment of our culture and how we live together.
Choose for your self your liberty or slavery, and let me choose mine !
[Ron: This author seems a bit obsessive and repetitive in the presentation of his thesis but IMHO his main argument that no one has, or can have, legitimate authority to FORCE another human to be vaccinated or to allow the vaccination of their child, seems incontrovertible. There may be cases where a parent's failure to consent to obviously necessary medical treatment can be legitimately over ridden by proper authorities but prima facie such treatment cannot include vaccination.].
[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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