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28 Women Miscarry After Receiving HPV Vaccine Gardasil; FDA Says No Reason to Re-Examine Approval
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28 Women Miscarry After Receiving HPV Vaccine Gardasil; FDA Says No Reason to Re-Examine Approval

Thursday , December 06, 2007


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil is safe despite that 28 U.S. women who received the vaccination had miscarriages, reports.
Clinical trials show the vaccine's miscarriage rate is consistent with that of women in the general population who were given placebos, and most of the miscarriages reported cannot directly be connected to Gardasil, the FDA said.
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A 24-year-old woman miscarried in May after being vaccinated with Gardasil and an investigator reported to the federal government that the miscarriage "may have been caused by Gardasil because the patient received the injection within 30 days of the pregnancy."
The vaccine is used to prevent the human papillomavirus — a sexually transmitted disease believed to be the cause of most cases of cervical cancer.
There have been 3,461 adverse reactions, including eight deaths, reported since the vaccine was approved for use in girls as young as 9 in June 2006. The FDA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded most side effects are minor and believe there is no reason to re-examine the drug's approval.

Candace: I would advise NO one to take this vaccine, unless one doesn't wish to bear children. This is quite likely a game to reduce the fertility of young girls. Notice the portion I bolded above. The reason there might be no difference between the vaccine and placebo, is that the placebo itself may have been intentionally contaminated!!!!! 

A number of years ago, a vaccine for Tetanus was given to only women in Nicaraugua, Mexico and the Phillipines ,  men  then asked the question, will, we get tetanus from stepping on nails too, so why are only women getting the vaccine? This vaccine was intended to cause inferility in the women, is why.  You might want to read the recent message I posted,, which is called "Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic", which describes this incident that above, plus has a great deal of other interesting valuable information, to help form a valuable basic education of games played by the dark.


 I know longer take any vaccines, including the flu vaccine because you just never know what has been added. If you recall, I got my MS from the swine flu vaccine. The AIDS virus has also been added to the heroine sold on the streets, often sold by undercover "dealers" to spread the disease. It might be wise to avoid many drugs that are being offered in these days, because you don't know, not only what the untested side effects might be, but also, you just don't know if these new drugs are meant to reduce the population in some way. Many are for the aging groups, and could be for the purpose of causing premature death, which will also enrich the doctors treating our aging population!   

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