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Collection of links to recent CHILD ABUSE MATERIAL
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Dec 10, 2018 - 12:24:42 PM



This material has been collected over the last few months of 2018. If anyone is still in doubt about the intentional and ritual harming and killing of children, this collection will convince you. To ensure the transition to a humane world, all life must be honoured, and mind-control and sexual exploitation of children must become a thing of the past.


China’s prison orphans

Victim of Hillsong Church founder's father says childhood was destroyed by sexual abuse

California democrats legalize child prostitution

Man charged for sex abuse of 300 boys in “biggest case” in Norwegian history
PAEDOPHILE RING BUST: More than 400 ‘users’ of child pornography messaging group identified

Satan’s new clothing line for children

Sexualisation of children: This “Poopsie” toy who is manufactured by MGA, the same ones who make LOL Surprise dolls has a number on their toy carton linked to a sex line. The sex line allows the user to simply press one to receive x rated photos for a charge to the phone bill. Sexualization of your children is not right! Nor is it humane. MGA has been aware of this issue but refuses to completely rectify it.

A two-week-old baby was in a serious condition today after allegedly being raped in Belfast.

German Catholic Church abused thousands of children, rape in every 6th case – leaked study. An explosive report on Catholic child sex abuse in Germany has been leaked by two leading German news outlets, revealing that as many as 3,677 people were abused by clergy between 1946 and 2014.

Millions of American children were placed in orphanages. Some didn't make it out alive.
Vermont’s Governor Supports Orphanage Victims’ “Pursuit Of Justice” After A BuzzFeed News Investigation
301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’

An undercover child trafficking exposure operation in Haiti, article from July 2017.

Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

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AUGUST 12, 2018

Child Beauty Pageant: Stolen Childhoods - 12 Years Later | American Beauty Documentary | Only Human

Thousands of suspects accused of producing child pornography or committing child sexual abuse are now off the streets after a federal crackdown on internet sex crimes.

Pedophiles in parliament: Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British Politics.

No age of consent required in France any more. New law passed 3rd August 2018

Starving and bombed children of Yemen

German woman gives TED talk arguing that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation.

Actor Isaac Kappy – naming names in Hollywood who are pedophiles

“If everyone knew about the problem, we could solve it today.”

60 Minutes exposes organised paedophilia among highest ranks of British elite
YouTube suspends father's channel with more than 5.6million subscribers after he fed his children ice cream laced with LAXATIVES and then filmed them crying in pain and on the toilet

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