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Telepathic Messages : Hano Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Trust, Faith and Fear in South Africa
By Hano Groenewald
Jun 25, 2018 - 8:53:36 AM

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Trust, Faith and Fear in South Africa

By Hano Groenewald

My name is Hano. I am 41 years old and living in South Africa, a country which has a difficult history and a tension and dynamic few other places experience. I have in my lifetime seen this country go from a self-sufficient, functioning, fairly prosperous state (the strongest economy in Africa in fact) to a near failed "shithole" welfare, debt-ridden, so-called "globalised" state today. A state torn by crime, corruption, decay, gross overpopulation and a government incapable of moving out of the past. A beautiful country in an ugly state. This is my story of life in South Africa today. A story of duality, of fear but also of living with trust, faith and hope.

South Africa has been a crime ridden country for years. We're used to being careful, suspicious and scared of strangers at the same time. You never know what may happen when a person approaches you. We have learned to assess anyone and can usually quickly discern a potential threat.

Living with such a constant level of paranoia is not nice and can be nervewracking so one need to have a level of trust in your fellows too. On one hand you must be careful but on the other believe that not everyone is out to get you despite all the daily horror stories one hears.

So where-ever we go we need to trust. Trust that this guy/s walking towards you don't want to stab you and steal your cellphone. The trust is validated 99% of the time but there is still the 1% left and that 1% requires constant vigilance. Living in our society here is like living on the African grass plains. You know there are predators and you know they can be watching but you must move forward. You must continue living and hope that you're not next on the menu.

So, in a funny way then this whole scenario of living under these conditions give rise to a certain level of unspoken trust mixed with some protective distrust. You are careful yet you know you must continue forward everyday. You know you can't freeze in fear.

Over the last year or so the above scenario have become even more intense as crime, especially violent crime such as robbery and murder, have skyrocketed. Not just in number but also in sheer brutality. Although it was rough before it was never as brutal as it is now. Robbers torture and murder their victims. Seemingly , harmless, innocuos individuals suddenly become cold blooded murderers. Some of these are people you'd never expect or suspect. The boy/girl next door, the seeming friendly neighbor, suddenly commit the most horrendous crimes and it's becoming all too common now.

In the beginning we were shocked but now there is a story of a family murder almost every week. Ordinary people just snapping and killing. It leaves one baffled as to why and as I've been baffling I've begun to trace the timeline in the uptick of all this crime and violence and have seen something. The uptick began around the time it was announced that many of the Thought Adjusters/Father Fragments (direct personal Spirit of God the Father bestowed only on humans and temporarily on other descendant Celestials in incarnate service on the planet as well as animal candidates for the human journey, TA for short) - Urantia Book Paper 107, Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters - left those with no long term spiritual survival potential (this occurred just over a year ago at time of this writing). In the beginning there was no real signs but now its become very obvious that something has gone seriously wrong in many minds. Both which you might expect and not expect. A deeper darkness than ever before has infected many now as immorality, corruption, unethicalness and especially violence have been rising to a crescendo.

As an example of the crime I mentioned above - The Cash-In-Transit robbery epidemic that is currently sweeping South Africa. Long running investigative reporting show Carte Blanche takes a look at this latest scourge with tentacles of corruption stretching well beyond just robberies. This makes it extremely difficult to combat and eradicate -

The thing that has become most obvious is that those who have any dark tendencies seem to go darker and those with any light tendencies seem to go lighter. The gulf between these two opposites are getting really glaring. South Africa has always been a divided country but never have I seen this kind of division and it is most obvious at the high political levels where internal and external power struggles are tearing away at all parties while the country burns, both literally and figuratively.

Christ Michael (the Sovereign Ruler of the local universe of Nebadon and spiritual Jesus Christ 2000 years ago in a dual incarnation with the physical Jesus Christ - Esu Immanuel Sananda) stated once that you can't legislate morality. You can't force it in any way. It has to come from within and in SA, for many, it doesn't. Our government constantly talks about the law of the Constitution and refers to it as the moral compass that need to be upheld. They hold it forth as near holy. A man-made text for man-made purposes but nobody talks about upholding inner law. Everyone is urged to honor external law while the true law that can make a difference, the internally emanating God origin divine law is neglected or ignored.

South Africa has many laws but people will not hesitate to break and ignore them if they think nobody is watching and they won't be caught. This is where the true lawlessness lies. Inside. Many people lack the inside compass and guidance of Divine Law. This was the case for many even when they still had TA's and it just got worse when the TA's left. You can't however blame the TA's leaving for the worsening lawlessness situation. They left because the morality and ethics were already compromised and the hosts were already on their chosen path.

Ethics, morality and things like Divine Law can be taught. People can be informed of it but if they choose to ignore it, subvert it and not internalise it then nothing else can be done. Free Will dominates and only by voluntarily subjecting it to the Father's Will can true ethics and morals arise. Until then true lawlessness persists and not a billion mad-made laws, a billion prisons, a billion years in prison, a billion police officers can ever change that. Until self-governance and self-control becomes the norm man will remain a lawless creature.

If ever one wants to study the reason why the TA is such an important part of personal and soul protection and guidance then the situation in South Africa should be studied now. It is incredible to witness the before and after difference. As the Light tries to build, unite and reconcile, the Darkness just destructs everything it can. The layer of civility can be so thin but yet to continue our lives we again must come back to trust. As rough and dangerous as it can be we must live in trusting faith that at the same moment it can also be uplifting and wonderful. We must believe that, if we wish to live and work together despite so many threats. You must put the fear aside and let faith, trust...and

When faced with this you begin to see the faith and trust all people daily place in each other and you also see that this faith and trust far outweighs the fear and distrust also always hovering in the background. Under this scenario one sees that the choice for Light is a far more natural and prevalent choice than the one for Darkness. Although the Darkness gets more attention and publicity due to its shocking and flagrant acts making it seem more dominant, it isn't. It's in minority and a proper observational study confirms this. Even with the absence of TA's not all people embrace darkness. Not all go crazy (although the levels of stupidity have certainly increased) and basic courtesy, kindness and love (defined as Light) are still present.

Everything is mottled but the Light is dominant and the clear winner in the last battle of this 200 000 year old spiritual war ensuing from the Lucifer (now uncreated and dead) rebellion - Urantia book Paper 53, The Lucifer Rebellion. The Light has won and that fact is totally undeniable.

Let Hell scream all it want! It has lost! Even without God (the TA) directly present it has still lost. THE LIGHT is the clear victor! ALL HAIL THE LIGHT! ALL HAIL THE FATHER! ALL HAIL THE ETERNAL VICTOR! ALL HAIL!


This piece is under copyright protection of . It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, KAN DAEK (Candace).


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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