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Telepathic Messages : Hano Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

The Mental Space
By Hano Groenewald
Feb 11, 2015 - 6:20:09 AM

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The Mental Space.

By Hano Groenewald

People live in a mental space. Everything around them, everything they can perceive consists of thought. Nothing exists without thought. Thought is the genesis of everything. The physical space is only a medium of expression for the thought. It is not actually where people live. You live in a mental landscape, not a physical one. People might think they live in the external, material world but all the world is, is an expression of thoughts. Of their own and others. Whatever is seen before them is nothing more than thought expression. When someone looks out at something, they perceive with their physical senses what is recognized as the physical but behind the physical there is only thought. A house is only thought made manifest. A car is only thought made manifest.

Everything is an expression of mind. Without mind nothing can exist. Not the world, not the universe, not even each person as they see themself in the mirror everyday. All are the result of thought. Everything about anyone was born in thought. The body is the result of thought. The experiences are the result of thought. An entire life is the result of thought. The world around all is the result of their thoughts.

At the core of it all and despite appearances to the contrary every person lives in their own mental space to a greater or lesser degree. Every person lives in a world of their own making and the quality of that world is determined by the quality of the mind that created that world. Everyday people interact with each other and interact with the world. It is where they exist and express but not where they are truly living. Where they are truly living is in their mind, in their thoughts. That is where the real world exists. The outer world is just a manifestation and medium for the expression of the inner world, the mental world.

You are what you think and so is your world, and I say your world because you don't live in anyone else's world, in their mental landscape. The only place you can live is in your own mental landscape shaped by your own perceptions and understandings. There is the illusionary material world, the one before the senses, and the real world, the mental, inner mind world. You can exist in the material world but it's only in the mental world where you can actually have your true being.

Even though each create their own mental landscape it is not a closed and isolated system. The expressed thoughts of others which are allowed to enter the mental world can and do help to shape it. Something heard, seen, experienced or just felt can and does play a part in shaping the mental landscape. How much it shapes the mental world though is something that is solely and exclusively determined by the person self. Each are the gate keeper of the portals of their own mind and if not vigilant and mentally lazy then all manner of errand thoughts can flood in through the open unguarded gate and wreak havoc on the mental landscape. If action is not taken quick and the undesirable thought intruders promptly evicted from the mind then it will, over time, eventually settle in and ingrain itself as part of the mental world. If this is allowed to happen then these mental intruders can be very difficult, if not impossible, to evict.

Cleaning up the mental landscape is something that can, depending on the thought intruder infestation level, take from months to years, even a whole lifetime, to accomplish. A vigilant, disciplined mind is a clean, strong, aware mind. A lazy, sleepy mind which allows all manner of uncontrolled, undisciplined thoughts to invade, run amuck and settle in, quickly becomes a garbage dump.

Everything originates in the mind and is the result of thought but where does mind and thought originate from? Mind is everywhere. It penetrates and permeates everything. Without mind nothing can exist and live. Without thought nothing can manifest. The source of all mind and thought is God, the Supreme Creator of All. Everything that exists has it's origin in the Mind of God and the thoughts of God which is manifested through whatever medium God chooses to manifest it.

Everything in Creation is filled with Mind and sustained by Mind but not everything is a medium for thought manifestation. Not everything can think. A rock has mind but it does not think. A tree or a flower or a shrub all have mind but they do not think. In order to think a thing has to have a dynamic connection point to mind which can receive and interpret the creations, the thoughts, coming from mind and that is what the brain is. It is a receiver and interpreter of the thought signals coming from the mind it is connected to.

All exists in the mental landscape of mind which is further shaped by the receipt and expression of thought. The level and quality of thought that can be received is determined by the level and quality of the receiving equipment, the brain. An ant's brain is not as developed as a human's brain and thus cannot receive the same level of thought as a human mind. The ant's mind only has a rudimentary connection to the greater mind of God which is filtered through the genetic mind of the living planet into the mind of the ant. The mental landscape of the ant is vastly more simple than the mental landscape of the human. It does not think or reason or have understanding of it's world or itself. It only follows the program coded into its DNA which also serves as it's connection and communication point with the all permeating and sustaining Mind of God as filtered to it through the genetic mind of the planet itself. All it knows what to do is what it's inborn genetic program, it's connection to the genetic mind program for "The Ant", tells it to do and it cannot deviate from that.

The human though, with it's much more developed brain, is capable of receiving much more sophisticated input of mind and thought coupled with superior interpretation and manifestation abilities when compared to other animals. The quality of mind which a human exhibits though is not determined by the quality of brain alone but by the degree to which that brain is connected to the greater Mind and this connection is determined on the physical level by the quality and amount of DNA connection of the person. DNA serves as a connecting bridge between the level of physical existence and the non-physical level of Mind. The more connected DNA strands a person has, the better their connection to the Higher Mind is and the greater the quality of thoughts with which the person can shape it's mental landscape and manifest a higher and more beneficial physical landscape for itself, others and the wider Creation it inhabits.

Higher DNA connection levels are no guarantee of higher, superior Mind receipt though since the human has the ability to reason, to choose and make free will decisions which is the main thing that sets it apart from the animals, some of which have higher reasoning abilities but which are not on the human level yet. The human is the only being with the ability to fully determine it's own mental landscape and some can, and do, despite perhaps having higher DNA connections, choose to create a chaotic, dark mental landscape completely at odds with the Higher Mind of God to which they could have better access if they wanted to. In these ones the Higher Mind connection is generally then severed and they begin to descend to the mental levels of animals regardless of DNA connection levels. They begin operating from animalistic based genetic programming with an increasingly diminished ability to think and reason as a higher human would. Their mental landscape becomes animalistic and focused solely on physical existence and physical gratification with ever diminishing regard for all that is High and Holy. This can also occur in ones whom have had their minds forcibly invaded and manipulated against their wills and the wishes of the Higher Mind. In such cases the Higher Mind would also sever all connections in order to protect itself.

There are humans called "Robotoids" which are born with diminished thought and reasoning abilities as they have no higher mind connections because inferior DNA make them unsuitable for such connections. Many of these ones basically operate as two legged animals, taking input on DNA level from the planetary genetic mind with no connection to or concept of Higher Mind and no real input from it which can elevate their thoughts and minds. These ones can easily be mentally manipulated and controlled since their minds have no real defense against thoughts of a harmful nature. Of all minds on Earth the Robotoid mind, in general, is the most susceptible to being turned into mental "garbage dumps" because they lack the natural defense a higher, reasoning mind provides.

In the mental realm is where all existence has its roots. It is the beginning and the end. Whatever is thought of consistently comes into existence in each person's mental, and eventually, physical world and whatever is forgotten disappears from the mental and, sometimes, physical existence. God is Spirit but creates by thought and as man is a manifestation of God's thought and gifted with the ability to think and reason he can manifest with thought too, just like God. It just takes longer because man is on a lower, denser level and his mind is still imperfect which can potentially be dangerous. High thoughts manifest high things. Low thoughts manifest low things. It is a great responsibility, great privilege and a great honor that is not to be taken lightly and if abused there is always a price of some kind to be payed. Man creates his own world and what that world will be is entirely in his hands and is his own sole responsibility. Heaven or Hell starts in the mind. A Divine mind is Heaven. A Dark mind is Hell.

The ultimate mental space is the Spirit space. Spirit is the purest expression of thought energy. It is not constrained by material limitation and exists completely in mental space. Therefore, because Spirit is not material but pure thought and mind energy it does not need an intermediary between the material and the mental level. Thus, the spirit being has no brain such as a material being has. It does not need one as it is a complete mental being directly in contact, part of and immersed without barriers in the One Mind that is all and everything. The One Mind that is God.

It's all the Mind and, when all is considered and said and done, it comes down to only 2 levels of mind and One thought. Firstly, the Spirit Mind, the High Mind, the ultimate mental existance, the God Mind. Secondly, the animal mind , the ultimate material existence, the low mind. Between these levels are the One thought that forever separates the two, the one thought at the heart of it all, the one thought that makes all the difference : "I AM THAT I AM, I AM GOD, I AM ALL, I AM ONE MIND, I AM ONE THOUGHT, I AM ONE SPIRIT, I AM ONE. ETERNALLY AND INFINITELY I AM THAT I AM"

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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