By Hano
May 16, 2019 - 4:00:08 PM




By Hano


There is the saying :"Some are born great and some have greatness thrust upon them" but what is this "greatness" so talked about? Each will have their own definition of it. Some will think it's to be big and powerful, to have much control over others, some others again will think it has to do with having done great deeds, to be a hero, and then again the "rags to riches" story of how a guy stood out from the "muck" and managed to achieve something big. Greatness can come in many forms and many kinds of people can achieve many kinds of greatness. The trick is to discover what kind of greatness do you hold and how that greatness can be expressed, art, film, song, a great writer, orator, inventor, leader, teacher, gardener, mother,father and on and on and on to a myriad limitless possibilities.

The one thing about greatness is that it really is a very personal and unique thing. Nobody can copy another's greatness. Nobody can achieve exactly the same kind of greatness because nobody is the same. In truth greatness is not born into or shoved upon. In truth greatness is grown into. Is developed step by step, day by day, experience by experience. Your greatness is based exclusively on who you are. It is a brand unique to you. For anyone that tries to copy and emulate another's will fail...because you are not that other and do not have that other's background. If you want greatness, look for it in yourself because what you seek is already there, you already have it. Just find it and grow it.

The Creator of all has endowed every single soul with the ability to achieve greatness and wonders beyond even a wildest, wildest imagination but to achieve that you must find the seed you were created with and grow it. That seed can take eons and eons to grow and mature but once it gets going and you nurture it by choice throughout your entire eternal career you will not only achieve a great many great things but will yourself become a great thing. Greater than you could've ever dreamt of. Your earned greatness will light up the universe and as you join with others greatnesses will fill and compliment each other. You will learn that your greatness very much depends on the greatness you also help all and everything achieve. True greatness is not an individual's a collective thing.

So, find your own greatness, grow your own greatness and join your own unique greatness with the unique greatness of everyone. Then...SHINE...SHINE only united great souls can shine. Therein then do you discover absolute greatness. GREATNESS OF ONENESS and TOGETHERNESS where all is still themself yet in many measures also each other as you eternally share yourself with the Creation you have your existence in.

In the final reckoning you will learn that none are born into greatness but all are destined for it...if they choose to it. Greatness is a choice and one you and you alone can make. Choose your Greatness and discover what dreams your Creator has for you. Be Great. It's your Destiny.


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