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Telepathic Messages : Hano Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Repost - Dimension and Density
By Hano Groenewald
May 16, 2019 - 6:24:34 AM

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Dimension and Density.

By Hano Groenewald

Dimensions are a very misunderstood idea on Earth with many mysteries surrounding the concept of what exactly it is. Together with dimensions in Creation there also exists a concept called "Density". These concepts of Density and dimension in relation to the higher, more spiritual levels of the Creation are an almost completely unknown and very badly misrepresented and misunderstood concept in material Earth science as well as in the more religious, mystical and esoterically inclined groups on Earth.

Many, especially in the New Age movement and in the physical and energy sciences depict dimensions as mystical, fantastical places. Time is often referred to as the fourth "dimension" beyond which the other dimensions (5th and above) then supposedly exist as wondrous, magical places. Time is not the "fourth dimension". Earth is currently in the 4th dimension and will be moving into the 5th, 6th and up to the 9th dimension, as will be explained later. Regardless of dimensional level it wll always be a physical planet though, even as it becomes progressively more spiritual.

Time itself is not a dimension at all, it is just something that is. In simplest terms time is only an effect of motion and exists in all dimensions and on all levels of Creation except on the eternal, stationary Paradise Isle at the centre of all Creation.

The "Euclidean" measurement tools called 'dimensions' of width, height and depth, or the "3 dimensions", are also only a handy way to ease understanding of spatial orientation for the various purposes it is used for and not actual dimensions. True dimensionality and density is more about levels of energetic vibration and existence than it is about mysticism or measuring parameters within our level.

The concept of Densities refer to the amount of elements found on the lower worlds and the higher architectural worlds of the Super Universe and Central Universal worlds of Havona as imbued with a varying amount of the Spirit of God between its atoms.

In this writing I will endeavour to explain dimensions and Densities in a clear and simple way. These are not hard-to-understand mystical concepts which are only meant for high initiates of various "mystical" orders but simple Spiritual Science fundamentals which, with a bit of thinking and plain explanations, can be easily grasped by any person.


True dimensions are levels of consciousness and consciousness imbued matter vibrating at different atomic rates. When you accelerate the vibrational atomic frequency of anything then that "anything" will shift "dimension". It will move into a higher level of energy which will become undetectable to the slower frequency lower level. As an example, if you heat water the molecules of the water begin to vibrate faster as their energy increases. Eventually the water molecules move so fast that their condition changes, they become steam and invisible water vapor. Now the water is still there, it still exists, but just in a more energetic form. You might say that the water shifted "dimension". It moved into a higher octave of energy. If you then cool the water again, slow its energy frequency, then it becomes visible in the lower dimension again as what you know as water. That is what dimensions are, higher and lower octaves of energy. This is the same principle the ExtraTerrestrial UFO craft use to materialize and de-materialise. They simply increase their energy until they move to a higher energy octave.

When you 'ascend' you accelerate the speed, the energy, of your consciousness frequency as well as anything imbued with that consciousness, like your body. It's a similar principle to the water turning into water vapor. You are still "water", only in a different energy octave. You will thus become invisible to your previous level and visible to your next level.

What is going to happen to us, Earth and the solar system as a whole is that once we hit the 5d (5th dimensional) frequency we will become invisible to anything below 5d and will essentially cease to exist in the 3rd and 4th dimensions and become undetectable to anything below that 5d level. Our energetic frequency will be too high to be detected by anything below 5d. We will still exist but in a higher energy octave where we will also concurrently become visible and detectable to anyone residing on those energy levels. This shifting and becoming invisible also serves as a safeguard against harm from anything on a lower level which has not yet achieved the required energy/consciousness/vibratory level.

This means a hostile, violent invader cannot land on the Earth or harm it because it would be undetectable to them. Neither would they be able to physically survive in their lower vibrational state without deliberate adaptations to the vibrational (dimensional) frequency of their physical, spiritual and consciousness energy levels. Even if the physical frequency could somehow be raised it would still necessitate a higher spiritual and consciousness level which can only be attained through long periods of evolutional experience. All three levels must be in concert for an entity to physically exist for any length of time on a higher dimensional level.

This also means that souls below a certain developmental level, like 5d (5th dimension) for example, cannot incarnate on a 5d, or higher level, planet to harm and disrupt the ascending consciousness of the planet and of its people as some lower vibrational souls are currently doing on Earth.

You cannot attain a certain dimensional level until you have developed enough, increased your consciousness/energy frequency enough to exist at that level. A place like Jerusem , for example, would be the 10th dimension (10d) and Paradise on the level of 17 or 18d, being the place with the highest energy/consciousness level in all Creation.

On the effect of accelerating vibratory frequency as related to heat. It is well known that the quicker the molecules and atoms move (vibrate) in any substance the hotter it gets until it eventually transitions from one form to another, like ice to water to steam as explained earlier. That's very basic science. For those that thus worry about the rising temperatures of earth, they don't understand that the earth's frequency rise is the reason it is getting warmer. That rise will however not turn the planet into a boiling, uninhabitable hell as everything on earth will also experience this heating effect as its frequency increases with that of the planet. Everything will adapt to that increase at the subatomic level and the temperature increase will affect nobody and nothing adapted to it any more than is the case today. Even if the future higher dimensional earth would be something like 50'C by today's measuring standards the plants, animals and humans, all life in fact inhabiting it would feel just as comfortable as those inhabiting today's earth because their energy frequency and that of the planet will be compatible and synchronous. For earth to ascend it has to get warmer. There is no other way. The temperature increase accompanying the higher vibratory frequency is completely natural.

That is why the lower vibratory criminal element currently controlling earth want to keep the earth cooler. That is why they are trying all and everything to keep the planet's temperature from rising. That is however a process they cannot stop. Even though they might be able to delay or retard the frequency rise at present by attempted suppression of the rise in consciousness it will still occur regardless. There are much bigger forces at play now than was the case even only 50 years ago and the rise in consciousness along with the effects on all and everything accompanying it will occur. That is inevitable.

The lower vibratory earth controlling criminals are desperately trying to prevent earth's frequency from increasing because their slower, colder vibratory frequency will be incompatible with that of a higher frequency, warmer earth and they will "burn up" physically (by just dying), as well as be extremely uncomfortable spiritually (if they have souls) as they cannot adapt and raise their own frequencies to synchronize with that of the rising planet in order to survive. It's also a reason why they won't be able to incarnate again on the planet once it has been anchored and stabilized on its new energy frequency. In other words the higher the vibratory rate of consciousness becomes, the warmer any material within the influence field of that consciousness becomes until it becomes very uncomfortable or even fatal to any material or spiritual body not vibrating on the same frequency as that of the consciousness field level it is existing in.

Spirit is very hot because of its very high vibrational frequency and that's why when it comes down to lower worlds like Earth its frequency has to be stepped down (cooled down, have its frequency slowed) to adapt to the environment it will be inhabiting, otherwise it would burn up its host body. It is also the reason that when a Father fragment (also known as the Thought Adjuster) fuses with a soul the sudden faster vibrational frequency temperature increase causes a temperature difference so great that it instantly consumes the slower, colder physical body unable to adapt quick enough, like throwing a piece of paper in a fire.

The higher the frequency of a body thus gets, the quicker it vibrates and the hotter it becomes until eventually it transitions into another level of existence (if the increase doesn't destroy it). The material properties of the body stays the same though with regards to its elemental makeup, only its atomic vibration rate has increased. In the far future the higher vibratory earth, such as 7d, 8d, 9d, will still consist of the same elements it does today as will the life on it except that it will be imbued with more spirit, more consciousness and be quite large. It will be hot too if measured by today's standards but not so much as to be disruptive for the adapted elements (such as water) and uncomfortable for the beings inhabiting it or so much as to cause combustion on the level it will be existing.

That's all dimensions are. Certain frequencies of atomic vibration within a certain consciousness/spiritual frequency accompanied by concurrent effects on the material elements within its field of influence (such as temperature increases and invisibility to anything below that specific frequency). It's just science. Nothing magical about the mechanics of it at all. The only magic is in the experience of it.

This is what 'dimensions' mean and are about.


Density is a classification system which determines what group a world or universe falls in based on its material/elemental makeup and lifebearing attributes.

First density bodies are bodies like stars, lifeless moons, asteroids, comets etc. Those are first density bodies with no life and less minerals than 2D bodies. New planets also fall into this category until they become lifebearing.

Second density (2D) are lifebearing, space-time level bodies like earth. All lifebearing planets on the evolutionary space level are 2D (Second Density) regardless of their dimensional (energetic consciousness level). Earth will always be 2D even if it goes to 9.999d (dimension) which is the highest dimensional level an evolutionary planet can attain.The preferred standard designation by Christ Michael is the form 2.42 (2nd Density 4.2 dimension), the latter being the current planetary dimensional level and the number which can increase with time up to 9.999d as the planet spiritually evolves. Density also refers to the amount of mineral elements present on a body.

3rd Density and Upward

The bodies of 3D (3rd Density) and higher, the architectural training and headquarters worlds in the Super Universal level and the worlds in the Central Universe of Havona - including Paradise - have more mineral elements than the worlds on the evolutionary space level. Jerusem, Satania's 3D 10d - also written as 3.10 - 3rd Density, 10th dimension - headquarters world, has, for example, 200 elements, twice the amount of Earth while it increases to a 1000 in Havona. These elements are mostly the same as on Earth but they only vibrate at a higher frequency (dimension) which makes them less dense than their counterparts on the evolutionary space level worlds.

Although these 3D and above worlds have more elements than evolutionary space level bodies, they appear less dense, as more space between the atoms are occupied by Spirit, which pushes the atoms further apart, than is the case with evolutionary space level bodies. Even though the elements on these higher worlds are less dense and vibrate at a higher frequency it will still be recognizable as air, water and plants etc, even in Havona and on Paradise. It's form is just more spirit-filled than on Earth. It is a kind of "matter" which is more "alive" than any on Earth. As Earth evolves into higher spiritual consciousness levels the matter on Earth will also become more spirit filled and "alive". It will have a kind of glow to it.

The more Spirit pervades a body the bigger and less dense the body would appear because Spirit occupies more space, just like expanded water vapor occupies more space than condensed, liquid water. The more expanded a body is, the more Spirit it contains between it's physical atoms and the bigger it is. The more compressed a body is, the less Spirit it contains between it's atoms and the smaller it is. In cases of more compressed bodies, like our current physical bodies where there is less space between atoms, Spirit surrounds the body instead of filling it. In future as humans, and planets, become more spiritual, the bodies will become bigger to accommodate the larger spirit volume. Eventually a large part of Spirit will be able to occupy the physical body but never fully as Spirit is ever expanding and will always be larger than any physical body.

These are the concepts of dimension and Density and may it serve to provide some better understanding of this very misconstrued but vital component in the understanding of spirituality and spiritual universal cosmology.


The contributions and teachings of KAN DAEK, which made this article possible, are gratefully acknowledged.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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