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Telepathic Messages : Hano Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Authority and You
By Hano Groenewald
May 31, 2016 - 6:27:52 PM

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Authority and You

By Hano Groenewald

AUTHORITY. It is everywhere and there is just no escaping it. We start out with our parent's authority, then, as we grow up and start school, its parents and teachers. As we go further into life the parent and teacher is replaced by the professor and boss and various religious and government authorities. Throughout all of this we are always taught to submit and always told to respect the authority no matter who or what it is. Always are we encouraged to look outside for guidance. Always are we taught that the "expert" knows better, that the external "expert" knows more about what is good for us than we know what is good for us. We are taught and programmed to always look out to someone else, to look up to someone else, find a role model, find an example to emulate. Be what the other is and tells you to be and do instead of what you really are and should be and do.

From birth we are programmed to always look outside for the answers, not inside. We are encouraged to become "educated", to be "normal", to "fit in", to be "successful". Any signs of true free thinking experimentation and individuality are squeezed out of us until all that remains is a drone that has completely forgotten where the best answers for themself is. People forget to look inwards and ask inwards. Whenever an issue comes up some outside counsel and "expert" advice is sought and generally followed slavishly as well. When the advice then doesn't work and you are then asked "Why did you do it?" the answer is "because the expert said so" while what you're actually saying is "I went outside myself because I don't recognize my own authority to know what is best for me"

How can another know what is best for you? How can any external person or organization claim to know what you need? Are they in your mind, heart and soul? Do they know your deepest desires, fears, hopes and dreams? How can anyone claim to be in any position of authority over you when they know nothing of who and what you truly are? How and why do they succeed in gaining that authority over you in the first place? Because you gave it to them. You allowed a force and power outside yourself to become your ruler and you forgot that you're supposed to be your own ruler and own authority.

Ever since you began thinking for yourself you allowed yourself to become programmed and never realized that only you can de-program program yourself from all that is suppressive and harmful to you. Even when you knew what that was you still decided to "go with the program", to "go along to get along". You gave away your power. Then you forgot your power because somebody else said they know more about what's better for you than you do. You aquiessed, gave up, gave in and let another control and direct your life. You became a slave and prisoner. A slave to the external "authority" and a self-made soul prisoner in a self-made mind prison. You ceased to be a real, free, creative human being and became a programmed robot following a formulaic life from birth to death. A life designed for you by someone else. At this point the programming has become so embedded and entrenched that any attempt at external de-programming and helping you to free yourself is vehemently fought and opposed because you forgot your own authority and power. You forgot yourself and how to use your own mind and heart. You became whatever the "experts" told you to be and do. Whether those "experts" were parents, friends or any other perceived authority doesn't matter. You made the choice to give away your power. You gave them rule of your life. You imprisoned yourself.

Religious programming and authority

Of all types of programming religious programming is arguably the worst and most insidious type of programming ever imposed on mankind. When it comes to religious de-programming attempts people tend not to listen to someone they think has no authority. A priest is viewed to have authority, a pastor, a pope, a rabbi, a mullah, even new age so-called "gurus" but not an ordinary person. Unless some silly religious costume is worn and weird outdated customs are practiced which supposedly connects the intermediary with the "Sky God" then what is said is just not believed. It is viewed as heresy and blasphemy and the speaker either ignored or severely attacked.

The issue of authority (or more accurately perceived authority) is the "force field" that needs to be broken through. For century upon century people are taught that they are not the authority, that they hold no authority or ability to talk to God...and hear God...that only a designated representative can do that. That only that one has the right and authority. This is of course a control mechanism and complete bull. Over time this has however become so deeply embedded in humanity's genetic mind that its not going to be budged by a few short years of correct teachings on and off each century.

This problem needs to be corrected but to correct this problem completely a few centuries of continuous correct teaching will be necessary. While the Luciferian Cult (aka the Jews) have any kind of influence on Earth though this correct teaching just won't happen on any mass scale for any significant length of time no matter which non-authority bearing (in general human eyes) being brings it.

There are so many posers now that even if the original Jesus, Esu Immanuel himself, just appeared and started to teach again he still wouldn't be believed because many cultists now and in the past have claimed to be "Jesus" or "Christ" incarnate again. "Jesus" and "Christ" have supposedly been incarnated so many times now again that nobody except the most ignorant (and there are still loads of those) even look up anymore. Its just not special anymore. Why is anyone even waiting for the "Second Coming" if it has already happened so many times?

Incidentally...and just so you know...the Second Coming already happened in 1954 when Esu Immanuel (the physical 'Jesus') and Christ Micheal (The Sovereign of Nebadon and spiritual 'Jesus') returned together again but with seperate bodies and not in a double incarnation as in the last bestowal 2000 years ago. They returned with a 1 million spacecraft armada (which has since grown to at least 10 million) from the Pleiades (of which this solar system is an outlying part) to fulfill the promises made 2000 years ago. The world just wasn't told about it for reasons you should investigate yourself. Today however, thanks to the internet, the world is being told about it but ,for the most part, just don't care to pay attention, believe or investigate beyond the superficial.

Why doesn't the world care to pay sufficient attention? Because they are too distracted by "bread and circus" and "dog and pony" shows while giving too much credence to "authorities" outside themselves that supposedly know "better" than they do. They have forgotten that they are supposed to be the authorities of Self, the directors of their own destinies.

The issue of authority and where it's really settled is the real thing that needs to be overcome. Until that happens, until (ensouled) humanity learns that the true authority and real truth is themself and settled in themself in the form of the indwelling Father and until someone who is currently viewed as having real authority initially teaches it (because of man's current outside authority complex) we will plod on as we have for centuries past. In dark ignorance and suffering under the bootheels of "authorities" that mean man no good.

Despite everything Man is subjected to he however still likes his authority. Oh, he may protest from time to time but he still doesn't really want to be without it. He just replaces an old one with a new one. It's still too convenient to have somebody else do all the thinking and give the directions and orders. Growing up means taking responsibility for Self, Planet and Cosmos and man is just not anywhere near that point yet and apparently doesn't really want to get to that point either. Until the decision is made en-masse to leave the playground and childish things behind growth will not occur no matter how many teachers come and go or how many authorities are replaced.

Man must learn that we ,ourselves, are the authority and that only we can write our destiny. It is so because we are all Sons of God and we carry that authority as our birthright and nobody has the right to usurp that...NOBODY. If only that can be fully realized by every ensouled human being...if only...they could be free tomorrow.

Destiny is in your hands. Realize your Authority then be your Authority. Be your own Sovereign.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, KAN DAEK (Candace).

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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