Another 10 Short Thoughts
By Hano
Jun 26, 2019 - 4:38:55 PM

Life, Love and Kindness - A reminder message

It's not about how life treats you. It's about how you treat life. Love and kindness are words thrown around a lot but practiced not nearly enough. The expression "Life is what you make it" is very true. A kind heart will make a kind life. A loving heart will make a loving life. It's about what you choose. Oh sure, there will be "those days" but "those days" don't need to be everyday. "Those days" are just part of living and loving and growing. What remains the most important is where you choose to take your love and kindness...or the other way...

Dearest, whatever you choose you must know that you are more loved and cared for than you can imagine or believe. Just believe it, let it in, and the rest will follow. Life can be so loving if you want it to be. It can also be so angry if you want it to be. Left...or Right...It's up to you. With great love from your spiritual team. Always there for you. ~ Hano


What are tears? Tears are pressure relief for the heart. Good pressure and bad pressure. ~ Hano


What you don't know can hurt you

Always be vigilant with what you learn. Always look for what you are not being told and find and follow truth because what you don't know can hurt you. ~ Hano


All for Everyone

When everyone works for everyone else then none will be working for any one as all will be serving each other's interests instead of just serving the interests of some. ~ Hano



It is not about what you do or did or what you leave behind when you go. It is about who you are, were, who you love, loved and who loved you. That is Remembrance. ~ Hano


Legal and Illegal. Right and Wrong

Under man-made laws anything can be made legal and anything can be made illegal but that does not mean that legal always follow what is right and illegal always follow what is wrong.

Right is what is good and beneficial for all and everything. Wrong is what is harmful and destructive for all and everything. To have a just and fair world it would be much wiser to judge by right and wrong than legal and illegal. ~ Hano



Power is not an isolated absolute. None can have power unless it is shared. Power can only be gifted. One can only receive as much power as another agrees to give. Power requires permission. Power requires support. Power requires free will choice. Real power is freely gifted and freely returned. False power is forcibly taken and never freely returned.

The true powerful only give in love and receive with gratitude but not expectance. Expectance of power leads to force and force leads to false power. This is the power of Fear. Fear leads to Hate and Hate to death and destruction of the false power seeker. Genuine love based power receivers always rise. False fear based power seekers always fall. True power is Love and Love is True power. True power is a gift. Receive and use it wisely. ~ Hano



Faith is not something you can just have. Faith must be grown. It can't be given. It can't be donated. It can't be bought but it can be inspired. The gestation of your faith, the nurturing and maturation of your faith is totally and completely your responsibility. Don't go looking for faith or someone to give you faith somewhere. Stand up, walk to your mirror and see the face of faith there because that's the only place you'll find it, in yourself. Look in the mirror and see your faith, then bring it to life and grow it like a little child to adulthood. Then reap its rewards and experience its power. Faith can carry you far...if you would let it...let it. ~ Hano


Betterment and Recognition

Do not work just for the betterment of self. Work for the betterment of all as the betterment of all is the betterment of self. Yet, do not expect recognition from your worldly brothers but know that you will earn the recognition of your spiritual brothers. ~ Hano



An expectation is an idea. It is an idea of what you think should be but which will not necessarily be. It's an effort to predict the unpredictable. Life. You expect this or that to happen or this or that person to be what you think they should be. When it then doesn't pan out that way you're disappointed, disappointed in the circumstances and disappointed in the people that didn't manifest your idea of what you wanted from it or them. To have an expectation is to limit yourself to probabilities that you can foresee while ignoring greater, and perhaps more beneficial, ones that you can't. Life can have grand plans for you but when you force it into the expectation box you actively diminish that possible grandeur and cut yourself off from possible life enhancing, if unexpected, experiences.

Life can be a surprise around every corner but when it is not the surprise you expected you're disappointed and thus don't see the benefits of what may be on offer for you. It's natural to expect what is always nice but life gives you what you need to grow and not always what you think and expect you need to grow. All surprises don't always come in a pretty wrapped box with a pink bow. Sometimes it's a nasty box. Free yourself from expectation, from what you think should be in the box and what the box should look like, and from the limitation to see and experience all that life, and Spirit, has to offer for your benefit.

God has no expectation from you other than to just be who you are meant to be and become what you couldn't yet even dream you could become. The saying "expect the unexpected" is a truth of spiritual growth as the unexpected is all that can be realistically expected. Embrace the freedom of unexpected and the release from subsequent disappointment and experience the magnificent diversity and fluidity which Spirit wants to give. Life is more fun with surprises. More fun without expectation. Expectation is just another form of waiting. Don't wait for expected life...LIVE UNEXPECTED LIFE!


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