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Truth can turn things around!
By Hatonn -- Christ Michael Aton
Oct 31, 2018 - 9:13:47 AM

Truth can turn things around

12/15/91 #1   HATONN

I wish to pass on, now, to a personal subject in response to one who has written me a most urgent, yet wondrously thoughtful, letter. This comes from a man who served what he thought to be, his country in the Viet Nam War. He is plagued by stress syndrome, Agent Orange damage and total emotional upheaval--made both better and worse by insight into TRUTH.

This fits more of you than you wish to admit, whether you have never left the home-farm or have identical symptoms of this young man or if you are in business or entertainment--TRUTH is shocking and painful when the lies have ruled for so long, and deliberately, a time segment of generations.

Dharma, I see no better way to respond than to lay forth the writing exactly as it is received, for this person speaks for the multitudes who are efforting to "sort" and confront the bastard of evil liars. As with any problem--you MUST KNOW the problem and then the answer can be sought and found in REASON, KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLIGENCE. I appreciate the letter, Terry (Ariz.), for you give opportunity to both myself and your brother. You KNOW the answers for you speak them as well or better than I. You simply needed to voice them and be heard that your own self might have hearing. Anger is proper--reaction in distemper to that anger is improper, so let us look at the situation as enlightenment comes and perhaps together we can make this a worthy journey in the proper sequence and direction.

This is dedicated to EVERY READER--EVERY READER!


I want to wish all of you "God's Love" and blessings during the traditional Holiday Season, even though we now know that Jesus (Immanuel) was not born at this time of year, on behalf of my wife and for myself. We acknowledge and appreciate your efforts and dedication, in the very face of ADVERSITY, to bring TRUTH and a knowledge of the "real" God and Christ to people before it's entirely too late. I admire and respect all of you. I saw lots of courage in the jungles, rice paddies, and "Iron Triangle" of Viet Nam but admit that the courage and dedication all of you exhibit may exceed that.

When I first started (barely) reading the Phoenix material, having just seen the Green's videotape, I wrote a short letter expressing my reaction to some "traumatic" new ideas (Truths) and the profound effect it was having on me. That must have been some 3 or 4 months ago.

Since then, I have read a great deal more. I was so "captured" by my new experience that I have bought every JOURNAL and all "back-issues" (so-to-speak) of Expresses, etc. available, and a few other books you carry (like Mullins' CURSE OF CANAAN) as well. Up to now I have read some 8-10 of the books and Expresses. Though this is a small percent of the total I have, all will be read in the future. I "hunger" for more knowledge, more "Truth". My wife thinks it is an "obsession", although she shares my total "belief" and "trust" in the source and the material.

It has already changed my life. I used to watch TV programs with my wife every night. Now, we have reduced that drastically, and I "read out loud" to her from the "JOURNALS" and/or Expresses and "Liberator" every night for 2-4 hours. That way we get the new knowledge simultaneously and can "discuss" it on the spot as we move along.

I must admit, however, that, at first, I had some agonizing doubts, even "anger" at some (very few) new Truths. You see, I started with the Journal covering the Gulf War because I am very heavily interested in military affairs. And, since I had fanatically supported the war, emotionally totally supported my "Comrades-in-Arms" (especially the Infantrymen of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division because I had been a combat Infantryman in that unit in Viet Nam), hated Iraqis because of their stupid threats and insults of American soldiers on TV, was staunchly "Pro-Israel" all my life because of the "myth of the Holocaust" and my admiration of their military, and because I believed George Bush. So Hatonn said things that--at first--I resented and even got angry about (a "biased God", I think I said at times). Specifically, I deeply resented the statements regarding "atrocities" committed by U.S. Forces, my "Comrades-in-Arms". This is a sensitive subject to me because as an "Honorable" Viet Nam Veteran who neither perpetrated nor witnessed any atrocities (or crimes of any sort) I have always been "red-hot" infuriated at Oliver Stone's and other Hollywood phony movies impugning the honor and character of those of us who fought in Viet Nam. I go "ape" over that characterization. My emotional ties were strong to the Armed Forces in the Gulf. I doubted that "we" buried alive 12,000 Iraqis and, even if true, I said every time I read it (over and over again) that "they deserved it" since they were trying to kill our troops, weren't they!? This was war! "Kill or be killed." I was also reluctant to believe we bombed so many civilians (I watched CNN, etc., 16 hours a day during the war and since, as I am a 100% disabled veteran, I cannot work.)

Now I tend to believe that Hatonn always tells Truth so we must have done these things. Yes, I still get a little "annoyed" when Hatonn denounces the TROOPS themselves for these things as I blame the Generals and NOT the GRUNTS [H: Yes brother, and so do I, Hatonn!] but GOD ATON has a higher, different perspective than I. He is "objective" while I am emotionally tied to the "Grunts" who are ordered to kill or die "for their country".

At the beginning I was so upset by the "anti" "bias" (my false perception of the information) that my wife urged me to write to ask, "Why are you so insulting to the troops who have very little real choice?"--but I didn't because I did not want to BOTHER any of you and infringe/impose on Dharma's precious time since even then I knew how overworked she was, due to people writing in so many inquiries. I decided to continue reading to resolve the "dilemma" myself.

Well, I now believe Hatonn speaks Truth and is righteously angry at the U.S. Armed Forces but I still blame the Generals, not the Enlisted Men.

The other major thing I wanted to share is that I have been a non-professional Military Historian for two decades and a "History Buff" for 30 years since in High School. My degree was in History. I know more Military History than most professional Military Historians and more History than most PhD's who teach it. I now have come to the traumatizing conclusion that I knew more LIES than most people, is all! I feel BETRAYED both for Viet Nam--where I nearly died--and for my LOVE OF HISTORY which I was so devoted to. [H: Just a tiny interruption right here, for I want you, Terry, to ponder the prior statement and may you please discern that this is "WHY YOU"! It requires that "some" KNOW what the accepted "History" is given--so that through intelligent vision the lie can be uncovered. Anyone can believe a "new" concept if they have no notion of that which was error from geographical location to fact of incidents and encounters. Of course it is painful to be deceived and worse, intentionally--but "striking out" in blind anger is NEVER an "answer". Revealing the rascals for that which they are and causing them to face their actions and lies in the Light of Truth--is that which is needed. In this manner the evil-doers are caught in their own warped trap.]

So where do I stand now? Depressed, angry, bitter (I was always bitter over Viet Nam; now I have more reasons) and a lot of other "negative" emotions. [H: I ask you to change a couple of words herein. You are distressed-not actually depressed as incapable, you are angry but controlled with reason, and forget "bitter" altogether for bitterness and hate are almost synonymous in meaning and neither merit valid positive movement. These are tools of evil to keep you helpless and confused while focused on a very damaging negative element. We will later discuss what happened to you young people in that period of the Viet Nam and ending Korean Wars. Those were the beginnings of mass mind-manipulation in a circumstance never declared as war--to test their tools of taking over the planet. It will make more sense as we discuss it more in depth but I don't want to interrupt the thought-line herein.]

My wife is concerned and upset. She shares my "new" beliefs (she had always believed these things; she was reluctant to tell me) and the "New Truths" but doesn't like my ANGER toward the MASONS--ZIONISTS--COMMUNISTS--SECULAR HUMANISTS-BUSH & THE GOV'T--ISRAEL--THE BANKERS--THE ELITE-THE "CONSPIRATORS"--ALL OF THEM! It's really "HATRED" she says. She feels (rightly?) that I "help them" by my intense anger and hatred toward ALL of them (my reaction to BETRAYAL); that my negative (strong) emotions give power to the ADVERSARY even though it is directed AT THE REAL EVIL ones now, not the ones I formerly hated. I don't understand. She has tried Hypnotherapy (she is a certified Hypnotherapist but can't find a job using it; she is a clerk for near-minimum wage) but my "resistance" is too strong.

I now am ANTI, not PRO Israel. I am now "neutral" regarding Arabs (Iraqis and Palestinians) instead of hating them. I am 100% ANTI-George Bush and our entire Government! I am now "neutral" regarding our military, instead of "PRO". I now believe F.D.R. & Marshall and Eisenhower and Churchill planned Pearl Harbor and World War 2 and also committed huge atrocities in it. My thinking has changed so much that it is a very emotional and confusing time for me to deal with. I have had to change 180 degrees in many areas! (In just 3 or 4 months). But, unfortunately, I STILL get FURIOUS AT FEMINISTS, BLACK ACTIVISTS, HOMOSEXUALS (major liberal activist secular humanist distractors and fragments of society). Now I have added JEWS (95% ZIONIST-ASHKENAZI), doctors, lawyers and lots more of the people at which I get extremely angry.

Is this a common occurrence for people like me in my changing ("rebirth") ideas and beliefs and Truths? Will it last long? Or is the fact that I was devoted to (obsessed with) History (and most of the villains were my former "Heroes") and feel BETRAYED; and am 100 % DISABLED FOR POST-TRAUMATIC DELAYED STRESS and--there-fore--"UNSTABLE" emotionally (and was in several V.A. Psych wards and attempted Suicide on Memorial Day, 1979 and again around another "Veterans" occasion and was also HOMICIDAL at times and have a TEMPER problem and have been on very strong V.A. Psych medication for 12 years) going to take me longer than most to reduce/cease my ANGER (Hatred?) at EVIL CONSPIRATORS trying to KILL OR ENSLAVE US??? [H: Son, first I want you to STOP!!! STOP giving your POWER to these beliefs in restriction of self. You have more than adequate reason to be angry and look at yourself. You say you never experienced any atrocities in Viet Nam? Precious, you are riddled with' atrocities within your very being and you have simply given your power into the hands of your enemy who keeps control of you. Handicapped? 100%? No, you are simply not utilizing your emotional strength and anger in the proper manner. It is OBVIOUS that you can WRITE. I am going to leave out of this public document your personal past experiences--for that needs to be in your own BOOK of TRUTH. YOU WRITE IT, SON, I WILL GET IT TO THE PEOPLE. YOU ARE THE VERY EPITOME OF THE EXAMPLE OF ONE WHO IS DARING ENOUGH TO SPEAK UP AND OUT--FOR YOU KNOW INNATELY THE BASTARD'S GAME OR YOU WOULD NOT HAVE ATTEMPTED TO END YOUR JOURNEY. THE FACT THAT YOU DID NOT, SHOULD TELL YOU MORE THAN ANY WORDS I MIGHT SPEAK--FOR YOU HAVE ONLY "FORGOTTEN" YOUR MISSION AND PURPOSE WITHIN THIS JOURNEY AT THIS TIME OF AWAKENING! YOU HAVE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF BROTHERS (GRUNTS AND OFFICERS) OUT OF THAT OVERALL TOTAL "ATROCITY" OF EXPERIENCE AWAITING LEADERSHIP FOR A MAN CAN BE HEALED IF HE CAN SEE TRUTH OF THAT WHICH MAKES HIM ILL. PONDER IT MOST CAREFULLY, TERRY. WRATH AND RIGHTFUL RAGE GIVES A MAN THE POWER TO ACT BEYOND SELF AND LIMITATIONS--IS IT NOT TIME YOU PUT YOUR TRUTH WHERE YOU CAN HELP YOUR BROTHER? BLESSINGS REST UPON YOU, SON, FOR IN SPEAKING FROM YOUR HEART, THE INTENT IS HEARD--THE CALL RECEIVED AND THE COMPELLED ANSWER GIVEN!]

I believe my "heart (Soul) Intent" is GOOD but I am programmed by the ARMY TO HATE and WANT TO KILL so I get too angry at Evil People!

I am also "scared"--I have no guns (my wife disposed of my Sniper Rifle out of fear for others) [H: Bless her and honor her for "reason" and "caution" for violence cures nothing--it only inspires retaliation and plays directly into adversary hands to deprive all of protection and defense. You must change your intent and take up a sword more powerful than the largest cannon--the PEN OF TRUTH! It is obvious that you, as James Gritz, have no fear for self and that allows "daring" adventure--but you must be cautious in that you always "serve" where the gain can be compounded beyond that which can be thrown against you!] and a Viet Nam Vet without guns is unusual. I am in POOR HEALTH (AGENT ORANGE effects, etc.) and have no idea how to defend us without Arms against either marauding gangs turned loose on us by the Gov't or the Communist Armies in Mexico and in the U.S. or the Mossad-trained ruthless, sadistic Security Forces. My wife says I "obsess" (one of the major problems of "Delayed Stress" is obsessive-compulsive behavior) over these "threats". But it worries me. If I buy guns, they'll just be confiscated. If I bury them, metal detectors will find them. It seems like a "No-Win" scenario if we lose our fight for the Second Amendment. So I worry. (I am a big worrier) [H: Here's another deletion to your vocabulary, son--"worry", let us guide that "worry" into constructive "thinking" with the goal intent to "solution through alternative to violence" measures. What will hurt your enemies the most? Revelation of their actions and truth of their actions--you cannot kill them all and moreover, YOU do not know WHO TO KILL TO RID THIS PLACE OF THE EVIL-DOERS FOR THE ONES YOU SEE ARE BUT PUPPETS!]

My wife says "obsessing", "worrying" will attract those threats if they become real and I should quit worrying and trust to GOD to protect us. But so far I have read nothing in the literature that says the Space Brothers--Hatonn--Sananda--will do that should the worst happen. Besides, a Viet Nam Vet likes to "trust" to his Weapon! [H: Ah so now we finally get there--good man!, YOU just put your trust in the WRONG WEAPON, son, although I honor you for respecting your wife in her efforts to bring balance. You must realize that the intent, training, medications, and control instilled in ones in "Your" war was directly to keep you focused on violence so that you would be NO PROBLEM as the curtain would descend and the shackles be applied. You would be acting out in ways which would allow their control of you through force and thus, leaving the masses defenseless. As you read you will find those deliberate actions against you, identified. You ones who served in that war were LITERALLY injected with computer pulse-responsive programming CHIPS so that you can be triggered at will to function in most heinous manners--with those guns that most of your brothers still have at their shoulders. You are controlled into doing that which is happening to YOU. THE REASON THE ENEMY WOULD LIKE TO SHUT DOWN OUR "TRUTH-BRINGING" IS THAT YOU ONES WILL WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH--AND AGAINST THE TRUTH OF THE PLIGHT, YOU COME INTO THE ONLY BLOCKING FREQUENCY ABLE TO NEUTRALIZE THE CONTROL. YOU CAN REGAIN YOUR POWER WHEN YOU FIND THE TRUTH AND IN THAT POWER YOU CAN HENCEFORTH ACT IN REASON AND RESPONSE--NOT REACTION IN IMPULSE. YOU BECOME "THEIR" ENEMY AND NO LONGER THEIR "TOOL". DO YOU SEE? Will the "Higher Command" protect you? If need be but I suggest that you will be given into knowing how to protect selves by that time of need. God most surely has full intent of bringing His ones into security for you are the keys to that "Kingdom" through the service of your present placement. All you are doing, son, is awakening unto your mission.] wife sees "faces" so to speak when I get ANGRY--I picked some up in Viet Nam and they seem to be discarnate beings. This makes it difficult for me to foresee victory (eg. 2nd Amendment. vs. Gun Control; TOTAL POVERTY, LOSS OF EVERYTHING or GANGS or MILITARY DICTATORSHIP or NUKES; DEATH or ENSLAVEMENT, etc.) against such daunting odds.. It looks HOPELESS with only a few thousand people "AWAKENED" out of 245 MILLION. This depresses me. I'd prefer to take up Arms with others, fight a Revolution, probably get killed, etc. That I UNDERSTAND! But Hatonn says NO! to that. I wonder if I no longer have the courage, fortitude, stamina, determination, etc., I had in Viet Nam 23 years ago!? Right now I WANT to do something really ACTIVE to help you or Bo Gritz, etc., but either lack the PHYSICAL ENERGY or the MORAL RESOLVE. It is painful to analyze these things. I have the "guts" to fight these EVIL B......S on the Battlefield but am IRRESOLUTE AND CONFUSED fighting them your (Hatonn's) way. Perhaps I need to get into BALANCE, to read more and more and more, to meditate SANANDA's real teachings, to practice  calm, objective, unemotional analysis of my enemy's plans (as I must have done countless times in armies fighting them in the past) and calm, unemotional counter-actions. I ADMIRE all of YOU WHO DO THIS!!!

[H: I have to stop here and address the above. I shall also tell you a story (out of school) regarding your "leader", Bo Gritz. He said to me, Hatonn: "Can we just go in there and 'take-out' the responsible bastards?" I simply asked him: "Who would you take out?" You see, that is never the answer in God's terms--it is always the answer in the human aspect. It may work if you have the most men and the biggest gun--neither of which you have, even if the plan were valid in moral rightness. The facts remain that you cannot reach the REAL culprits and therefore can only render yourself "dead" in the fray and lessen all chance of change in the overall. You ones think in human "earth" solutions and "force" will not "cut the mustard" this time. It is only through knowledge and KNOWING in the proper service to Command of God that will prevail in "winning" this particular war. A Sniper Rifle will, only set the. "army" bask and get the "sniper" killed and misery piled upon misery for the loved ones remaining--that is NOT protection of the innocent--it is the selling of the innocent into "hell". You think in terms of "violence" through deliberate intent--EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THEIR PLAN THAT YOU DO SO. THEN, DO YOU SEE, IT IS ONLY REASONABLE THAT THEY MAKE EXAMPLE OF YOU.]

Forgive my lengthy and probably excessively personal (soul-searching) ramblings. You can see what I mean. One good thing: I usually "smell" the exceptions / distractions / lies / upcoming conspiratorial moves by observing the nightly news (I watch all 3 networks) with a NEW EYE. They NO LONGER "SUCKER ME", "PULL MY CHAIN", etc. The bad thing--I GET ANGRY!

The only TRUTHS I feel I can trust now are AMERICA WEST'S publications. Please tell people never to buy anything from INNER LIGHT PUBLICATIONS (Beckley--Cooper "NEW AGE CONFERENCE" etc.) I was cheated out of $260 by them just before real exposure to your (Hatonn's) Truths.

Once I establish a "Balance" and finish the rest of the material I hope to be able to do something to help. Anything. Right now, I'm just able to help myself (barely). But that New Truth keeps coming in and staying in!

Despite things I've mentioned, I feel I'm a BETTER PERSON now for reading your material. When I think of the Elite stopping your dissemination of Truth (and explanation of current events--very, very important to me!) I get a little "scared" (worried). Right now I'm "new", so I'm pretty "dependent" on your newsletters and worry when they are late. But, whatever happens, I have ALL of your In-print published works and will bury them if I have to, to keep them from being confiscated by Security Forces "searches".

I have tried to provide your TRUTHS to my son who is in the military. He "believes" ("most of it", he says) but I worry what would result if found with Phoenix material in his barracks. It also seems to have affected him emotionally as he now hates the Military (to whom he is indebted for 3 more years of indentured servitude) and is "in trouble" as a result and possibly headed for disciplinary action. He feels that the "truth" (conspiracies, collapse of economy, invasion, nuclear war, enslavement, etc.) makes his situation POINTLESS & INTOLERABLE. Already, he has been denied Christmas leave as a punishment. At his age, perhaps these REALITIES (DANGERS) are harder to deal with than at mine? Did I do him a DISSERVICE? He, too, thinks I am "obsessed" over the JOURNALS etc., although he says "Yes, they are right". I felt I owed it to him to give him the OPERATOR/OWNERS MANUAL, all current Newsletters and PLEIADES CONNECTIONS to try to "save his Soul" if the worst case scenario happens soon--was I right? I nor his mother can "Save him (soul)", only he can do it! His mother worried that it would DESTABILIZE him EMOTIONALLY, and it has, but agreed he had a right to KNOW THE TRUTH!

[H: This is a hard one for parents and loved ones to balance in wisdom. You must, however, remember that an adult is only a "tall" child for the brain is the same--only the "experience" is more extensive--though not necessarily wise. The "disservice" and "unforgivable" would be to continue the LIE--most especially IF you know a thing to be lie. It is not the "TRUTH" which shall make his way unstable--it is as with all things, the wisdom or folly with which he handles the Truth vs. the lie. If he has the wisdom and capability of handling, "literally", the books it means nothing if they are found in his keep. All he has to do is shrug and suggest that they are simply reading material sent to him--"most of which seems to be pretty ' far-out'". If he gathers a group and trouble comes forth in the "name of those books" he has not acted in wisdom for he has put the material and himself at great disadvantage for future action.

If he holds quietly strong in his insight, he can utilize the forthcoming "shedding" of some 700,000 military personnel to his advantage. He can associate himself with a "conscientious objector" affiliation for validity and begin to process papers. If he chooses to stay in the service and gain wisdom and confirmation of TRUTH (an excellent place to prove the TRUTH) then he must be "clever as the serpent and gentle as the dove". Military discipline of self is good if you never give that POWER WITHIN away to that commanding officer. You can participate without giving away your power of God. These young people are now here for a magnificent purpose and THEY NOT ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW TRUTH--THEY MUST COME INTO THAT KNOWING SO THAT THEIR OWN PURPOSE CAN BE SERVED. Patience must always be the watchword for you can NEVER out "strong-arm" the "rulers". It is patience in wisdom which shall allow prevailing. Truth will never harm for it can only strengthen for you MUST KNOWTHINE ENEMY! WISDOM IN ACTIONS ALLOWS YOU TO RISE ABOVE YOUR ENEMY.]

I am not yet able to obey and keep all of the "LAWS" (especially the ones on anger/hate, etc., or the one on Marital Sexual Relationships beyond the age of child-creating) but am trying to. [H: oops! I can offer you a lot of relief of the conscience. Few can whip these emotions into line immediately--especially the desire for fulfillment. Just always look at why you do a thing or "feel" a thing and evaluate it carefully. If you share equally in all instances-the intent is correct. If you "use" any action as escape, ego massaging, self-pity, insecurity, etc., WATCH OUT! Man is not expected to be perfection for that is of God alone and that for which we all seek in service and intent. You are birthed of flesh and trained by flesh and you cannot totally separate from the flesh lest you cease to be "man" and can no longer serve in your manifested placement. Look upon these things with wisdom and discernment. Now, however, I shall give you the punchline: you know that the things of flesh pass in swiftness and the senses only are hyped to expect more and more and more and actually the fulfillment cannot be found in the physical experiences for the enemy always keeps the goal out of reach. AS YOU MOVE INTO FULL COMMITMENT AND DIRECTION OF PURPOSE YOU WILL FIND YOU HAVE NO "TIME" TO WASTE IN SUCH TRIVIAL EXPERIENCES AND THE "PROBLEM" PERCEIVED WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. IF YOU FOCUS UPON IT IT WILL DISALLOW YOU ANY OTHER ACTION. YOU MUST GROW INTO AND WITHIN THOSE WONDROUSLY BALANCED LAWS AND RESPONSIBILITY AND ABOVE ALL-FORGIVE SELF, IT IS NOT THE EMOTIONS WHICH ARE CULPRITS IN EVIL OR SELFISHNESS--IT IS THE LACK OF WISDOM AND DISCIPLINE AND IT IS THE LATTER ACTION FOR WHICH A MAN IS MEASURED--ALWAYS!]

My soul intent is--I hope-GOOD and I yearn to cast off physical habits, activities, desires, and obsessive practices and pray that I can be "accepted" as a "probationary candidate" (of "Good Intent") [H: Son, and so you have it!] if not deserving of nor ready for immediate "promotion"! I can't think of any other reason to continue in physical form if all the Elite Plans are successful. [H: I suggest that it is ONLY through ones such as yourself remaining in the physical state of being which shall insure that the Elite Plan DOES NOT WORK.] I feel that I have lived as many lifetimes as almost anyone else here--mostly killing and being slain on Battlefields throughout History. [H: Ah so--killing and being killed. "Willing to die" is not at point, then, is it? Therefore, consider "willing to live" for an ideal and willing to serve to leave a legacy of Truth and freedom to the children--that is a worthy plea, indeed.]

I am heartily SICK of reincarnation. [H: GOOD! But it is the failure of mission fulfillment and falling short of purpose which causes you the misery--not the experiencing. It is the experiences, in wrong S actions and distractions from the "path" that causes anger and self-disquiet. Get on the right purpose and you shall feel most differently about your manifestation. By the way, you ARE a very old soul and certainly experienced enough to be learning "better" but you have magnificent company in the journey unto THIS graduation, friend.] I surely do NOT want to get "stuck" on another such planet for another million years with all those Luciferian, masonic, zionist, conspiratorial evil murderers. I pray that Hatonn feels I have a "fair" chance to pass "Sananda's" Judgement (even if only Probationary as a "student") on one of his beautiful craft off this evelplanet! [H: Fine, I thought for a while that you might not ask to use your room!]

In conclusion I want to thank all of you, like Dharma's unselfish and exhausting labor, and most of all Hatonn & Sananda for allowing me to live long enough to LEARN REAL TRUTH about everything, including Christ's (Immanuel's) real experience here; "real" History; the Laws; the workings of the Universe, etc. Of course, I'm not so sure that I'm enjoying it! [H: Ah, but you ARE--you are finally really enjoying the experience for now it has purpose. So be it.]

I am filled with AWE at all of you. To repeat--I think your courage exceeds what I saw around me in battle in Viet Nam. For example, the Green's and Ekker's are more courageous, more selfless and willing to die or suffer to serve their "brothers" than the bravest soldier on any battlefield. I wish I had your (their) courage and dedication and energy and temperament (Balance). Maybe I can reach the "God Fragment" within me to emulate you (them) in a small way. [H: Son, you have passed that line on the road. These ones see nothing in what they do which merits special "anything"; it is much as a soldier with a job to do--you "just do it" because you make a commitment. Then, the way is opened and the path shown. Your job is NO LESS. URGENT OR IMPORTANT--ONLY DIFFERENT!]

I cannot express in WORDS my LOVE - and HONOR for/of HATONN, SANANDA and all of the Space Brothers and Angelic Beings who also serve, suffer, risk "death" [H: Nay, nay--"risk LIFE"], patiently observe pathetic human experience for so very long. All I can think of to say is "THANK YOU FOR LOVING US ENOUGH TO KEEP TRYING, IN SPITE OF...." [H: I shall humbly accept that appreciation on behalf of my crew who serve long and diligently so that their own growth can mature. It is infrequent that ones recognize them in their journey to your place for the understanding of such travel and service is "forgotten" in your bound society. Yes indeed, it is time to remember that you can "fly" and the journey to God requires that first step in the direction of God--all else will follow if the path be maintained.]

I have a longer way to go than my own wife, or any of you or most of your readers and subscribers and helpers, but I hope to get there. [H: No, son, you do NOT! You are there and fail to recognize it. I am sorry to be blunt--but the excuse of being behind will no longer be acceptable-you are a long way out front and I suggest you look at it most carefully--for before, and only "before", were you in want of "catching up". Truth once learned cannot be "unlearned" and KNOWING is innate--it is only purpose you now wish to isolate. Since there is no plan greater than is God's, then you must, therefore, realize that the God Plan is also right on schedule. It is only that you ones want to have the plan be "your way" and it rarely is.] My life is so changed ,in just these few months (right now not all that much better "emotionally" for reasons I frankly discussed but certainly enriched/improved SPIRITUALLY [H: If the illness be healed in thine spirit--ye have no other illness] and most probably intellectually, too. I can't think of anything that could get me to stop reading the rest of the JOURNALS, etc., except death, of course. My wife is supportive. She listens patiently as I read out loud every night, although she "knew intuitively" the "gist" of these Truths years ago. She is an 1/8th Indian with an "attunement" there spiritually; is somewhat "Psychic" (She knew I was wounded in Viet Nam before the telegram arrived), somewhat "telepathic" with our son, and is a good Hypnotherapist. She told me years ago, "Life is an ILLUSION; it all means nothing; why get ANGRY at things?" [H: Well, she has simplified it a bit too much. It is an illusion but it means EVERYTHING! By and through the physical experience and expression is growth attained and mastered through ability to "act" in "choices". It is a "great" subject and I shall not begin it here as the day grows short and the writing long--but THAT IS WHAT is meaningful indeed--it means everything as to your next experiences. I understand "what" she "means" by the statement regarding "anger" but I also want you to understand. The human experience is the most blessed allowance for growth of all dimensions for within that experience comes separation of that which is and is not and that which is enhancing to soul and that which deters soul growth and expression. Further, to be allowed experience in this time of GREAT CYCLE changes is a gift of gifts for ye ones can change of a civilization and planet if you but wish to do so.]

My own mother came to Phoenix to learn and teach Hatonn's and Sananda's Truths and tried to tell me a lot of what I now read in your material but I didn't listen! (Robotoid Presidents!?!? nonsense!, etc. She died before I accepted these Truths. I think she had AUDIO TAPES of SOLTEC or someone back 5 or 7 years ago, perhaps. I'm sure she obtained your material. [H: Each bit of insight must come in its own proper sequence and all that has happened now is that it is your time to "see" and it is through those who came before and planted the seeds--that the harvest can now have reaping. She (your mother) is no less present now than then and can enjoy watching her own tree bear fruit--you ones have no imagination of what comes "next" for you have "forgotten"--it is aptly referred to as "awakening". Honor the parent who gives unto the child the breath of knowledge and Truth so that at some time within the journey it can be recognized.]

I've taken up too much of your valuable time. But I NEEDED to WRITE these things! All of you humans, and Hatonn and Sananda and all the "Hosts" have given me a new chance SPIRITUALLY and I am GRATEFUL. May God grant me the Inner will and strength to "Raise my Frequencies", do a better job at the "Laws", and get a "Promotion", even if probationary, at "LIFT-OFF". I want to go to a better world. [H: Ah, but it is the perfection of the ones who inhabit another "world" that makes it wondrous. There is naught wrong with your present world save that which has been perpetrated against her perfection. It is for that purpose of growth that this wondrous "Mother" has given ultimate service--that YOU might learn and grow and allow her own birthing into her rightful place as a life-form in perfection in the places of the Father's Creation. We are most happy to have you aboard, sir. What took you so long? You must understand God's wondrous ways in which He brings forth His miracles--for the miracles are only in the eyes of the beholder. I salute you.]

At the end of this letter (for which I apologize as to length, "ramblings", and "boring parts") I append a PRAYER that my wife received from _?_ (Inner voice, Guardian Spirit, Space Brothers, God??) after I had "badgered" her to give me something to say every night that would "raise my frequencies", "protect me", "get me closer to God", etc., because I didn't know what to say (shamefully, I admit I had not prayed much since Viet Nam). What do you all think of it?

I AM the Light--so be it.

I AM from within and without the Light--so be it.

I AM ONE in God's Light, I AM that Light--so be it.

I AM the shining being of God's Light from within and without--so be it.

I walk and live in the Light at all times forever--so be it.


Terry (and A.) D.

Ah, and so another lesson for you precious chelas: Unless a man loses his way--how can he know when he has again found it? If you recognize not Truth--how can ye know the LIE? 

I, Hatonn, am no "greater" than are you--I have only been allowed a journey which gained me wisdom in that Lighted Truth and now I am allowed to serve with you of my brothers who have journeyed into the morass to serve in thine purpose, the Creator's wishes--I, therefore, am more blest than you for even though you can see the mischief, you are not allowed the vision in tangible form so you have the harder task of the two but in the ending the goal is but ONE and in that service we cannot fail--for it is KNOWN--in the ending, GOD WINS!



From: Phoenix LIBERATOR: Volume 17, Number 10. Transcription- AH.

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