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EXTRAORDINARY AH Teaching from Spiritual Hierarchy Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Section of Kibo/Ben's #2 hour
By Kibo and Ben
Sep 8, 2012 - 11:03:06 PM

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From Hour 2,

up to 46:03

Ben: Yeah, so the whole thing about someone above and beyond the Michael Sons, he thought that was just, that was made up, that was just false idols and to keep everyone in line kind of thing, but really, there’s nothing beyond that. 

Kibo: Pretty much. He was willing to deal with that he could experience, but for some strange reason he could not experience Source. And that seemed to be a gift that was given to the humans, so you can see his dismay and frustration.

Ben: Yeah, that would hurt. 

Kibo: Okay, I mean you go work in an office and have them have you train somebody, and then find out that the person that you trained is getting the promotion that you wanted. Happens all the time, here. How so you think that made him feel? He was pissed off. They tried to talk to him about it. They tried to explain it to him. He didn’t want to go along with the plan. 

They told him it will be alright, your turn will come. He didn’t want to wait. He came up with an idea, they told him it wouldn’t work - you’ll get that far and then you’ll come across a huge block and you’ll never get over it. He says well let me try and they said okay. 

He could not take failure. He was not willing to admit that he failed. And his reaction to that was just to fuck up everything that he could. (laughs) 

Ben: Yeah, he did that.  

Kibo: (He was) Like a little kid, if I can’t have it you can’t have it either. I will fuck up your action! Okay, good luck with that. Tell you what I’m gonna do – you fuck up what you think you can fuck up, and then I’m gonna to show you just how good you made things in the end. I’m gonna use you. I’m gonna use you to create a people so strong that nobody in Creation will be able to stand against them when it comes to Light and Life.  And that’s you. (meaning Ben and the rest of us) You want to complain about that? (laughs)  

Ben: No, no, that makes sense, man, that makes sense. I can go with that. 

Kibo: Here we are.

Ben: Here we are. 

Kibo: Here we are. And those of us, the best and the brightest of us  - the best and the brightest of the best and the brightest of us know one thing, God’s will be done. Because they know there’s only One of us here. So, it behooves them to act accordingly. Don’t just be a character, be an actor. Act - accordingly. 

Ben: Cause that’s what we are, we’re acting right now, right?

Kibo: Well, too many of us are characters, and we’re being acted upon. And we don’t understand why. 

Ben: You’ll have to clarify that…

Kibo: If we understood why, and became the actors and became more proactive and interactive and so on and so forth, more cooperative, it wouldn’t bother us so much. 

Ben: What’s the difference between actor and character, Kibo? What’s the difference? 

Kibo: The reason, the difference between being a character and being an actor is, the actor knows why. The actor knows why the character is going through what the character is going through. The character has no clue. Shit just happens to the character and the character is totally flabbergasted. Because the character never knows what’s going to happen next. And the character goes through it’s shit as just a character and never understanding why his time on stage is the way it is.    

Ben: So that’s most of us, pretty much the majority of the people on this planet right now? 

Kibo: Pretty much, yeah, that’s what it looks like, yeah.  But those that realize that they are Divine beings playing a character, they have a different perspective, and perception and perspective is everything in this game.    

You have to have a more expanded, higher perception and perspective if you are going to survive this. You have to look beyond the box. You have to look beyond the planet. We are very Earth-centric. We are very human-centric. We look at everything from our perspective. We’re like the Catholic Church saying that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and the moment somebody says, “No, I figured out that the Earth revolves around the Sun..” “KILL HIM!”  (laughter)  “Get the hell out…tie him to the stake!”  “But, but, but –“  “Shutup! How dare you! We are the center of Creation, dagnamit!”  “Well, okay.” 

People still think that. They think what they are doing is what everybody is doing. People still think that they other people react as they would react to a situation. Rachael Corrie thought that she was dealing with people who had a certain amount of humanity. She was wrong. In America, you lie down under a bulldozer, they ain’t gonna run over you. (She was) dealing with a completely different perception and perspective that was totally alien to her. And because she didn’t understand, she died. Now what that says about the people who did it, I’ll leave that up to the individual. But, she tried. 

Ben: There’s that try thing again.

Kibo: She tried. She was a human being, and she showed what it was to be a human being. Maybe, just maybe, the other human beings will realize the folly of lying down all over the world, so that they don’t get bulldozed.

And before you start thinking that I’m talking about, you know, Israel and the Jews – I don’t even know what a Jew is anymore. I know there are people that follow the Talmud. I know there are people that follow the Torah. I know there are good people out there, individuals, and I know that there are people that people call them Jews. I know there are Judeans, I know there are Ethiopians, I know there are Ashkenazi, I know there are Sephardic.  I know there are people who love God and they follow the path and they love the Torah and they hate this bullshit.  Am I to condemn them? No. Because they love like I love and they see what I see. 

And there are people who are obedient in Islam. They pray five times a day and they’re not blowing themselves up. And they’re, they’re not falling for the bullshit.  They’re being obedient. They know what they’re going to tell God when the day comes. And there are Christians who understand, truly, what is being said, and they go beyond the televangelists. There are people who are doing the work in every walk of life, of every religion. These are the people that have chosen God. And because they have chosen God, God has chosen them. 

Now, God does not choose groups. God chooses individuals, and God can only choose individuals that choose Him because technically, God chose everybody. But everybody didn’t show up for the fucking party. So the people that showed up to the party are the ones that ‘get it.’ They get it all!

So where do you show up for the party. You show up within. And I don’t care what your religion is and God doesn’t care what your religion is, either. And if you’re using religion to fuck over other people, well, God’s got a pill for that.

Be excellent to each other. That’s all you gotta do. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love the Lord God Almighty with all thy heart and soul, thy mind and strength. Why? Because He is you. And if you can do that, you see everybody else in you and you see you in them. And you see you in every member of the Galactic Federation that’s on those ships up there. You see you in those beautiful, intelligent ships up there that are evolving also. And you see you in those planets and those stars and those Nebulas and those galaxies and those other Universes all the way back to the Paradise Aisle. And you see you. You see you in the Eloheim, in the Wingmakers, and they told you, “We are you.” They all will tell you, “We are you!”

Why can’t you see that you are them, too? Why can’t you see that this is all One Thing? Why can’t you see that there’s only One of us here? It’s okay to enjoy your life. It’s okay to laugh, it’s okay to be with other people and enjoy – now forgive me for saying this - enjoy the perception of being with others. It’s a good thing, that’s the way God intended it to be. Okay?

We’re company! We’re good company! We’re good company for God and God is good company for us and none of us are alone. We are with each other, and the more we love each other and the more we love God, and the more we love God the more we love each other, we are never alone. We are in each other. God walks in us, we walk in God. We are each other! You have to live your life according to that definition of yourself. You wanna hear God? Believe it. Believe that’s what you are. Know that’s what you are. You are created by God in the image of God. How? Though consciousness. God thinks! We’re trying to tell people now, God thinks, why don’t you? 

(in advertiser voice) “No thinking below this line.” (laughter) I got that from Les Visible. I love Les Visible. I wanna make a t-shirt with a line across the heart that says, “no thinking below this line.” Nobody buys my t-shirts. They’re scared of them. I made t-shirts with energetic designs that were guaranteed to help in these matters, but they’re weird to other people. I tried to make something more palpable to the masses, you know, I can’t help the price. I’m doing it through Zazell. I ain’t got no factory. Whatever. I’m leaving it up to the Boss on this one. I’m done. I got nuthin’. (laughs) Whatever happens to me happens to me. I – All I want is for people to see themselves as they truly are. Screw me. I’m here, I’m gone, I’m here, I stay, it doesn’t matter. But you guys have got to start realizing that you are the “more” that you already want to be. But you’re not practicing it.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How do you get to perfection? Practice, practice, practice. How do you get to higher consciousness? Practice, practice, practice. And there are an infinite numbers of ways to get there. I mean, it’s okay to join groups, it’s okay to do this, and learn that and Kaballa and Yoga and Tao, or, whatever it is that you’ve been made to do. You will find it. But you have to want it. And I know you’re saying, “But, I want it!” Okay. Sit down, relax, breathe, deep. It’s in you. This is just one life – you can do it! You’ve been through so many others…you can do this one. Don’t worry about the bullshit, okay? If you just take care of your own damn self, the bullshit will work out. As more people take care of themselves, and stop the bullshit within themselves, there’ll be less bullshit, okay? You can’t shovel the bullshit out of the world until you shovel the bullshit out of yourself, okay. This is our job – get rid of the bullshit. We have swallowed enough shit. It is time to regurgitate. It is time to shit out the shit. 

Ben: (laughing) There you go with that poetry again.

Kibo: Well, look at it, basically we’ve been at the mercy of a bunch of dark, psychotic people who basically told us, for how many thousands of years, “Eat Shit!” Okay? We’ve eaten enough shit. I ain’t eatin’ shit no more. I’m not. I don’t care about your shit. I am a seashell on the shore to which the breath of God blows. Ain’t no shit in there. (laughter) Whatever happens to me, I am in the hands of God. As long as I’m in the hands of God, I have nothing to fear. I don’t even have the fear of fear itself, because fear is an illusion. It doesn’t exist, unless I create it. I have nothing to fear. 

Nobody has anything to fear except they fear it. They create their own fear. You learn through experience that the shit you feared was just shit, and there’s no reason to fear shit. It just lays there, stinking, but, we get filled up with all kinds of things because they filled us up with it. They filled us up, through the TV, and education and the pharmacy and all the stuff that we’ve been complaining about. That’s the shit. The money, the central banking, Federal Reserve, that’s the shit! Okay…and we have to figure out how to get this shit out of us. And we do the best we can.

Maybe we can get rid of all of it, maybe we can’t...I still got shit in me. I’m working on it. (laughter) But, at least I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m trying to get there myself. If I can get there myself, then maybe somebody else will see, and they will find a way for themselves. Nobody has to walk a path behind me, but at least they can see that a path can be made…and who’s path am I following? Christ Michael Aton and Esu came together as one and gave us a perfect path. Then what happened? I got a religion where everybody is stuck on the cross. Nobody looks at the Cup.

What is the most important thing – to me, to me personally – this is just me, I don’t know if anybody agrees with me, but the most important moment of that whole Bestowal, was the Cup. He didn’t have to do that shit. He really didn’t have to do that shit. He could have said, “Well, you know, Daad, I think I’ll go in another direction.” He didn’t do that. He said, “Okay, let me get this straight…they’re gonna take me, they’re gonna march me around and beat the shit out of me. They’re gonna whip me, they’re gonna spit on me and beat me some more and make me carry this heavy-ass mother fucker. And then they’re gonna put this shit on my head and I’m gonna bleed some more and then they’re gonna nail me on this son of a bitch and I’m gonna be up there – how long? Okay. That’s what you want?! Okay. Mind telling me why? Uh huh…uh huh…oh. (chuckle) Okay, fine….uh, well you know what, Dad? Father knows best. Your will be done, not mine.”

Now if he could do that, knowing what’s coming, who are we to complain about the little bullshit we go through? You try hangin your ass on the cross for nine hours and see how you feel at the end of the day. And we’re bitching about the shit we’re bitching about. This cat came and showed us every motherfucking thing we needed to know. In style. And we can’t even drink the little Cup that’s being offered to us, however sweet or bittersweet or bitter it is. That’s our Cup – drink it. Your Cup – drink it. Do God’s will. What else is there?

I’m trying my best, man. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I, I, you know…(sighs) I want the best. I, whatever God wants, man, that’s all I want. And whatever He’s got for me, I’ll take it. Cause that’s what He wants. He made me. How can I say no? He’s everything to me, how can I say no? He has loved me, He’s the most adorable one, He is the magnanimous one, He is the one who will give me everything if I can just get with the program and follow the lead…He is just everything. I’m gonna say no? whatever I have to go through I’ll...fuck how I feel about it, I’ll try to feel better about it – at least get over that hump. 

But we’re all so worried about the shit we go through – why? All the shit we go through is the shit we go through because that’s the shit we’re supposed to go through for reasons that are beyond us and when we find out we’ll go, “Oh, okay, I get it, cool…what’s next?”

Do God’s Will. How do you find God’s Will? The Kingdom of God is within you, the Will of God is within you. You were created by the Will of God, the Will of God is inherent within your core system. Find your core system. You are the operator of an operative device called a human body. Be the operator, don’t be the body. Be the consciousness within you. All things are found there. The whole of Creation is found within you. But you got to want it, man. You got to understand for what it is and the things you don’t understand you got to ask about – and accept the Will of God! All things come in Divine time. You will never be left alone, your ass won’t be left hangin’…you will do what you have to do, you will do what is made for you to do.

But if you resist and fight and struggle it’s just gonna be that much harder for you because there’s no way around it. What was the prophet who didn’t want to go and ended up swallowed by a whale? Geramia? He tried. He tried to get out of it and look what happened to him. And he was workin’! (laughter) He was on the job, he tried to get out the building. 

If you’re gonna take the job, do the job. If you don’t want the job, say so. Don’t want to do the work, say so. Live life as best you can, at least love each other. Be excellent to each other. But if you want the upgrades, you want the promotion, you want to get ahead and you want Divine company, do the work! Do the work. The work is within. I’m going to be saying this for the rest of my life until they get it or the new age comes.

Doo the worrk! The worrk is within…you’ll get there.

(spontaneous singing to a Sesame Street tune) Practice, practice, practice is a consciousness thing. Da da, practice, practice, practice it’s a consciousness thing. (laughter) Da da da dum, sit your ass down and do your thing…like I give you wings. Bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum…  I can see myself on Sesame Street now. (laughter) Anything else? 

Ben: Oh, man. I’m digesting here, it’s…I’m looking at…I’m trying to do what you’re suggesting; I’m trying to look at it from God’s perspective right now, like what you’re saying. And look at what the work is and how many people have been doing the work here…

Kibo: You cannot make such a leap at once. 

Ben: Then I could try. (laughter)

Kibo: Here’s the thing. I have asked you, in so many words, let’s say the great – okay. Look at is this way. The great spiral path is a path that winds around a seemingly, infinitely high mountain. The mountain is so huge, that while you’re on the path, the path looks straight. That’s just how big the mountain is. But, actually, you’re walking a curve. That’s okay, not everybody sees it, some people do. What I am asking you to do is understand what’s at the top of the mountain.

If in your consciousness, and I understand this is a tricky thing, but it can be done…there is a world of experience before you of people who are on the path ahead of you and who have made it to the top of the mountain. There are people who are doing this even now. Their energy is the same energy that lies within all energy which is one thing which is everywhere. It is possible for you to take your consciousness and move outward with it. Think outside the box. Think beyond yourself as a flesh and blood creature. Think beyond this planet, beyond the Universe, the Solar System, and this Galaxy and this Universe, into the Super Universe. Send yourself, like a phone call, until you get an answer.

You can’t just jump into Papa’s lap and say – well, some people can – but even then, they’ve had years of experience in finding themselves able to do that. And some of them don’t even know how they did it. I want you to know how you did it. Here’s the thing: God reaches out to you with both hands. If you could just reach one hand back He’ll grab it, He’ll meet you halfway.

Now here’s the fun part. While you’re doing all that inner work and reaching within, take your consciousness and realize that everything that you see outside of you is also within you. That whole Universe thing, that’s also inside of you. So go inside your consciousness – travel! Travel all over. See yourself heading to God…inside yourself. The infinity of your consciousness. Inside yourself, however you see that to be.

Do the work, travel, fly! Go, talk, learn! It’s a consciousness thing. I’m not asking you to astral project (laughter) All I’m saying is use a little imagination to support your Divinity. That’s all you have to do.

Now I’ve written on the blog just the other day, if you just put yourself in the endless field of light, and then see yourself off in the distance, and then become that self off in the distance, then where you were, you aren’t there anymore, you’re here now. And that one really got a lot of people. (49:03)



And here's his blog if you haven't bookmarked it.



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