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Your self-bestowals
By Eve / CM
Feb 28, 2012 - 4:05:46 PM

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Your self-bestowals

CM through Eve

24th February 2012

Hi Eve, this is your Big Cheese! I shortly want to comment on some phenomenon which is very common among you. So many of you are in deep regret to have become incarnate down there and cannot understand how they ever agreed.

(I have heard a lot of people complaining during the time I have been doing my job here...and once in a while I was complaining myself.... E.)

So, let's have a look at this, going back to the time you were planning your incarnation ..... one can clearly see that most of you were electrified to go into service this way.
I'm not talking about souls still occupied with their ascending carreer, I'm talking about fully educated and graduated universal servants, either from Paradise, from the Central Universe, from the Super Universe, trinitized, etc.

Many of you were pretty fascinated about my latest and 7th self-bestowal - and from that time on self-bestowals became - especially on Urantia - very common, almost trendy. ... not just for reasons of proving loyalty, but also for taking an extraordinary chance to move something and to prevent my work on the planet from becoming extinct.

Many of you have followed my model role, by offering self-bestowals, to „a few" up to „many" and even „not so nice endings" were not able to prevent you from doing it again and again. Many were really astonished about finding out about the immense degree of density and amnesia, and some even struggled a bit. But all in all, without this incredible support and service, the torch would not have been carried on. I wish you to remember that, when you seem to break down crying the next time. - well, not very much longer! I wish you to remember that your true wealth is not material on this world and that your true home is in the kingdom of heaven. You came into your incarnations as my embassadors, as the celestial troops to demand and claim the earthly battlefields back on my behalf.

All of this is trouble you perceive is pretty much a question of how you place your personal view. You can regard the famous glass half empty or half full. You can complain about loosing wealth, but you can also perceive that your weight of dealing with wealth was eased.

The conditions of the surface of Urantia offer an immense potential for developing creativity, not only to you, also to us as conductors of this project-... all in all this project would not have been possible without these many volunteers, who followed me in regard of my self-bestowal. .... You did not simply become incarnate, you bestowed yourselves.

It was hard to find suitable possibilities for being born and many of you even took the hardships of a terrible family, just for the sake of getting a body and knowing you would have to lift yourselves out of the mud later and come into power. Many embryos which would not have been suited for carrying your big souls had to be adapted and modified aboard ship, so that to more universal beings could be offered a possibility for bestowing themselves to the planet and humanity.

This project has always been a joint venture between you and me, even if you have not been able to see it so clearly as I had wished so far.
To many of you it's not important to find out about their cosmic identity- you are simply there in service, contributing in highest possible ways, while you are enlarging your storehouses of experience to make even more valuable service and contributions - wherever you may go and serve in the future. Your self-bestowals are granting you highest honour in the eyes of the administrative higher ranks, as it is always the greatest gift that can ever be given... to bestow yourself for the sake of the Father's will to be done, and for the implementation of the Greatest Good of all.

Remember - nobody forced you to come here... every self-bestowal was in agreement and a volunteer act.

CM, will you allow me a question?

Certainly, Eve.

How does it come that I feel you somehow tried to „convince" me to come back here another time?

(laughing) I did not try to convince you, I just suggested another go-round in relation to many benefits which could then arise for you after the big finale... understand... as a win-win-situation... the offer was simply attractive enough to make you sign...

That sounds pretty much like the common habits in economy.

You were clearly able to see the benefits which would arise for you, my dear, and even more you were able to see the benefit for the development of this planet. If you need someone to blame for making you become incarnate another time, you may bash me of course, but if you are honest with yourself you will admit that you have already graduated much more than you thought you'd ever do, up to simply leaving some „footprints" in the hearts of some of your co-travellers. Just love can propel that, love combined with dedication. All of you should daily ponder about how you can make these last days of your self-bestowal most efficient. I'm with you and I'll always be, I wrap you in my arms while you go on shining through these final days.

Always yours, Big Cheese, Christ Michael of Nebadon.




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