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Moments of Silence
By CM/Eve
Jun 28, 2012 - 5:59:11 AM

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an energetic encounter
with CM


27thJune 2012

Yesterday evening I was sitting on the roof terrace of my home, first time since long. (We had redone it last weekend) On a new bench for two, sunset was over, twilight fading, moon coming up. Birds had stopped their evening songs and there was absolute silence. No sound at all - none of humans or animals, no motor sounds - just silence, ... I realized how extraordinary that was. Then just sat there, doing nothing, just being there. Eating some chocolates between, which my younger daughter had given to me. Enjoying the silence.

Then I felt CM's presence approaching and he said softly:

Can I sit a while with you?

I stopped chewing for a moment as I was surprised. Then replied: Sure. Just take a seat.

So he joined me at my left side and I scanned his presence in front of my spiritual eyes: So incredibly shining, soft and mercyful, with eyes of wonder, having all colours all at once. (While I'm writing this, sitting in my car and looking at the car clock, it shows 3.33 pm... funny, but it was CM and not S333)

I have not come to talk much or make many words, he started. But please, Eve, do not think a single moment - not even for a second - that I would not care deeply about my creation, about all of this suffering down here.

He paused. There was an incredible wave of emotion coming over which washed tears into my eyes spontaneously. Containing all of his worries, all his love he had sent out and received back unanswered, in a „return to sender" modus.... it was sucked with regret about the many who failed, with empathy for those already on their knees but still holding the stakes down here, with awareness about loosing some of his children, in spite of all efforts to bring them back home... with pain about seeing dedicated ones go over board, not being strong enough to stand the hardships.

Having CM sitting next to me I felt like being in a shift beyond the normal dimension. .. although I had offered him my last chocolate before he started speaking an he had asked to eat it on his behalf. You may call it ridiculous to offer chocolates to our creator son, but why should I not share them with him in a way I share all other things with him, too.

You have been doing a hard job, he went on speaking. ... a tough one an a good one, Eve. Please, feel my gratitude to you, I just thought I'd come and sit a while with you here.

He paused another time, smiling, then went back to be serious.

It saddens me if you ones feel foresaken by your creator, and I heartfelt apologize for the many hardships and load I mananged to put upon your heart and on your shoulders. I just hope you are going to understand, folks. You have suffered all kind of mental and physical crucifixions - even by your loved ones, near ones, your earthly family members. You have been blamed for being the faithful ones who bestowaled themselves to help clearing the mess, ... in a way of some kind of longterm crucifixion. You may feel foresaken, but you are not. I wish all of you to know that you who help to carry my load shall be the first ones. You helped me make it through the night of rebellion, and now, another kind of night will fall to raise the new dawn and to proclaim the return to home. Now, let's sit in silence for a while.

So we did.

This package was beyond words, wrapped in unity, alignment, dedication and love, it's not only that we were dedicated to CM, but it's also him who is dedicated to us.... I will never ever be able to understand how even one of his sons can move so far away from his father that this great love is not able to reach him any more....and so I share his grief about loosing those who chose to be lost.

After a while CM closed. We stood up and embraced each other. When we separated again he smiled the broad way.

You will keep being wrapped in my presence, don't forget, he said.

And with these words, he was gone.



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