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Letter to the matrix farmers and the industry around farming
By Esu
Mar 2, 2010 - 4:18:35 AM

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Esu through Eve
15th Feb.2010
and 2nd March 2010

Hi everyone, this Esu Kumara speaking. For those who do not know me yet: I'm your planetary housekeeper and the one who assisted Christ back in the time of 2000 years ago, and now we are back, as promised. Some among you have already realized that something's going on. There are great changes upon you, and the changes of the plantary sort demand changes of the human understanding and behaviour. A lot has been said about the planetary changes, but it's high time to speak straight on things which must be transformed in your view of the things, or should I say, in your awareness.

I hope that this message will reach some people who are not yet readers of AH, mainly, today, the farmers, who naturally do not have much time to explore and do research in the internet, as they - especially in the European Union - have to deal with such immense bureaucracy that they can hardly even find the time to put the seed into the soil. Well, right now many lands are under snow, so maybe I've got a chance to reach some of them.

(ok, I'm sorry, it's March meanwhile and only now I have my personal processes settled in a way that I can go on taking this transmission, ... the snow is mostly gone. Eve)

The nature and aim of farming is to feed mankind. Original farming worked with a deep connection between the farmers and mother earth. Now look what farming has become. In fall you visit the churches to celebrate thanksgiving, but what you get from earth is forced from the earth, by bigger and bigger machines, artificial fertilizers, and genetic engineering. And then, next question: What do you do with all the food you forced mother earth to give you?

You dark ones managing the economy:
We are not blind for scenes which show grain is wasted or gets rotton. You dark ones manipulate the markets by decisions to hold back products, in order to generate a lack an to get prices up. Or: you don't pay the milk farmers adequately, export the milk to China and import from China again milk powder which is contaminated. For the milk sold „at home" you screw up the prices, and you keep the money instead of paying it to the farmers. You force the farmers to feed genetic engineered food to the cows, to implement diseases into them. How sick is this? You send potatoes from Germany to Italy for peeling and then back again to Germany, over hundreds of road miles, to finally just have the physical shape of a potatoe without any more valuable content.

We are not blind to still see people starving on this planet, while others live in more than abundance. We are not blind to see the planetary overload of 7 billions, and your poisoning the soil with chemistry for the reason that you state you had to feed 7 billions, but you the dark ones never intend to feed 7 billions. And you DO NOT FEED the 7 billions. Or how will you explain the many starving people? You even occupy soil to grow plants for organic add-ons to fuel...., while there are still people starving. Furthermore you take money intended for supporting the poor regions just to buy weapons and to build military bases and airports.

When these specialists at the basis - the farmers and manifesters of the matrix farming agenda - are being asked why they do this, they always have good reasons to act like this. They state they would get financial rewards e.g. by the EU or thugs like Monsanto or Syngenta if they did so, and they had a family to feed, and so they are making theirselves to be the slaves of the matrix, and they justify it by stating they had no choice if they wanted to survive.

I'll give you something to ponder about.
The matrix does not reward good slaves. There is no welfare program for good slaves. Also slaves are likely to receive damage by the matrix mismanagement, but when they demand a balancing funding, guess what happens. No balance, no rewards. What does the matrix do with a slave who cannot - for any reason - be a good slave any more? Right, it eliminates the slave. This is how the matrix works.

So, then, under these circumstances, what reason would you have to be a good slave?
Are you willing to work without salary until you break down just to find yourself in the garbage tray, in some hospital with faked healing you finally to death??

Now, I'll tell you something else. How about the few handful of organic farmers, who still do have a deep connection to mother earth, who reject to become the slaves of the system, who also have families and kids, but who have found a way for themselves which can be walked without without bowing and bending to a destructive system?

Many of them send their kids to special alternative schools, and they are paying for this priviledge, rather than paying for a TV or the latest expensive units from media sector. They sell their products without many contracts or guarantees of big distributors, locally, depending on a few aware people to buy them. Instead of claiming not to have a choice they look for another path and simply walk it! They are setting priorities of sustainability, independancy and responsibility. They are teaching their children love for mother earth, they still know the bliss of touching the sunny warm soil with their hands, they still know the names of the flowers and birds, while others just can remember the names of artificial fertilizers.

We see that not everybody was born to be a pioneer or visionary. But you might start now to go thinking and using your brain.

If you want to remain on this planet, you must CHANGE YOUR MIND. It's an absolute NOGO to plant „material" for fuels while your fellows starve on the other side of your planet, or while others cannot afford natural food. Mother earth does not wish to be depleted and poisoned, and especially not for greedy purposes and lies. As you have more than you need, why don't you have gift depots at your airports to ship a bulk into poor countries for support? It works when a tsunami has happened, so why not in general?
I see, you state that the greedy NWO people block that. Well. The greedy NWO people will furthermore not be here any longer. What will hinder you then? You will have nice technologies developed, you will be able to green the deserts. Food can be grown locally everywhere, and for the remaining part of the 7 Billions there will be no need to live at places where farming becomes a fight against the nature.

If you want to remain on this planet you must reexplore your connection to her, to the gratefulness of being nurtured by her, and you must reexplore what it truly means to „love your next ones as yourselves" - not just while being in church, but always. You must reexplore your connection to the spirit in the plants and animals who are sharing the planet with you.

If you want to remain on this planet you must be prepared to learn new points of view, to see the connection of all that is, instead of making war to the nature by using „Roundup" and other poisons destroying life and forcing the soil to deliver whatever you want.

Most farming grounds you use now are badly poisoned and need a break. Even the seed you use is poisoned, by implementation of genetic engineering and it contaminates the soil further. Looking over the period of the coming decades we announced that land masses will come up again from the oceans, and you will not be allowed to contaminate them.
Furthermore, you will be given „clean" seeds after the big change, but you will not be allowed to put this seed into a soil which is still poisoned. You will also not be allowed to use these big ploughs which go so deeply and violently into the soil and do harm to the land. At first, you will again do a lot by the simple work of your hands, and it will serve your health. Small local farming communities will support the bond between the people, and also the teaching, while working together is happening. You will probably have less, but healthier and more nurturing food and you will discover again the effect of love being put in the work of your hands. And after you will have explored this, the celebration of thanksgiving will show up in a different light to you, and finally you will make every day a thanksgiving day.

Your plastic days of one way packings and fast food will be over. The fast food of the future will be plucking a berry from a plant with a thank you.

Many of the modern farmers do not realize any more the birds singing in the morning, as their tractor diesel-engine is too noisy. As well they don't smell the soil any more, due to the exhaust gas of their machines and due to the smell of the poison they spray onto the ground to fight the weeds.

So, you will hear the birds singing again, and you will smell the soil again. You will again know how the soil feels and you will again explore your gratefulness to all the small animals doing their work underground, to the suns and rain and the protective firmament, to the heart beat of mother earth. You can still decide for being supportive in the big change. The train has not yet left the station, but the signals are starting to move showing green light to go. Still your choice pro sustainability, You will teach your children love, teach them again how to sing a song with mother earth and you will raise your voices to the heavens.

I would think twice if I were you, before I'd let this chance go. All you need is your willingness to change and to explore new ways of farming in the future starting NOW!

Still waiting for you, this is Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia.




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