By Adama and Eve
Dec 13, 2012 - 11:30:00 PM

Eve:  some of you have wondered if there ever was to be another Adama message, or if I had probably lost contact. I have always been in contact with him, but was just very very busy, .... but now Adama showed up with some urge to share this message around this date, because of the "get real" effect and getting out of the grid of illusions. He started to knock on my door last week already, but still had to wait a little while, until I was able to make room.

So, this is quite a long one, I have been working on it  with Adama over the last 3 days, to finish this morning – and now I have to type it quickly, so that it can spread all over the net.
By heart


(don't be shocked .... this message mainly tells you:
if you want to activate something on 12-12-12 –
but do it joyfully....E.)
Adama of Telos through Eve
12th December 2012
The change  -  Garth Brooks


Eve: Adama, your turn. If you like to make use of my support, as I sense you would like to, ......just go ahead.

Adama: Oh, Sweety! I'm glad to finally have you somehow there ready at work, you sense it right, and it's quite urgent – important to spread, before the date in question. So, let's start – ok?

Eve: Ready to go.

Adama: Dear hearts still dwelling on this beloved planet, still holding on through hardships – still holding hands of Gaia,  still holding on to our appreciated and dedicated creator son Christ Michael of Nebadon...
Dear hearts longing for some words beyond a line where everything has been said and told, dear fence sitters, and also disciples of "New Age" material which is not the real deal and distracting you from the path of truth...

You may not have publicly heard from us for quite some time, and now I'm not talking about all these messages pretending to come from me – as I mentionned, a lot of teaching has been given and most things were told, to be tools for you to come into action and develop to be your own creator and as well the co-creator of our "Big Cheese", to use an expression he takes for himself from time to time.

Unfortunately the time of "non-messaging" has been used by the misleaders, so that temptation was about to try many of you to follow again into a matrix promising you ascension on the end of the Maya calendar, advertising bliss and no grounding and leaving your full garbage cans behind, believing in some magic force which would "hopefully" transform them into "love and light".

So far, take this as a  short description painting the current situation .... the dark ones still make a big deal out of the end of the Maya Calendar – some tell you it was the end of the world and some prepare for it seriously.... some dark ones were scheduling a big fake show around this date – which will not work as they imagine – their hands have become tied early enough (besides, even the so called "Matthew" is rowing back in the latest piece – whoever fakes him states nothing special would happen on 21st Dec., funny, right?)  – but one thing will be a common denominator to everybody having certain expectations around this much discussed 21st December (and also partwise on todays 12th Dec. 2012, called 12-12-12 in the slang of New Age Goo)

You are not going to ascend, my dear ones, on this date. You won't wake up on a new world on the morning of 22nd December 2012. It does not change the least in regard of the goal of ascension  if you join a celebration on Mt Shasta or elsewhere  on the date in question... – except for that you create some nice vibes by singing mantras.... of course it's good vibes to come together and meditate and focus on the creation of a new world, but there will be no elevator taking you up into another dimension, just because you visit Mt. Shasta or other holy places on this date... you are going to stay down here, whereever you may go.

You must strive to realize that you did not come here to leave again for a better world but to BUILD this better world. You came here to be a blessing and a help to this planet and it's humanity, and the committed ones won't quit before the trash has been dealt with. What the heck do you folks think when you meditate on "New Age door openings" while shit is hitting the fan next door?"

Oh, I can hear many of you becoming upset now "This cannot be Adama of Telos, he would never say or use the word "Shit" ... "
And I tell you YES I CAN! (This phrase is not only left to your fake messiah Obama)
Even me – while being the High Priest of Telos – I'm not willing to talk in a way placing a sugar crust of lovely words over an outcome which merely represents the excrements of a society glued to a downward spiral of degeneration! Not this time. 

It's a long way to go still until you are going to ascend – which means BRINGING THIS PLANET AND SOCIETY INTO THE DAYS OF LIGHT AND LIFE – and my suggestion is that you first go ahead and cancel your entry on all of these fake newsletters telling you about how to occupy your time in a way that you won't hinder the counterplayers of the light.

The scenario of earth changes and havoc – also on world politics etc – is going on – becoming stronger – maybe you were smart enough to observe what's going on and to prepare accordingly. It's always yourselves having to take the first step, always, ... and unless you do that and keep sitting there passively you are not part of any solution, but rather a part of the problem. To use Eve's metaphore, you have kept riding straight into the mouth of the dark beast, likely sittng upon comfortable cushions which are placed on a conveyor belt.

Instead of this you should be standing upright upon your feet, helping your creator – instead of- allow me to recite what Esu recently said to me – flattening your butts by your own weight and passive attitude on these cushions. How about this legendary "GO TELL IT TO THE MOUNTAINS"?
I'm sorry, many still think the mountains might approach to you the prophets.  But the only way this is likely to happen is by a mud slide or a volcano erruption happening taking you by surprise... – if it then catches you sitting upon your comfortable cushion because you were just about to help opening one of the CIA portals or gateways "of diamond light, e.g." then this is the reality you have created for yourself. Noone to blame, right... you have your own eyes to see and ears and a heart to listen.

Now that I have used the metaphore of comfortable cushions, Eve reminds me of my metaphoric red sofa.... and I'm still inviting people to come here and sit with me for a while... Beloveds, you must understand that it's not a bad thing to have a nice sofa or cushions for relaxing from hard work. It's not bad to make yourself a "merry little christmas" holiday, in order to collect new forces... It's not about heading for burn outs and you won't be decorated for that.... 

Even we are not just hanging around in your skies – we are not just singing and dancing – we have our hands and hearts involved in hard work (and I won't go into detail now – for reasons of consideration)  – around  the many horrifying things moving into the focus of a high priest of Telos or a creator son.

So, how will you – who have focussed on the 21/22nd Decemer – then go on, realizing that you are still here – have not ascended, and the "bullshitometer" is still on red alert?

Will you cry and complain? Or will you finally open your eyes? If that might happen then take heart and take your chance – there's much you can move in your personal range and a most important thing is that you remember to be your own creator within the frame of CM's universal law.

11th Dec. 2012
While many things happen in the outside you cannot primarily take influence on – like e.g. energies coming to you from deep space, paradise island (wave), photone belt, the sun or even fleet generated ones – you can still use them as tools propelling your creation of the new paradigm. This is possible much better than most of you imagine, and you can ease your life a lot. You can make use of the midwayers, too. How many of you have never heard about the existance of these graceful and helping celestial / planetary hands? Time to educate yourselves, beloveds. Just read the UB (Urantia book, E.)

So, there's a plate of CMs to do's and of ours, and there's your plate – and both ideally form a joint venture in serving the divine purpose.
And it's always about the real deal, and not about all that fance New Age stuff of faked messages floating the net.

They even use my name to mislead you, and to keep you side-tracked (and side-trapped)

Many of you have been thinking like "2012 and that was it" – you'd be served a new paradigm on a silver tray, but this is a fatal error. At first you must strive to fall in love with the new paradigm, with your own creative potential, with the divine power you represent. Beyond all the terrible things to be transformed by help of CM and his tools of magnetic pole reversal, Stasis, Wave, sun dimming, 3 dark days, etc., you must embrace the creative potential given to you and start to move things within any range possible to you.
Don't just be "good sheep" – be leadership potential!

Eve could tell you some stories about – I suppose she won't (no, indeed! E.) – so I will just drop a line that she succeeded in a big challenge and turned the expected outcome into a really different result, pleasing her much more than plan A. She had support of many sorts, but the smart and tricky thing then was her intention to make a change, to take the first active step into a direction of her focus and to make use of all possible tools. To her the results seemed like a wonder, but in fact it was her creation and the result of hard mental and physical work, combined with a considerable portion of energetic work and a big portion of insight and ruthless analysis of her own contribution to the situation.

Some have their eyes open but are still asleep, trying to avoid seeing the hurtful things connected with taking a deep look upon the landscape of the own soul. This is why I said: It needs courage to become active, to move to be " on the move" and to face the unexpected turns of what is taking place upon the stage of your life. It mostly "pays" to put things in question – being your own creator is not about taking commands from a higher level – you are expected to form and shape the etherical garments of the energetic flow carrying you. 

12th December 2012
As your focus is so important it does not really matter if you take action on a funny date like 12/12/12, although the joint venture of common activity encourages the momentum of manifestation. But you should not exclusively focus on action just on such dates, which are highly overvaluated – by the organized New Age lobby.  The energies are challenging in general and they are challenging on the 11th or 13th December as well as on the 12th.

Certainly symbolism does it's job in a way of a placebo effect, but this is no celestial and mystic screwing around from our side as you are being told by some "channel media" who are just not aware they are speakers for the dark forces.

It may just happen that some of the fleet action takes place on such a date, to make use of your focus, this is the other way round.

It's true that this end of 2012 time has a lot of potential for movement and change, and there's a lot of support you are unaware of. But this planet has always been good for surprises and unforeseen developments, and so many things did not happen as per schedule. As a substitute others DID happen but went beyond your attention.... we as the Lemurians had originally planned to officially emerge to the surface to join hand with you in public, unfortunately this would have been too risky to happen so far. So we keep supporting you on a level which is unaware for the most, very much in an individual way, without much advertising and promotion...

Basically, you have been given all info you need and we hesitate in general to make more words – just to produce pieces to read, just to have another message in a row, just to satisfy the needyness of some readers who are hoping to get new instructions....

It's time to make your own direct online-connections with us.

Some time, at some point in a lifetime there must take place a change from student-like  to masterly behaviour, although all of us can be regarded as eternal students, stocking up tools of wisdom to use, but still there is a step leading into a new range of self-conducted mastership – where life starts to rule you less and lesser and you rather start to become a master over your own life, at least on levels within the bandwidth of your personal reach.  In regard of the oversize-numbers let it be said that we are taking care of them on our part.

The days of dual and triple numbers like today are find to wake up people, to make them start thinking about, but they won't equip you with more power than you generally have. And they won't do jobs for you in a mysterious way. Info needed is at your hands for downloading – and then you go ahead with focus and action. Instead of waiting for wonders to happen, start paving them a way to go.

I'll be always there to give you advice and comfort and again I tell you to make direct contact with me. At least I'm glad to have "caught" Eve for this timely message, as I see so many of you taking off around the desinformation around end of December 2012 and especially 21st/22nd, heading for a free fall afterwards and a hard touchdown on the matter of facts.

Don't loose yourselves in illusions, beloveds. What is to come for this planet will come, and this is a lot, just keep your eyes open and work out your part.

Eve recently wrote new lyrics for the song "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas", can you please recite?
Eve: Ok, it goes like this:

I'm dreaming of a wise christmas,
just like the ones that we will know,
when there's truth to glisten
and people listen
to christed words beyond a show...

I'm dreaming of a wise christmas,
just like the ones that we will know...
may your days be merry and nice...
and may all your christmasses be wise!!!

Adama: So, all of us are dreaming about everybody making christmas a wise one, with at least peace INSIDE and insightful moments. You know that the birth of Christ has not taken place in the month of December. But you can celebrate it still with this knowledge, also honouring beloved mother earth and the winter solstice, turning the circle again into a new paradigm.

You can celebrate your falling in love with this new paradigm, be good to yourselves and others, and take a chance to move things on every occasion, showing up in your days.

Strive to be a worthy groundcrew for the generous creator son, who supports the offering of new chance to you on every single day. Be conscious every day, for this is still a time of big change. We have come a long way together, and a long way it will still be to go... always keep to be ready for big leaps forward into the fields of being the ones you have been waiting for, standing tall at our side.

Have a merry and wise christmas, dear hearts, and move on, keep moving on, until the glorious moment of meeting each other manifests!
Always at your side – with heart and hands.


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