About being in service
By Eve / CM
May 12, 2011 - 2:33:31 AM

About being in service

11th May 2011

CM through Eve

Eve, this is CM. I'm pleased about the willingness to follow your divine order. I have pretty well heard what you adressed to me yesterday while driving. (I was ranting about the chemtrails...) Although I cannot reveal much details I want to confirm that there is always and especially now a plan B ready to be empowered... I'll be collecting the rest of my ground crew troops still standing for a process of regeneration, so that we can finally start over, but I can't help my heart flowing over with regret about loosing so many in the last minute, or these which are already hanging over board half way, likely to crash down in the waves of a misunderstood spiritual illusional freedom beyond our cruising ship of AH.

The testing has become harder, it's more difficult to keep standing amidst exhaustion and rising challenges, and water rising higher than your head from time to time.

For me it's a hard time, too, as I would long to reveal and make you see my work out for the getting real, but as I told you it would not be wise to do, and even maybe cause futher delay, so I just keep all going behind the scenes, having to stand your impression of being left alone and foresaken. I tell you once more that this is not so, Big Cheese is taking care about you, more than you could ever imagine.

I gave you the promise of hope in abundance, the promise of my presence, with you to implement the kingdom of heaven on this material sphere. Heaven shall be no place far away, it shall be among you ons who were trusted with divine procura. Once you really become aware of this, you will be indeed able to move more than you ever expected. This is not the first time I'm telling this to you ...and it will not be the last time. I will keep telling this to you until this has penetrated even the last person still kept under the mind control of christianity. No paradoxon could be greater. These ones are telling you about total dependancy from God pulling the strings all day, and I'm telling you about being a part of myself, being entrusted to act on my behalf... you are empowered by my will - so move ahead and do something useful with it.

The trains of opportunities are passing you several times a day, so get out of your victim role, get out of your weeping corners, grow to your full size and stand in there in my name, the earlier you start, the better. Allow yourselves to feel me alive in your hearts, so that you may not be infiltrated by doubts or by loosing your enthusiasm of service, leaving you in a lack of being propelled, so shortly before crossing the line of victory.

Being in service always means work out of an inspired creativity, making yourselves a divine perpetuum mobile which is able to move without kicks from outside. Divine service is not wait and see, it's love in action. And I want all of you committed ones to be it, too. I'm working on a full house, relentlessly, so you are not less than me, and why should you not!?

The situation on this planet we are aiming at and which we are going to create is meant to be the result of an joint venture, make ‚Äětrust and act" the slogans of your daily life.

The christed cross in a circle is my brand which stands for the divine promise of loving and balanced companionship and eternal life. I sign this as your Big Cheese, let's move on together! At first now let's start painting your cellars with light! So be it. CM.

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