By the Divine Dancing Daughters
May 10, 2014 - 8:02:56 AM

2 May 2014

We are pleased you have made the time for us. Shall we begin?We have more to share with you this evening, our dearly beloved friends. And we will start by saying: You are in charge of your own destinies.

‘There are none so blind as those who will not see' is a famous adage on your world, is it not? And we wish for you to remove your own blinkers that you may know this is so.

No one else is directing your future except you. In the choices you make or don't make each step of the way. Therefore, each and every moment counts.

And the question to ask the Self with each step and at each turn is: ‘Are these choices taking me further towards the plan of my Higher Self? Or further away from it? Nothing is set in stone. But until each and every moment is owned as your very own choice, you will be searching outside of yourself for the answers to what's within you. And holding the outside world or whoever in it responsible for your own creations. (the victim mentality).

This ownership of all of you is an imperative next step to BECOMING all of you. The ways you have been birthed and your cultural conditioning has lead to ego separation from Source as being a point of pride amongst you, in many instances.

This separation is often, we note, perceived as and revered as a pride in being ‘independent'. That is to say ‘independent' of and separated from Source in order to fulfill the ego's longing-to appear in total control of the life. And this what it takes to be identified with the body/mind and it's needs and relationships.

It requires an understanding first and then an undoing of those which are your attachments in order to know the areas of your ego challenges. And for each these will play out differently, while the patterns remain similar to all.

And it is this that will define you in these last days of earth. Because the ego is to be mightily challenged, attachments and ego weaknesses will therefore challenge you, haunt you and constantly wish for you to know who is in power; in charge. (SK: ego always believes IT is).

And here will be some of your important choices. Who and what are you going to identify with?
What will you be prepared to let go of - be they ideas, people or ways of living - in order that you may begin to identify with something greater than the sum total of your parts. A both extremely challenging and very exciting phase is almost upon you all.

Once you have understood many of these creations are not of your own making but belong to your society, your parents/upbringing or your religious indoctrination, you will know that these became some of the shackles you wear.

Are you ready to embark on the journey to beat all journeys? Are you ready that you might come face to face with finally knowing yourSelf? Would you embrace this enough to make perceived ‘sacrifices' en route? Or will you steadfastly stick to the known and well-trodden routes familiar to you, no matter what?

Will you see what occurs as the time for a retreating into your shells of fear? Or will you step out bravely into the unknown where the treasures of the journey lie? And where you never need limit yourself again.

With eager anticipation we wait to see your choices; where and how they will take you. For now, though, and with tremendous Joy in our hearts We leave you.

As One

We are the DDD's.


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