No Quick Fix To Ascension
By the Divine Dancing Daughters
Sep 29, 2014 - 5:46:46 PM

3-5 July 2014


It is with delight that we again have this time with you, dear ones.

We have all been in somewhat of a tumultuous time; as have been you ones on earth. This all comes to a sudden halt as the 'unravelling' begins. And once it starts, as with a snowball gathering speed and size on its downhill descent, so will the Truth as it presents itself.

Time for praying for world peace alone is not something that will further shift consciousness at this point. What is required here and now is the absolute ACTION that all must now CHOOSE for themselves. And make it plain and clear to those around them too.

Consider this a mission statement of sorts. For each and every individual. And here I speak not of you who are 'converts' to the Truth and your comittment to the plan of CM Aton alone. But I speak of those many well-intentioned beings around you who have lived in apathy, as atheists or as well-meaning religious devotees of one kind or another, including in the New Age.

What is required of each and every soul is a choice, regardless of that which, at the Higher Self level, they may already have chosen as their next port of call. This conscious choice is of utmost importance. And all that comes rushing forth now into the public arena in all its shapes and forms will be designed to encourage and assist these choices.

There is to be no more NOT taking responsibility for oneself; no more NOT being accountable for where you find yourselves in life. There is to be no more shunning of your own creations. All that has occurred within the life must and will now be owned by that person. That is, each and every individual. And this will be done before they leave or before the cycle closes.

This is more important than anyone may imagine. It is to be both a great gift bestowed by Source, as well as a defining moment for each soul alive to later share the tale ( to their respective groups/races).
Never before has such an initiative been gifted in this way to your plane and its people. And THIS is what makes it different; unique; offering a unique opportunity. And all those currently with their heads in the sand as ostriches: you could say they will have them wrenched out rather quickly and violently, in some cases. But no matter, for when the Truth enters your consciousness, you can be certain it will not let up. Not until a complete inner purging has occurred, that is.

We can assure you all that though many of you have felt yourselves to be at an impasse (in some cases, for many years), you have been working very hard on the inner planes and within yourselves. Here we speak of those who have consistently chosen to stay aligned to CM's plan of action. And who have done so consciously. And you HAVE created your path, your future, in this way.

This has not been determined by length of time of that commitment as much as it has been the compulsion of your Heart. And what it is that motivates you. And for each of you conscious ones, you are quite aware of what it is which motivates you and what drives your life.
All the better to share, when the times comes, with those who's motivation has been very different from your own.

There is no easy accelerated route to consciousness and the taking of the ascension pathway. As you ones know all too well. But, as you've probably already guessed, there will be many looking and hoping for and expecting a quick fix to their own healing and a resolution to their spiritual dilemmas. You are to remain in balance through this. And sooner or later, the Truth of things and the nature of unfolding spiritual consciousness and exactly what it requires will make itself clearly understood. People will then realise a total commitment to the Self is required.

For so long your quick fix society has produced an impatience, an intolerance of sorts. This is to necessarily be replaced by its opposite - a slower and steadier approach which allows for less error in the long-term journey and far greater critical assessment of everything that presents in your lives.

While for you ones who are ready to stand and serve this may all sound trite, as many may feel they have this knowledge already. But we bring this to you here and now as this will be some of how people will feel and react.

Your kindness and tolerance, therefore, will go a long way to helping shatter the illusions of this crumbling false matrix.

We leave these thoughts with you for now, our beloved and most treasured friends of Earth.

We Love You and look forward to working with you.

Be you blessed

We Are the Divine Dancing Daughters


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