MORE ON WHAT TO EXPECT by the Divine Dancing Daughters
By through Shellee-Kim
Apr 6, 2014 - 10:08:51 AM

4 April 2014


DDD's: Here we are....ready to begin, our dear one?
SK:Yeah, lovely ladies of the night...J

[*SK:I see a visual of pink/purple skies, alternating with dark grey, pre-thundery skies...whisps of these clouds covering the sky then move in a single direction - in fast motion like in a movie the cosmos is on the move...*]

Dear beloved friends of earth

Your time has finally come! And you are now to know a new level of freedom, as well as the fear and panic that are to permeate the minds of many others. Yes, indeed it is to be a time of great contradictions and contrasts.

And many extreme experiences, sensations and feelings will be had by everyone in a concentrated period of time. Even though it may not be perceived as such, all is a great gift being bestowed upon you All - for your experiencing and learning, your discerning and for the purpose of taking you to an entirely different level of knowing yourselves and your world and those in it. Regardless of who you are.

This is a tremendously exciting period and all of the heavens rejoice at what is to be a grand Event. This will become a spectacle for many other races and civilizations from near and far (cosmically speaking) to observe and learn with you, through your experiences and process.

We would like here to reiterate about this also being a serious testing period for all. And you may consider it the final one for this cycle. Although it will not necessarily be ‘one' lesson per se that faces you. But numerous aspects of yourself will be tested in a variety of ways. Most notable will be how you will choose to re-act and inter-act with people around you; regardless of the circumstances you find yourselves in.

Your courage is required, your ability to be a calm anchor amidst the chaos, your innovation and ability to set trends and your leadership and authority. These are just a handful of the inner qualities that will be required of you, as ones who are considered our Ground Crew and wayshowers.

Do not fear if you feel you have not all of these qualities within you. You will be helped where you perceive yourselves to have shortcomings and what will flow forth will be EXACTLY what is needed for YOU in your SPECIFIC set of circumstances. You will not be left stranded in how this is to unfold. Know this and you will stop giving these future potentials your worry energy.

All has been exquisitely thought out by your Creator Son, Christ Michael Aton. And each will enjoy the balance and skills required of them to perform their duties outstandingly. We know of what we speak and we have seen the successful outcome of this.

When those who are displaced cross your path, do use the opportunity each time to discern needs without either overdoing it and spending too much time and energy on that single situation, nor dismissing it. Somewhere in the middle is exactly the type of reaction you'd be looking for. Note that your time will be precious.

We see that there will be certain of you that will continue on with their eternal careers elsewhere. Many of you have chosen and agreed to contracts drawn up a very long time ago in your understanding of time.

Some chose to be here to anchor for the Earth Mother up until this point, others chose to be on Earth partially for the period of Changes, while others yet again are going the full gamut with the Mother and have committed to being here throughout the Changes. Many of the latter will return during the New Earth period to continue on, seeding through their respective specialities in service. And all is well with this.

When you see the sky begin to form silvery trails (and these are certainly not chemtrails!), this will be a sign to continue looking up as much more will be coming. That will be like your cosmic theatre cue, along with certain, unmistakable sounds.

[SK: That felt to me like the equivalent of the theatre curtains being raised. I hope that applies to our personal ‘veils' as well]

We leave this with you for now as we take our leave.

With our infinite blessings and much love

We Are The Divine Dancing Daughters


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